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WHy does HIV come before AIDS if acquired means Have to do something to get it?

Its kind of ironic cause HIV is what you get first. HIV stands for Human Immune Virus.

Aids stands for Aquired Immune Virus Syndrome...
Acquired means you have to do something to get it, Immune is what your bodys self defense is Virus obviously from the HIV and Syndrome means chronic.
Only question is why do you have to do osmething to get AIDS but HIV you already have wouldnt it be AHIV and then get IDS???

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Can Strep throat be mistaken for Acute HIV Syndrome?

I am a male and I have had sex maybe 4-6 times with only a couple different females in the past 1-4 months.

About 3 weeks ago I got sick and the doctors did some blood work determining I had Group C Strep throat. My throat was swollen pretty bad. I had a hard time swallowing. It was actually somewhat painful to swallow. They put me on some medication and it went away in about a week. I didn't finish all the meds (whoops) and it felt like it started to come back then I started drinking a lot of tea and gargling with salt water and it didn't really progress much and disappeared pretty fast.

I was just wondering what the chances are that they made a mistake and I actually have Acute HIV Syndrome?

absolutely not. A physician who tests you for strep uses cultures, it is a bacterial or "topica" disease. In order for you to show positive on HIV you must have a "mucosal" infection. HIV is viral and mucosal and other STDs are topcica or bacterial. The strep test, that was done by blood is conclusive and if it came up positive for gC strep then you are strep+ not HIV+ as far as that test is concerned.

With that said, the odds are you showing symptoms in as little as 4 months is slim to none. Now that you have strep it is easier for you to catch HIV if you come into contact with vaginal or anal fluid, blood or breast milk but not a guarantee that you have it.

Finally, with a normal immune system, an intact mucosa membrane in the throat, it will prevent HIV from attaching itself to the mucosa and infecting you. This is in part because your mouth has saliva which is known to kill HIV, the main way ppl get HIV orally is because the HIV goes from your partner to a cut, sore, lesion, wound or abrasion in your mouth or throat without coming into contact with a good amount of saliva. If you have a good immune system, (before the strep), in tact mucosa membrane (which you should unless you eat a lot of EXTREMELY spicy foods repeatedly, have ulceritis, acid reflux or eat very sharp foods (captain crunch 24/7)), you will have a good membrane and then the risks are very small of you catching it that way, in fact there has NEVER been a documented case of this happening...EVER...

so go and get tested with a UNIGOLD HIV test, which is 100% accurate to ensure that you don't have HIV and takes 10 minutes. Or you can get a OraQuick test which is 99.9% accurate and takes 20 minutes. Either way, get tested to know for sure.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had AIDS without getting HIV?

There is no thing as a stupid question. My understanding is that AIDS is a syndrome (a condition) of having a severely suppressed immune system. Now, searching online, I can't seem to find a definition of AIDS that doesn't simply use HIV. Couldn't someone have the condition (syndrome) of having a severely suppressed immune system without having HIV?

No. that is why it is called aids... caused by HIV..hence acquired. there is a congenital immune deficiency, though. but we dont call it aids because its congenital, hence, not acquired.

medical science has not yet found a cause for AIDS other than the virus which we call human immunodeficiency virus or HIV. maybe in the next few years, god forbidding, we will find another cause for AIDS aside from HIV.  (+ info)

Do they do routine HIV checks with most blood tests?

Hi, i am pregnant, and woke up this morning wondering could i have HIV? I highly doubt it, but i have never been checked. I have done a blood test this pregnancy (pregnancy screening for down syndrome) and i had surgery last year. Would they routinely test for HIV with these?
Just being paranoid, but it would put my mind at ease!

No, your permission or you must request to be tested for certain infectious disease. Otherwise your rights have been violated, and your privacy, and/or right to confidentiality. Ask your doctor, he will tell you all about your rights and health laws.  (+ info)

does anyone know if the polyps in Gardner syndrome are usually deeper in the intestine and not near the colon?

A friend has cysts forming on his body that are forming at slightly rapid rate, and I have looked up these cysts could be caused by this disease. He has other problems, and I think it's something more serious than just random cysts and red lesions. side note: checked for HIV, it was negative.

The polyps from Gardner syndrome can occur anyplace in the intestine (small and large intestine) They have even occurred in the stomach.
This disease is hereditary and the patients suffering from this need to be closely monitored  (+ info)

Can infectious diseases trigger antiphospholipid syndrome ?

Can certain infectious diseases such as HIV, HSV-2, chlamydia, and other viruses trigger your immune system to produce antiphospholipid antibodies ? Is there any correlation ?

Researchers still aren't clear on exactly what causes this syndrome.

It should be mentioned that up to 2% of the 'normal' population carries antiphospholipid antibodies without any actual disease process.

And yes, certain viral, parasite, and bacterial infections can result in the presence of temporary harmless antiphospholipid antibodies (HIV, malaria, viral hepatitis...not sure about HSV) -- that is they cause no known disease in these patients and disappear shortly after. That is the only connection I know of with infectious diseases and this syndrome.

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I wanted to know if strep pneumonia was a sign of acute hiv syndrome?

I have been asking ?s now for a couple weeks and I keep hearing so many diff things.. Ive read a lot about ars symptoms and none of them mention strep pneumonia.. Is that a sign of primary hiv.. or later stage hiv to where i would have detectable antibodies? I also read that ars fevers are always above 100 degrees and mine never reached that.. and i have had a hand rash but it is only present when my hands are cold. I got a test at 5 weeks and it came back negative and ive read that by then i would have a 90 percent rate of showing positive.. if anyone who knows about this could answer my ?s i would appreciate it

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my bf got hiv+ blood on his hand at work. how likely is it that hiv got transmitted to him?

while my bf was at work, an hiv + boy cut his hand and my bf got the boys blood on his hands. this was around xmas eve. now, he's showing some acute hiv syndrome symptoms: fever, sore throat, muscle aches, vomitting, hives. he's going to get tested wednesday, but how likely is it that the virus got transmitted? please respond as quickly as possible. thanks so so much.

It cannot travel through the skin so as long as he did not have a cut... he should be fine. As far as the symptoms... they could be "self induced" meaning STRESS can bring on ALL of those symptoms including the hives. Worrying is the worst thing (not saying I wouldnt worry like hell if in the same situation) Even knowing the "facts" of AIDS does not make you feel better. Once he gets tested and it comes back negative... fear may still have a hold on the both of you... I am sure ya'll are fine and I wish you the best of luck! I am so sorry you have to go through all of this stress!  (+ info)

incredibly worried about acute retroviral syndrome/hiv, stressed please help...?

about 3.5 weeks ago i had sex using a condom. about 1.5 days later i had a sore throat and a flu, sore throat subsided in about a day or 2, runny nose cleared up in 2 to 3 days. i was incredibly scared since the incident of sex i have been having loose bowels/diarrhea. about 1 week after sex i noticed (could have been there before) a very small swollen lymph node at back of right side of neck, it's still there but it might be getting smaller. 9 days after the incident i flew to the US for school. now every morning since the first day in the US i am woken up to passing gas / abdominal gas and i have to use the bathroom and i have loose bowels most of the time (not watery) but sometimes it's diarrhea. on one day i tried to 'hold it in' until afternoon and the bowels were pretty normally formed. i also tried medicine for 2 days and it helped a lot but i stopped taking it. i also got a sinus infection for about a week recently but i read it's not generally considered a symptom. pls read on
i don't have a fever or a rash or sore throat presently but i'm getting some mild headaches recently like really short ones that last for seconds. do these symptoms sound like acute retroviral syndrome or the early symptoms of hiv? it is really interfering with my school work and relationships and i feel so alone, so stressed and my heart races a lot and my appetite has decreased. i think i am a hypochondriac. i know people advise getting a test but i heard you have to wait three months? i made an appointment with a sexual health counsellor type person tomorrow.

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What is the difference between AIDS and HIV?

I know AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and HIV is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, but what is the difference between them?

the difference between HIV and AIDS is HIV is the virus that may cause AIDS.
HIV belongs to a subset of viruses called retroviruses or slow virus.

This is because it is a progressive disease. HIV is entered through the body through the mucous membranes or thru blood to blood contact.

Once you get the virus it slowly begins to attack the immune system, killing off healthy immune system cells. The deterioration and destruction of immune function leads to AIDS.

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