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How can I shrink the effects of horner's syndrome?

My one pupil does not dilate fully and makes my eyes asymmetrical. Is there anything I can do (eat certain foods, vitamins, etc) to make this less noticeable or make it completely go away? Thanks for any help you can give me!

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How do I find a Neurologist who specializes in Horner's Syndrome? (I've searched the web extensively)?

I've had this condition for 9 months, met with a neurosurgeon, had all the tests and yet I continue to have pain behind my eye. Since it's very rare, finding a Neurologist who specializes in this area is almost impossible. There must be a Neurologist out there who is curious and would love to take on a 'project'. The trick is finding that person. Where's the best place to start....a teaching hospital? Mayo Clinic?

always start with teaching hospital because they are much cheaper and competitive as any other clinic.
There are many causes of horner's which you have already known by know.The main important thing there is to out with an actual and final diagnosis that is cause the Horner's. Remember, final diagnosis can be very treatable to untreatable. I wish that you have a very treatable disease. Good Luck and Pray  (+ info)

What Adie Syndrome, Frey Syndrome, Horner's Syndrome and Shy-Drager Syndrome have in common?

I know they are neurological diseases but what parts of the Nervous System do they affect?

they affect the eye (optic nerve)
i forgot to add that they also involve sweating around the eye are face so this includes the facial nerve and other cranial nerves

and they are progressive nervous disorders so they gradulally get worse  (+ info)

I'm diagnosed with Horner's Syndrome, with an indeterminate cause...?

I know its not lung tumors, i've been getting chest x rays a lot for my asthma.

But I have been getting really bad headaches, like to the point of passing out, blurry vision, and the highest dose of ibuprofen doesn't put a dent in the pain.

Should i be seeing a doctor to get a check for brain tumors?

It sounds like you're already seeing a doctor, as you have a diagnosis of Horner's syndrome. If your doctor isn't taking action, you should definitely go see someone else. Find a good neurologist in your area and make an appointment asap. If the horner's syndrome and headaches are new and haven't been seen by a doctor, go to the ER immediately.  (+ info)

Do you know about treatments for horner's syndrome?

I woke a few months ago to discover my face a bit... distorted. Though I'm still having tests, they seem certain I have horner's syndrome. Is there a treatment that can help me look a bit less ''Picasso-ish?''
Thank you Very Much! I have not been told much at this point and was worried there was no treatement and that I would always look like this. You have eased my mind. Thank you again.

There are over several types of this syndrome and you don't really specify what type you have and what the prognosis is. Most are treatable though.  (+ info)

What is Horner Syndrome and what are the major signs.?

The symptoms of Horner's syndrome include:

Drooping of the upper eyelid

Swelling of the lower eyelid

Sinking of the eyeball

An absence of sweat on the same side of the face as the affected eye

The pupil becomes smaller (miotic)

Each iris may be a different color

The common etiologies of acquired preganglionic Horner's syndrome include, but are not limited to, trauma, aortic dissection, carotid dissection, tuberculosis and Pancoast tumor. Common causes of post-ganglionic Horner's syndrome include trauma, cluster migraine headache and neck or thyroid surgery.

http://www.revoptom.com/handbook/sect6g.htm  (+ info)

HORNER'S SYNDROME??? Brought on by......?

I've been looking online at the symptoms of Horner's Syndrome, but the only time I notice my eyelid drooping is when I'm nervous/stressed/anxious. So can Horner's Syndrome also be brought on by stress, or appear when you're stressed????

You most probably dont have Horner's syndrome as it is associated with a pinpoint pupil and other signs which are constant. It is due to loss of sympathetic (fight or flight response) innervation. If you are truly worried, go see a neurologist.  (+ info)

Anyone know about Horner's Syndrome?

Anyone know someone or personally have Horner's syndrome. Eye disorder where one eye is slightly droopy, the pupil is constrticted, and half the face doesn't sweat. I was diagnosed with this condition almost two years ago and have see over a dozen doctors and no one sems to know how it cam about. Help!

Horner's syndrome is caused due to lesion in the cervical sympathetic ganglion called Stellate Ganglion... which is situated in the root of our neck on either sides, which ever side gets affected that side is involved.. Its charecterised by pentad of
1) Ptosis - drooping of the eyelid
2) miosis - constricted pupil
3) anhydrosis - loss of sweating
4) enophthalmos - sunken eyes
5) loss of ciliospinal reflex - a reflex which is difficult to explain

The treatment depends on the cause of horners syndrome that is causing damage to the stellate ganglion.. U have not told y did it happen and how it was diagnosed.. So i do not kno the cause of the disease in u.. But i can help u.. u an search in the following links.. it may be of some help to u..  (+ info)

what is horner's syndrome?

Horner’s syndrome consists of five signs:

Constricted Pupil

Elevation of the Third Eyelid

Retraction of the eyeball into the head

Slight drooping of the Eyelid

Increased pink color and warmth of the ear and nose on the affected side (very hard to detect in small animals)
All these signs are caused by damage to sympathetic nervous system as it supplies the eye on the affected side of the head.


Our bodies have numerous functions that are controlled by our nervous systems yet we are completely unaware of them. Our heart and respiratory rates, the amount of sweat and other secretions we produce, circulation to different body areas, pupil dilation and constriction are all regulated by our nervous systems automatically and without our knowledge or control. The part of our nervous system dedicated to these automatic systems is called the “Autonomic nervous system.”

The autonomic nervous system is divided into the “sympathetic nervous system” and the “parasympathetic nervous system.” The parasympathetic system maintains a status quo, normal, “business as usual” state; the sympathetic system prepares the body for a “fight or flight” situation. Some changes that might be stimulated by the sympathetic system include: increased sweating, dilated pupils, increased heart rate, and increased blood flow to muscles. Both systems coexist in balance in the healthy body.

When the sympathetic system controlling one of the eyes is damaged, only the parasympathetic nerves work and Horner’s syndrome is created.  (+ info)

horner's syndrome?

check out this website:  (+ info)

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