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What is the site of most hip fractures?

neck of femur  (+ info)

what will happen if an 80 yr old women fractures her hip?

recovery time? surgery???
what will the hospital do?

LOL you make it sound like they will take her out back and shoot her! My 84yr old grandmother blew out her achilles tendon gardening (kinda funny actually) and she had 14 more years of an active life after that.

How they will repair her hip is determined by her activity level and (sadly) ability to pay for more advanced treatment. Recovery time is usually long (3-6 months) before feeling like normal again. Many procedures nowadays allow people to return home after 3-5 days, but it is important for a patient to continue physical therapy to promote proper healing.  (+ info)

Can you receive bone fractures from Osteo Arthritis?

I have osteoarthritis and has undergone bi-lateral total hip replacements. I was at a follow-up appointment with my doctor and was complaining about pain in my right ankle and swelling of it. I was experiencing this trouble way before the surgeries and my doctor had it x-rayed and it shows old and new fractures.

Fractures may be a result of osteoporosis, not osteoarthritis. OA is a disease of the joints (specifically of the cartilage that lines the joints). It is not a bone disease although the wearing and thinning of cartilage can cause bone deformity, osteophytes, bone cysts around the joint.

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones, causing them to become more porous, less dense, thus weaker, with a propensity to fracture easily.

Have any of your doctors suggested a bone density test?  (+ info)

recuperate from tib fib, ankel, hip fractures?

my husband was in a motorcycle accident and has a fractured ankle, tib/fib, hip, scapula and multiple ribs, all on the right side. How long do you think it will take to recuperate from all of this?

Wow, I'd say he was pretty lucky. Hopefully, he'll be receiving physical therapy, but even then it may take a year. You didn't mention how old he is because that makes a difference too.Good luck!  (+ info)

can a bone be fractures AFTER a hip replacement?

The short answer to your Q is: yes. I assume that you are referring specifically to the bones that are involved in the hip replacement surgery: the acetabulum (pelvis) and the femur (thigh bone). Of course the neck of the femur can no longer be broken because it has been cut off and replaced by the stem and ball of the prosthesis. But trauma and accident could break the femur at another point. Same goes for the pelvis.  (+ info)

I have stress fractures on my hips? What is the safest exercises?

I have deturating hip bones and stress fractues on my hips. I was wondering what kind of heeling excercises I could do for this???

  (+ info)

How long after a hip fracture can you lay on your side to sleep?

My Mum has fractured her hip (had pins put in) and is very uncomfortable sleeping on her back. We wanted to know if anyone has had the same experience, how long it usually is before sleeping on her side is safe?

Right away. It's just really painfull. If she doesn't like pain, I suggest she waits till it doesn't hurt. Good luck.  (+ info)

What are the chances of surgery for a hip stress fracture?

I am a 14 year old guy and i have been told that i have a stress fracture in my right hip. This happens to almost everyone on my moms side of the family, but usually not until their 40's. I play football and lift weights regularly to train for it, and i was wondering if that sped it up? What are the chances that i will have surgery?

Because of your age I would think the Drs will want to 'wait and see' .often times these fractures do not progress at all and sometimes not for many years t(hink of a crack in a windshield- some spread and break down others don't) but it sounds like yours may advance quicker because of the fooball activity. By working with the Dr who can monitor any changes wit hxrays over time hopefully you won't need anything for a while..good luck  (+ info)

What bone in the hip was fractured when Mary's grandmother slipped?

Mary's grandmother slipped on a scatter rug and fell heavily to the floor. Her left leg was laterally rotated and noticeably shorter than the right, and when she tried to get up, she winced with pain. Mary surmised that her grandmother might have "fractured her hip", which later proved to be true. What bone was probably fractured and at what site? Why is a "fractured hip" a common type of fracture in the elderly?

actually like 80 percent of the time when older people break there hip it actually means they broke their femur. The head of their femur breaks off into their pelvis.  (+ info)

What are the signs of a hip stress fracture?

I have had a really aching leg since april now. The pain starts in my hip and goes down to my knee, it has gradually got worse over the months.
I was running on it and now its painful to walk on. I was having physio for a damaged Iliotibial band and now they are thinking i may have a stress fracture.
Has anyone else had anything like this? i have got to have an x-ray tomorrow is it likely to show anything?

Stress fractures should be taken care of asap. I had one in my hand and much like yours it gradually got worse due to me thinking it's just a bruised bone.  (+ info)

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