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What does a mole on the left hand represent?

I am a girl and I have a mole on my left palm, what does this represent?

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How much does it cost to get a colorless mole removed from my face, and what doctor performs this procedure?

I have a colorless, but raised mole on the right side of my nose (have had it for years) that I would like to have removed. Does a dermatologist, or plastic surgeon perform this procedure and how much does it cost?

A dermatogolist performs this procedure. If you have insurance it's not the much.  (+ info)

What is the best way to remove a facial mole without surgery?

I have a mole on my face and I have had it a long time, so I really just want to get rid of it. I went to the dermatologist and they said it was fine, so removing it surgically seems to be out of the question right now.

Do NOT follow the advise to tie a string around the base of the mole to try and pull it off. That is the worse thing you can do and you will end up with a larger scar that will look worse than the mole.
Your dermatologist can remove the mole, but because it is not medically necessary, insurance won't cover it. The cost to remove it depends on the size and location of the mole (i.e., moles to remove on or around the nose are much more difficult, than one that is on a flat surface like your forehead). It really should not be that expensive to do the procedure; approx. $350.
Depending on the type of mole, there is also the option to shave the mole off...another procedure that should ONLY be performed by a trained dermatologist.
Good Luck.
Your Friendly Dermatologist.  (+ info)

Why does a mole start to bleed spontaneously?

A friend of mine has a mole on her face she says it just started bleeding and it won't stop bleeding she is putting presure on it even ice. Any ideas why it started bleeding out of no where and how to stop it?

Out of the ordinary a bleeding mole can occur. There are many reasons why a mole bleeds. A bleeding mole can be caused by irritation while a mole is scratched or rubbed off with the skin or clothing. It could be caused by an accident while shaving the skin with a razor blade. Some people have hairs on moles that are unsightly and they usually trim or cut the hairs with scissors or tweezers. This will not remove the hairs permanently and eventually the hairs will grow back again. As the new moles grow the mole becomes itchy. Some people may unconsciously pick or scratch the skin. A bleeding mole may or may not pose a medical threat but to be sure, see a dermatologist.
Most moles should be normal and cause no problems however on certain occasions there are changes in the moles that warrant a visit to the dermatologist’s office. On some aspect a bleeding mole is warning sign that the mole is dangerously linked to melanoma. The risks involved in bleeding mole can be determined by the dermatologist. If you have a slight doubt and you are not sure why your moles bleed you have to see a doctor. The bleeding mole should be checked by a dermatologist to detect skin cancer. Usually a biopsy is required to find out the size of the tumor prior to removal.

A bleeding mole that is of cancerous nature is usually associated with other symptoms such as itching, swelling, and a mole that do not heal easily. These visual symptoms have other indications such as scattered border or rough mole edges. Other cases of cancerous moles show moles that have more than one color; the other part is darker and the other part is lighter with different color combination in it. Moles that are not symmetrical on both sides are potential for melanoma and moles that grow larger than the pea size is dangerous. With these indicators it is obvious that the bleeding mole had developed into melanoma and should be removed as soon as possible before it metastasize and spread to other parts and organs of the body.

A bleeding mole can be avoided by removing the mole with hairs permanently. Hairy mole causes annoyance and that is the reason why people shave the hairs on it. It may cause bleeding mole and in order to prevent it, it is better to have the moles removed once and for all. Removal of moles can be done in many ways. There are various techniques to remove a bleeding mole that poses a health risk. They can be removed through surgery, cauterization, laser treatment or freezing. It can be done at the doctor’s office and usually requires a local anesthesia because it is painful.  (+ info)

How much does it cost to get a facial mole surgically removed?

I want to get a mole removed off my face and I'm wondering how much the average cost is.

well in the UK it dont cost anythiing unless you go privatly,but the NHS will do the same job in pretty much the same time

but not sure if you r in the USA sorry

but i do suppose it similar  (+ info)

Is it common to have a mole on your buttocks?

I have a fairly large flat mole(1/2 inch) on my left cheek. I believe I was born with this mole, but I know that moles can also become cancerous. My mole is not irregular in shape or multi colored, but I still worry. It is worth seeing my doctor even if I was born with this mole?

Assuming it hasn't increased in size recently, it's probably not worth an immediate trip to the doctor, but next time you go for a regular check-up you should bring it up.  (+ info)

Are there alternatives to remove a mole from the face?

I know that only a dermatologist can only remove moles from the face. However, he refused to remove the two moles from my face because one would cause a permanent scar while the other one is on my lip. He tried to freeze the mole on my lip and it is still there.So, does laser treatment work for moles? Has anyone tried it and will the mole come back?

I would suggest making an appointment with a plastic surgeon with it being on the face area. They are more able to remove moles and lesions with minimal amount of scaring. I personally have not heard of laser treatment for moles but check with the plastic surgeon.  (+ info)

How can you tell if a mole is cancerous?

How do you tell if a mole is cancerous? Are there any ways to remove moles (besides going to the doctor), or fading them?

Only the removal (from an MD) and pathology lab can assure you if a mole is cancerous or not.
Most 'new' moles or changing moles (size, color, texture) are warning signs.

Moles grow down - inside so all the 'removal' serums may work but they will likely grow back.

Also having a mole removed by an MD saved my life -
I was going to ignore it (It was bleeding).  (+ info)

How to get rid of the burnt skin after mole removal?

I got a mole removed and the dermatologist used some sort of tool to burn the skin to stop it from bleeding excessively. Now theres some black charred skin left over.. Will this eventually fall off on its own?

The skin will eventually heal; it simply takes time. Use some polysporin on a band-aid for seven days after the removal. Also, try to be gentle when cleansing the area; don't scrub or rub.
The name of the tool they used is a hyfrecator. Hyfrecators are used to cauterize the skin to stop bleeding and they can also be used in mole removal to cauterize the mole's hair follicles, trying to prevent the mole from coming back.  (+ info)

How often does a mole look like melanoma but it turns out to be nothing?

I recently had some biopsies done and one mole in particular perfectly matched the "ABCD" signs of melanoma. Are there any statistics on cases where it matched physically but the results came back negative for cancer?
For more details just in case my question was unclear: I'd like stats on how often a mole is non-cancerous after a dermatologist said it fits the ABCDs of melanoma. I cannot find anything on the subject of how often a biopsy comes back either positive or negative. Thank you!!!

Miss E - There are no exact numbers to answer your question. The ABCDs of a possible melanoma are good guides when to see a doctor (preferably a dermatologist), but there are other melanoma warning signs to consider such as:
• The appearance of a new bump or nodule
• Color spreads into surrounding skin
• redness or swelling beyond the mole
• pain
• tenderness
• itching
• bleeding
• oozing
• scaly appearance
Better to be safe and cautious than sorry too late.  (+ info)

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