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How do I reduce my hip/thigh size as they are unproportional?

I am male in good shape and exercise (cardio/strength training) regularly.I don't have a great diet because I am a college student. However, I have never gone below a 34 waist because of my hip size and I have sort of an hour glass figure. I believe this is sort of my natural body structure, but what exercises can I do to slender down my thighs and reduce my hips?

Lots of cardio...running, cycling. These exercises really trim your legs and then hit the weights in your upper body to bulk up. If you do squats and lunges, etc, maybe do a lower weight or no weight to prevent really bulking up in those areas as I believe men bulk up more than women when it comes to lifting weights.  (+ info)

How can i go to the bathroom after hip arthroscopy surgery?

I'm able to go no.1 with no problem. The thing is i have this brace on my leg that doesn't let me bend my hip more then 30 degrees. The doctor said i can take it off but i'm no sure about it. If i take it off to go to the bathroom i'm going to have to move my hip at like a 90 degree angle. If i do this am i going to do damage to my hip?

An Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure and whilst uncomfortable should not cause problems if post-op advice is followed. Although mobility is affected if the Doctor has advised the brace can be removed it will be trial and error on your part to discover how best to manage on the toilet. It is unlikely you will cause damage if you take it slowly, even Doctors are aware of the need to use the toilet.  (+ info)

What drinks can be kept in a stainless steel hip flask?

I have a stainless steel hip flask and am wondering if any kind of drink can be kept in it. Is it just non-fizzy alcoholic drinks? Could I keep juice or tonic water in it? Beer or cider? I have been told i can't keep beer, cider, juice or fizzy drinks in there, is this true?

Hmm, i've kept juice in one before, but it stank after wards. Tea also begins to smell... All that was normal and didn't have an after task of steel was water...  (+ info)

How do I transport a patient with a broken hip across the country ?

My mother broke her hip on a cruise ship she is being transported to a CA state hospital and will possibly need to have surgery. We live in OH and want her transported from CA to OH when the time comes to have surgery at home. How would someone get a patient like this on an airplane to get home?

  (+ info)

What is wrong with my hip and how can i do anything about the pain?

Last summer, i was on a balance board with the ball underneath it and i fell off onto my hip. i couldnt walk for days and still have pain. Sometimes when im sitting down and doing nothing i get a sharp pain in my hip and it gets stuck. im also a competitive swimmer and i have a problem with kicking in breast stroke. im 15 yrs old, 5'0 ft tall and i weigh 95 lbs. help?

It sounds as though you misaligned your hip. A true dislocation would lead to an inability to walk, as the head of the femur (the bone in your thigh) wouldn't have anything to support itself in with weight bearing.

I would ask your parents about taking you to a good chiropractor in your area. Ask around for the name of one in your area, or have your parents do it. The chiropractor will do a complete examination and possibly x-rays. If he/she finds that you do, indeed, have a chiropractic problem you will be provided with chiropractic adjustments. I would highly recommend finding an Activator practitioner in your area (www.activator.com), as they provide gentle, effective adjustments with a hand-held instrument which is very good for extremity work.

Don't let this go, especially as you're an athlete. If you go too long with the bone in the incorrect position your body will make changes that are difficult, sometimes impossible (ie: degeneration of the joint) to reverse.  (+ info)

I want to know everything possible about a stress fracture in the hip?

My hip really hurts when i sprint. Its been like this for almost 2 months. Im pretty sure i have a stress fracture but not positive. Please tell me all you know about stress fractures in the hip. Thank-you!

I know you should not be running until you have the doctor see it.  (+ info)

What is the best way to care for my hip tattoo at night?

I have just gotten a hip tattoo (on my left side, if that even matters) and I was wondering how to care for it best at night. So far, I have cleaned it and applied A+D Ointment. I'm hoping that i can just keep it covered at night with non-stick gauze and medical tape. Is this ok? I just don't want it to rub on my clothing directly.

No A & D. Products containing heavy amounts of petroleum can draw the ink out of the skin. Keep this moist with a LIGHT coat only of Tattoo Goo/or like product. The other option is Aquaphor (get at a drugstore). This area needs air & should not be covered with plastic as that can harbor bacteria. Don't need that in a healing wound do you? Apply the goo product as often as needed. Do NOT let it scab. 3M gauze pads work great as they allow the area to breathe. Good luck & happy healing to you! =)  (+ info)

What are some cute ways to wear hair to a hip hop dance performance?

My hair is pretty long. I need to wear it for a hip hop dance performance. Pictures please. My computer doesnt let me watch videos its broken. Maybe the cheerleader pony.


this is what i did for my hip-hop performance, for our 'costumes' we had bulky sweaters and black capris.
Hope i helped!  (+ info)

What should a hip-hop dancer wear occasionally when not dancing?

It's not like a hip-hop dancer is going to wear prep or skater brands. Although they can. Just asking what they wear today and what brand.

I'm a hip hop dancer and I dress prep. Just dress however you want to, all hip hop dancers will tell you something different. Some bboys wear skater clothes, others wear trendy clothes. My good friend simply wears dance clothes all the time. I don't suggest that, but wear what you'd like.  (+ info)

How do i add a sexy hip sway motion in my walk when i am walking in heels ?

I wear heels almost all of the time and i wear pumps and sandals and slingbacks. Most of the heels i have are stiletto heels. However, I can never achieve it by adding a little sexy hip sway motion in my walk whenever i am walking in the heels. How do you add a sexy hip sway when you're walking in high heels ?? Is there a certain i have to walk in order to sway ?? I walk toe then heel because most of the stiletto shoes i have are 4 and 5 inches tall.

It comes from the standard runway pony-walk. Toes straight forward (most girls tend to point them out a bit for balance, which is a mistake and gives you a manly walk) and put one foot in right front of the other. That will force a natural rotation in your hips. Remember to lift your feet enough (from the knees) so that you don't come down too much on your heels and risk tripping.  (+ info)

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