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HIV Infections?

How many days or weeks after being infected does a person begin to show symptoms of being HIV positive? What are the symptoms of HIV?

About three weeks after exposure there could be some presistent cold, night sweats, east infection that wouldnt go away, slight but consistent fever, swolen glands especially those on the neck.

After this is gone, there might be nothing for years and usually people stay healthy for a few years after becoming hiv poz. The few weeks after exposure simptoms show because that is when the viral load of the hiv virus in the blood is the highest.

However, don't be mistaken that it will show on a test then.

The Elisa test that tests HIV antibodies present in the blood cant detect them for about 4 weeks the least and 6 months the most. It takes some time until antibodies are formed thus there is a need for a 6 months window from exposure to taking the test in order for the results to be conclusive.

I hope this helps!

Best of luck to ya!  (+ info)

HIV infections?

what happens if someone drinks an HIV victims blood? will that person be infected

Probably, i think any blood to blood contact will transmit the disease and some parts of your digestive system have to be semipermeable with your arteries/veins.  (+ info)

If an infected HIV positive patient used a syringe. How long will the infections stay on the syringe?

I heard that HIV infections cannot stay more than five seconds in the air.Is it true?

I wouldn't bet my LIFE on that assumption!  (+ info)

What kind of infections are people with HIV vulnerable to?

It's for a project. Can anyone tell me what infections/diseases people with HIV are vulnerable to catch?

Tuberculosis (TB)
Epstein Barr
Genital Wart
Isosporiasis  (+ info)

I had unprotected sex with a maried woman and she didnt get an orgasm So am i safe from any HIV infections?

i heard that hiv is transmitted from woman if their orgasm mixes with the blood of the man. after having sex she told me that she didnt get any orgasm. she had a kid and also i had unprotected sex with vrgin before and then with that lady. am i prone to any infections. it happened a 30 - 45 day ago. iam really worried since then if she might had any infections. kindly suggest me something as i heard about muscle pains and headaches as symptoms, as i had these problems sometimes as i work out in the gym or after whole day of work.

DUH?  (+ info)

A patient did indeed have HIV infections, but continued to test negative?

A patient did indeed have HIV infections, but tested negative through repeated ELISA testing. No Western Blot tests were ever performed on the patient, because the physician felt no need to order one because the patient was negative for the ELISA. What are some possible explanations for the consistently negative test results?

Three instances of delayed HIV seroconversion occurring in health-care workers have been reported;[10] in these instances, the health-care workers[11] tested negative for HIV antibodies greater than 6 months postexposure but were seropositive within 12 months after the exposure.[12] DNA sequencing confirmed the source of infection in one instance. Two of the delayed seroconversions were associated with simultaneous exposure to hepatitis C virus (HCV). In one case, co-infection was associated with a rapidly fatal HCV disease course; however, it is not known whether HCV directly influences the risk for or course of HIV infection or is a marker for other exposure-related factors.

This person could have also been in the "window period" if he just obtained the virus.  (+ info)

people infected with HIV the virus that causes the disease aids can become unable to fight off infections by o?

people infected with HIV the virus that causes the disease aids can become unable to fight off infections by organism that normally do not harm people why is it so?
anyone know??

Human Immunodeficiency Virus to Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Basically you cannot fight virus' any longer, so even a cold can kill you.  (+ info)

Is Bladder Infections in females HIV symptoms?

I keep getting bladder infections, one after the other, even though I am not sexually active at this time, my last sexual encounter was five months ago could this be a symptom of being infected with HIV?

  (+ info)

what laws does FL have regarding partner notification for HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections?

I am doing an assignment for school and I need to know what laws does Florida have regarding partner notification for HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections? Can anybody help me or give me a website to get this information. I tried to Google it but it wouldn't come up for Florida.
Hey Danny & Ashlee... I am at the University of Phoenix... Who's class are you in??
Thanks for the info by the way came in handy very much so!! ;-)

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Can touching a cut with a dirty hand\ cause hiv or other infections?

I cut myself with my own, brand new razor blade. Then I touched the open wound with my finger which had just touched the locker door in the gym. I know this sounds paranoid but I'm pregnant and I'm very scared of getting any infections at this point. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

You certainly can't get HIV this way. HIV is only spread by unprotected sexual contact, sharing needles, dodgy blood transfusions & from mother to child in the womb/during nursing.

If you're a normal healthy person with a normal immune system I wouldn't worry about it. Wash the cut, and if you want, apply some sort of disinfectant like iodine, then cover it with a plaster.

Eating a good diet, getting plenty of sleep, avoiding too much stress, steering clear of people who are obviously sick, and following normal rules of good hygiene are your best defences against infection :)  (+ info)

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