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Can you have Pregnancy induced hypertension if you bp is good?

I am almost 25 weeks and have been going to the drs weekly since 19 weeks due to high blood pressure at 19 weeks. Since 19 weeks though my bp has been great. (today it was 120/78). Today she told me I was measuring big (yikes I gained 3 pounds this week but I had mild swelling in my feet) and she is having me get an ultra sound done and sent me over for blood work also. On the paper that I have to give the labs it said "measuring big for date" and "Pregnancy induced Hypertension".

I guess I thought PIH was if you had high blood pressure? And is me measuring big a sign of PIH? Everything I read on the internet doesn't mention measuring big as PIH.

I had perfect blood pressure before I was pregnant. Now, I have high blood pressure. With my first, I measured big. I was told then that it is a sign of high blood pressure. I went pre-eclamptic at 37 1/2 weeks and was induced. My daughter was extremely healthy. I think what they mean is that it is a sign of later things to possible come. Just be glad they are watching you and dont stress. If things weren't ok, they would be doing a lot more. Like putting you on bedrest or meds. Good luck!  (+ info)

How serious is pregnancy induced hypertension?

I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension around 23-24 weeks (I'm 33 weeks now), but I just recently was put on medication, and the doctor says that he wants to start seeing me every week until I deliver to do a fetal stress test. After hearing this, I naturally started to worry, but my fiance doesn't seem to think it's a huge deal. Am I over-reacting, or is he under-reacting? What's the worse case scenario with this?

I had pregnancy induced hypertension with my first (and then it wouldn't go away so now I deal with it every pregnancy) they monitored me more and started meds. Then they admitted me to L&D for a 24 hour urine test, which came back okay so they sent me home on bed rest but was still dizzy and seeing stars my BP was 175/115 so they admitted me and induced. They worry about Toxemia.

With my second, I was medicated nearly all the time and did non stress tests starting at 32 weeks and was induced at 38 weeks as a precaution.
With this pregnancy (I'm 11 weeks) they said we'll just deal with it (i'm not medicated yet) but will probably be induced between 37 and 38 weeks. They didn't mention NST's but I bet I'll have to do them too. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

what are the diagnostic criteria of pregnancy induced hypertension?

hi every one, i want to know the criteria of pregnancy induced hypertension. how i can differentiate it from chronic hypertension? thanks

the diffrence is that pregnancy induced hypertension will go away after the baby is born, if u have chronic hypertension u will most likely have it in the pregnancy too which means your doctors will monitor u extra careful  (+ info)

What is the difference between pregnancy induced hypertension vs. preeclampsia?

This is for our nursing project in mother baby, it seems like its the same from where ever I would look but my professor is looking for difference. Thanks for helping out.

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How do I know if i have pregnancy induced hypertension?

I am 26 weeks prego and i normally have lower blood pressure but it is slightly above normal for the average person now.

See you must be basically prone to have hypertension for any reason like heredity or obesity or some kidney reason!But this pregnancy state has precipitated it and after the delivery if it persist for a long time may be till lactation time or say six month time than you can say that it is a pregnancy precipitated waiting high blood pressure but if it goes than naturally it was due to your pregnancy state and now all over and you have become normal !Only time can tell you this way OK ! Always YouRsmE  (+ info)

women who have had pregnancy induced hypertension and preeclampsia?

how did it start? what was your bp before you found out about it? how far along were you? were you induced and how far along were you? did your doctors do something about it right away or just kind of blow it of and tell you to rest even though it was getting worse? please share any experiences wether it was for you or someone you know of.

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Is pregnancy induced hypertension a leading cause of preterm births?

I would say yes, I had High Blood Pressure with my last daughter, it was brought on by pregnancy. It was terrible the whole pregnancy, and kept going up and up, finally on a reg doctor visit, my OBGYN sent me to the hospital for emergency c-section, I was forced to deliver at 30.5 weeks. Luckily my scrappy little girl pulled through with flying colors. She weighed 3lbs 4 oz.  (+ info)

I need to know more about pregnancy induced hypertension?

I just had a scare, showed all the signs of hypertension except for the high blood pressure. My tests came back clear and the doctor said I don't have to worry about it for at least a few days, but to up my protien intake and come back to the office if I start having the symptoms again. But the headache never went away and the doc is supposed to be refering my to a neurologist... what could be wrong and could it be a danger to my baby even though he/she seems unaffected by it as of yet?
um and how would you even know how much sex I'm getting? it has nothing to do with this subject!
I'm about 27 weeks. my BP was 126/58. the swelling has gone, but even with tylenol and lots of water (I think I drank a gallon and a half today alone) nothing seems to make the headache go away.

Go to www.preeclampsia.org.

It's a moderated site, with lots and lots of support for people with PIH or preeclampsia. They can answer all your questions and commiserate, plus give you advice about what to look for, what to try, and what to ask your doctor.

I don't know how I would have gotten through preeclampsia twice without their help.  (+ info)

Cnahces of women having healthy babies after pregnancy-induced hypertension?

how many of you have suffered from pregnancy-induced hypertension and now have healthy babies? i am in 31st week of pregnancy and have been diagnosed with hypertension, so feeling a but scared. Will it really harm my baby. My mum too had it when i was born , i was just underweight but healthy otherwise.

Tell me your experiences and what all you did. I am on medication and have talked to my doc and under his constant guidance, so please dont mention abt me consulting a doc. I just wanna knw what all mothers experiences are...thanks

PIH doesn't really effect the baby unless your symptoms are severe...The main concern is YOU at this state in PIH. You are at risk for Liver and Kidney Failure, Stroke, and Seizures. If your PIH is going out of control the biggest risk to the baby is called a placental Abruption (where the placenta separates from the uterine wall) - don't worry you will know if this is happening - you will have constant severe pain in one part of your abdomen (or the whole thing), but it is VERY Severe! Abruption is also pretty rare...usually by the time you are that sick you are already at the hospital being watched and it's caught very quick, or they have already induced labor because you are getting sicker. I don't think people realize how serious this disease process is. Make sure to take your medication - watch for signs that I'm sure your Doc as discussed with you: such as pain under your right breast that radiates to your back, Severe Headaches that Tylenol doesn't help, Spotty and blurry vision, dizziness (not just from getting up quick, but like while laying down or walking). Take care of yourself and good luck...As far as the baby goes, don't worry about that, your baby will be fine and healthy as long as you stay fine and healthy!  (+ info)

Pregnancy induced hypertension question?

At around 38 weeks in my last pregnancy I developed pregnancy induced hypertension (not pre-eclampsia). I had to be induced the next day due to my blood pressure skyrocketing even while on bedrest. I was just wondering what the chances are of me getting it again, and if it would happen around the same timeframe.

My doctor said the chances of me getting it again are slim, but I know that if you've had pre-eclampsia your chances of getting it the next pregnancy are greater. So yes i'm confused. Can anyone help me out here?

The likelihood of recurrence for PIH is based on:
1. How early you get it (the earlier you have it the first time, the more likely it is to return ..)
2. How bad was the control
3. Association with proteinuria or growth restriction (too small a baby)
4. Association with other organ involvement
5. Your age (higher if you are too young or too old)
6. Your order of pregnancy (higher for first)
7. Family history - more likely if your mom / dad has hypertension  (+ info)

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