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hiv in australia What is the window period for hiv to be fully detected in the body?

For how long after exposure does someone needs to wait before hiv tests are done.Does it take too long for hiv to resides and detected in the body.From the date of exposure when can the tests be done?

average person shows up in 25 days. 98% of people will show up in 3 months. get tested after 6 just to be 100% sure. source cdc control  (+ info)

What happens to HIV when all of your white blood cells are destroyed?

When you are being affected by AIDS and the last of your white blood cells are destroyed because of HIV, what happens to the HIV in your blood stream? Does it die out because there is nothing left for it to feed on, or does it keep living?

HIV turns into AIDS when your cells reach a certain number. HIV does not die out. Once you have it you got it for life. Death of your normal fighter cells and then of course you get all kinds of infections that body can't fight off that a normal person could, like pneumonia or other respiratory diseases which usually kills the person.  (+ info)

How hard is it to contract HIV from a person getting treatment and they are at undetectable levels?

We discovered my wife has HIV 6 months and we were having unprotected sex for a year. I got tested several times and still came up negative. She had a count of around 80,000 copies per ml of blood. She is now at undetectable levels meaning she might be less than 100 copies per ml of blood. What are my chances of contacting from her if we start having unprotected sex again?

We can't even try to guess at the risk. Having a low viral load means that the blood that was tested showed low levels.

Be mindful that semen levels are never measured in routine follow up.

Measuring viral load in blood is common, semen-not so. If you're getting information that semen levels and blood levels translate exactly, I'd be wary. As a health care professional who's worked in the HIV field for years-I KNOW THAT SEMEN LEVELS ARE NOT ROUTINELY TESTED, therefore, comparing the levels is not possible.

When a HIV positive person is ill, say for instance from the FLU and viral load is tested-more virus is detected in the blood at that time. That some may be the FLU virus is not determined-only viruses are counted.

This is all to say that the viral load is a good diagnostic test-to place where one may be in the progression of the disease. It's not to determine the risk of exposure-especially repeated exposure.

There is no way to determine WHEN the H I Viruses migrate to certain parts of the body. We do know that HIV is harbored and may replicate in body organs.

Unfortunately, unprotected sex should not be an option in even a loving relationship. There's already risk there, decrease it rather than increase it.  (+ info)

How long can HIV stay in your system before being detected?

I have a 3 year old and a 14 month old. Both pregnancies I was routinely tested for HIV. Test results were negative both times, but now I am having low blood counts which suggest an autoimmune disorder and my Doctor referred me to a Hematologist. I've been with the same man for 5 years. Is it possible that a person could still have HIV when testing came up negative in the past?

For your first child your negative test are accurate. The 14 month old is a different story. Is that the last time you got tested for HIV? Also, was it 3 months after the intercourse? Remember if you got tested to soon, Before the 3 month mark. You may be at risk for HIV. I understand that your boyfriend is the only sex partner you have had for the past 5 years. But Men do stray. Just be tested to be sure. Also, You can not go be symptoms to diagnose HIV Infection. There are many many other things that can bring down your blood counts. Best of Luck!  (+ info)

How long can a person be HIV Positive without having any physical symptoms/signs?

If a person has not had sex in over a years time, but was not tested, what is the chances that the person is HIV positive? Would this person become physically ill with sore throats, colds, the flu? What would be tell tale signs of this? Are there any or is a test the only way to tell?

It is possible to carry the HIV virus for decades before tell-tale symptoms begin to show. Some people become infected and develop full blown AIDS within a 2-3 years. Other take 20 years. Early signs of HIV are very vague (if any appear at all). Driving yourself crazy every time you get a cough is no way to live.

The only sure way to know if you are infected is to get tested. And here's the good news: The FDA has approved a testing kit that you can do in the privacy of your own home. It's called "Home Access" test kit and can be purchased for around $60 at most pharmacies. You prick your finger, and let a few drops of blood fall onto a small piece of litmus-type paper. You then seal this in a special envelope, and it is sent for testing via Fed-Ex overnight. The following night after 7pm, you call and give them your test ID# and get results over the phone.

There are also HIV outreach centers near most colleges where they perform what's called a rapid test. You get results in 20-30 minutes.

Both of these tests have been proven by the FDA to be just as effective as going to the doctor and having blood drawn. Just go and get it over with. You'll sleep much better at night.

I'm sure you are fine.

Love & Blessings  (+ info)

What are the odds of aquiring HIV from a caucasian man to a caucasian woman?

Both around 19 and only through unprotected vaginal sex (she is not a prostitute btw). I am really ignorant when it comes to HIV/AIDS and I know it affects blacks more often but what are the odds? Thanks a bunch.
Im ignorant not stupid. Blacks make up 30% of the population yet 74% of cases.

The colour of skin has no effect on transmission of HIV. It's an epidemic in Africa so obviously most victims will be black there. In N. America, higher than average infection in pockets of black populations may coincided with heavier intravenous drug use or prostitution that comes from bad economic conditions. That's a whole different chicken and egg discussion about economics of disadvantaged and discriminated-against populations. The conditions encouraging higher transmission are related to the social conditions, not pigment of skin.

So, the odds of white to white transmission? Zero if neither have the virus. High if one of them does and no preventative steps are taken (which are not fool-proof but improve the odds).

The odds of black to white or black to black transmission? Zero if neither have the virus. High if one of them does and no preventative steps are taken (which are not fool-proof but improve the odds).

Tibbs accidentally posted a declaration under a different question, that he is neither stupid or racist. He posted a link to the http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2008/feb/07/blacks_more_likely_get_hiv_aids29858/

I have pasted in an anonymous comment under that article that I think covers things better than I could, as far as the possible racism angle:
SCdeacinNYC (anonymous) says...

What Magic Johnson "took" was the more than half a billion dollars he is worth. Quite simply, if you are wealthy the better medical treatment you receive and the less likely you will be of ever contracting full blown AIDS.

This is a very complex discussion and I sort of read it and sighed because I don't even want to get involved with this today. But, it is an issue that is near to me because I work in the HIV/AIDS section at a large international organization. So, I'll prevent myself from starting a long-winded soap box lecture.

There are many factors at play here, mostly the lack of valuable sex education, poverty and yes the down-low factor plays out in the black community. Esepcially in the south, where being homosexual is not accepted AT ALL. So, people keep their relationships secret and un-monogamous. There was a good Primetime special on HIV/AIDS in the black community, especially in the South a few months back. I suggest you all check it out before mouthing off with blanket statements like "blacks are more promiscious" (sic) sounds like that statement came out of some 1912 Eugenics journal or "Birth of a Nation" give me a break.

Also please check out the facts and causes of the HIV/AIDS epidemic to understand the issue better. I'll send some sites later on "know your epidemic"

February 7, 2008 at 12:48 p.m.
That's one post- if anyone here wants to read more, there are some interesting posts there. I just hope that Tibbs understands that being black does not affect transmission of HIV. O  (+ info)

What's the difference between being HIV positive and having full blown aids?

I don't understand the difference, my uncle is HIV positive.

HIV is the virus that causes aids. It attacks and weakens the immune system, and when it has caused enough damage you have AIDS. EVeryone starts with HIV, before progessing to AIDS.

WITHOUT treatment, most people have full blown AIDS in about 6-10 years after having HIV. With treatment, many people many never progress to aids at all. Magic Johnson for example was diagnose with HIV almost 20 years ago, but still doesnt have AIDS. And that was in a time when advancements were far less then today. Many people who have HIV today may never end up with AIDS.  (+ info)

What is the syndrome where boys usually grow more than average?

I think it is Jacobs syndome.. XYY syndrome.. but wikipedia says that is only a little more than average. what is the only where they get really big ?

Yes it is called gigantism. It is caused by a tumour or either a chromosome disorder. Another thing that causes gigantism is the inability to inhib the GH (growth hormone) when it is produced. This is why the people who have it get very TALL.  (+ info)

How was HIV/AIDS discovered and when was the first patient was prognosticated?

HIV/AIDS is the disease which is affecting the world so much; especially the African countries. More people are dying each and everyday; a lot of orphans suffering without assistance. We need to join together and fight this disease.

about 25 years ago. Strange that you ask this question since there was a special covering it on FRONTLINE. You can watch it online here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/aids/view/

It was called Frontline: The Age of AIDS

First known case of human HIV infection
A blood sample is taken in 1959 from a man living in Leopoldville, Belgian Congo, now Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). For decades, the sample is stored away in a freezer. In 1998, after sophisticated testing is developed for HIV, the blood sample from 1959 is tested and confirmed as positive for HIV.

taken from same website - there is actually a time line at this link here:

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/aids/cron/crontext.html  (+ info)

Can the HIV virus survive inside a Antibacterial soap bottle?

Okay, lets just suppose that someone leaves a drop of blood (HIV infected) inside a bottle filled with antibacterial soap. How long can the virus last? Will the virus be killed instantly?

I'm not sure if it would survive, must put that one to my biology teacher!! All I know is that it can be spread via blood to blood contact .... so maybe you can catch it that way  (+ info)

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