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What is the rehabilitation process for hip fractures?

I am student doing a research project and need to find different treatments for an individual suffering from a hip fracture. How is electrical stimulation applied? What forms of therapeutic exercises are useful? Gait training? Any physical therapist out there...I would greatly appreciate your input. I'm eager to learn.

This will depend on many factors. Some are allowed weight bearing immediately, some require pinning and may be TDWB or NWB for several weeks. I never use e-stim for hip fractures. Gait training is permitted when the orthopedist give clearance.

...you would need to be more specific with your question...femoral neck fracture, femoral fracture, acetabular fracture as well as the degree of the fracture and the medical history of the patient.

I would direct some of these questions to an orthopedic surgeon.   (+ info)

Can you recover from tendinitis and stress fractures in the hip area?

I had an MRI done and she said that I had some stress fractures and leakage? I got out the military and they gave me a dissability for tendinitis? Can I do some type of weight trainig/stretching to heal without medication or surgery?

Both these conditions take time & patience to heal. I would suggest getting into a good physical therepist, I'm sure your doctor can recommend one. You don't want to do weight training without someone who can professionally monitor your progress so you don't create more problems.  (+ info)

Can stress fractures in the hip lead to arthritis later?

I recently got a stress fracture in my left hip from running, and I'm curious to know if this will later on lead to arthritis. For the time being I have stopped all activity, but eventually I would like to start running again, but the possibility of arthritis worries me.

  (+ info)

Why do you think that most hip fractures occur in Europe and the United States?

If you were a health official in a developing country, what steps would you push for to slow down this expected increase of osteoporosis in your country?

People in the US and Europe fracture their hips more because their hips are naturally weaker, or have to put up with more weight. In first-world countries, we aren't as active, so our hips aren't naturally strengthened and begin to diminish. When we DO put extra pressure on them, they fracture because they are weaker from not being used as much. Whereas in Africa and third-world countries, people work the land and do physical work which keeps them fit.

The fattest man alive is an American, and he hasn't used his legs in years. If he tried, they would break on the spot and he knows it. It's inactivity followed by sudden high activity which fractures hips.  (+ info)

how long does it take bilateral hip fractures to heal?

I fractured both my hips and i wont to know how long does it take to heal.

You have to go to the Doc and operate it, nailing. for Non-operative option, u can ask the doc.

Takes monthsto heal  (+ info)

Can pelvic stress fractures & a hip fracture affect my chances of getting pregnant & carrying full term?

I know a girl too, car accident and broke her pelvis. Had 3 little girls but c-sections for all.  (+ info)

Can hip fractures be fatal for the elderly?

  (+ info)

i suffered 8 pelvic fractures in a car wreck in high school, now i'm 32 and my left hip hurts like hell often

8 breaks...6 on left, 2 on right....
think maybe its arthritis, but don't know, seems to be weather related....
is there a hip replacement in my near future?

You're kind of ahead of yourself here. But, you asked, so we shall try to answer.
One of the causes of osteoarthritis can be injury to a joint, such as you have had.
Arthritis is the #1 indication for eventual hip replacement.
Ergo, a replacement may be in your future.
For now, about all you can do is get a confirmed diagnosis for whatever is wrong (an xray is one way to start) so you can begin whatever conservative measures are appropriate for you while you wait and see if things get bad enough for a joint replacement. Conservative measures might include NSAIDS, physical therapy, and practicing joint conservation such as using walking aids.

Hip replacements are most frequently performed on people considerably older than you; however it isn't unheard of for someone your age or younger to need one. It's unusual, but not impossible. It depends on how disabled you are, how much pain you are in, and whether this disability keeps you from leading a full life, working, etc. I learned that I had severe arthritis when I was 56, but I waited 3 years to have the replacement. And I was considered to be on the young side for hip replacement since most recipients are in their 60s & 70s.  (+ info)

I want to know everything possible about a stress fracture in the hip?

My hip really hurts when i sprint. Its been like this for almost 2 months. Im pretty sure i have a stress fracture but not positive. Please tell me all you know about stress fractures in the hip. Thank-you!

I know you should not be running until you have the doctor see it.  (+ info)

hip fractures and pregnancy?

i fractured my pelvic in 3 places 2 years ago. now during my pregnancy, the bigger my belly gets, the more pain and pressure my hips feel. it is beginning to feel a lot like it did when i first got injured with my fractures. is it possible that the baby and changes in my bones spreading will re-fracture my hip?

Definitely possible. Continue getting normal prenatal care.  (+ info)

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