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Pregnancy induced hypertension ?

My GF suffers from Pregnancy induced hypertension. What is that? Is it common among pregnant women?

Pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) is high blood pressure disorder during pregnancy.

Yes! It is, unfortunately, pretty common in pregnancy, particularly among 1st time mothers. (Is ur GF a 1st time mum? )
It may also be talked about as ecclampsia or preecclampsia. Labor may be induced early if one suffer from severe PIH.

Since ur GF has PIH, it is very important to let her doctor know immediately if she develops a headache; any change in vision, such as blurring, double vision, or spots before her eyes; or pain in her upper abdomen. Any of these symptoms may indicate that the PIH is becoming more severe.

Treatment of PIH:
The only cure for PIH is delivering her baby. If her baby is not due yet, her doctor may choose to treat her with bedrest, a healthy diet, and medications to lower her blood pressure. If her PIH continues to worsen despite treatment, her baby may need to be delivered before her due date.

Many women with PIH feel quite well so it can be hard to accept the need for bedrest. When a pregnant woman's blood pressure is increased, it causes less blood to circulate throughout her body, including the uterus and placenta. When she is in a standing position, the heavy uterus puts pressure on the veins in her groin, causing blood to pool in her legs. This decreases the blood supply to the uterus and kidneys. Bedrest, especially lying on your left side, increases blood supply to the uterus and kidneys. Improved blood flow to the uterus benefits the baby, and improved blood flow to the kidneys flushes out toxic waste products and some of the extra body fluid which may build up and cause swelling.

Effect of PIH on the baby:
The amount of blood supply to the placenta is reduced with PIH and, as a result, her baby may be smaller than what would have been normal for her. If the PIH is not controlled, it can be harmful to the baby.

The best way for her to be aware of her baby’s condition is by doing her fetal movement counts. Her doctor may have her come to the hospital for a nonstress test with an electronic fetal monitor and an ultrasound. These tests give the doctor information on how well her baby is growing and if he is receiving enough nourishment from her placenta.

Since ur GF has already developed PIH, the best way to protect her baby and to prevent the problem from becoming worse is to follow her doctor’s advice. She should be just fine!!

Goodluck dear!  (+ info)

Questions about pregnancy-induced hypertension?

I was diagnosed at 28 weeks as having pregnancy induced hypertension. The doctor had me do the tests for pre-eclampsia and I passed the 24 hr urine test (although my samples at the doctor's office shows protien in my urine). The doctor says that he expects me to end up with pre-eclampsia eventually. I am now on blood pressure medicine 3 times a day. I was wondering if anyone else had this and if they made them have the baby early due to it. I am really hoping to make it to my scheduled c-section in march. Thanks.

I ended up with pre-eclampsia in my third trimester. My doc wanted to induce me, but I went into labor a day before I was scheduled to be induced, lol. I still have hypertension though and have to take meds for it. Apparently if you have pre-eclampsia you're more likely to end up with hypertension, even if you're fit and healthy.  (+ info)

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension at delivery 19 years old?

Hi! I just delivered my daughter about 6 days ago and at delivery i developed PIH I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this at 19 years old or around there my doctor says its very abnormal for this to be happening at my age but everything i read online says it mainly occurs in first pregnancies in women under 20 and over 35

what were your treatments?
how long did it take to get rid of?
what can i do to help this aside my meds?

today my blood pressure was 140/99 and then i tested again and it was 124/85 it always just jumps around.

i keep thinking im just going to have a heart attack or something and die i need reassurance and no one is giving that to me... i just had my baby and am supposed to be happy but im more worried than anything please help!

No experience here, but I do know that stress can cause your BP to be higher. Try and relax and just follow your doctor's orders.  (+ info)

18 months pregant diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension. Does anyone have any advice?

I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure (148/98). My doctors have left me hanging with no answers. does anyone know what I can do? Are there any supplements available to take?
oops 18 weeks pregnant

I'm sure you meant 18 weeks pregnant - I was also diagnosed as having gestational hypertension early on in pregnancy. As a result I saw a specialist throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, even when my BP went back down to a normal range. At my highest my BP was 154/90. My specialist recommended that I take children's aspirin daily, as well as increase my water intake and decrease my sodium intake. Also, it's recommended to try to rest on your left side as much as reasonably possible. All of these things possibly contributed to my BP dropping back down to a reasonable range. Do not be overly concerned - your doctors will come up with the best strategy to ensure that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy... also, never be too uncomfortable to ask for an explanation or a plan of action when something is mentioned that isn't exactly clear to you. Best of luck!  (+ info)

I have PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) is it ok to exercise?

I had really high blood pressure for the first time about a week and a half ago. It was 148/87, normally its something like 115/70. I am now doing 2 times weekly fetal monitoring. My blood pressure goes up and down, at the dr's office the other day it was 118/71, then at fetal monitoring back up to 145/89, then by the time the appointment was over it had calmed to 125/73. They haven't put me on best rest or given me medication, I guess because my bp is not consistantly high. I never thought to ask, but today I feel like some exercise, a brisk walk or 30mins on the stair stepper will make me feel good as I feel so lathargic and out of shape. Is it ok to exercise or is that going to make my bp shoot back up?

I had it with my last 3 pregnancies and was told not to excersize. It can raise your bp dangerously high and you dont want to risk your life or that of your baby. Put a call into the doctor before you do anything. Good luck  (+ info)

what is the recommeded dietary intake for pregnancy induced hypertension?

I think maybe you should ask your doctor that question.  (+ info)

what nursing diagnosis could be included in the PIH (Pregnancy induced hypertension) with their interventions?

  (+ info)

I am on bed rest for pregnancy induced hypertension, 37 weeks on Tuesday.?

Do people usually make it to 40 weeks on bed rest ?
..Well the baby is still a little small but I don't really want to. I think it would be good to wait until 38 weeks so she has some time to put on little more weight. But being on my behind all the time is driving me crazy after just a few days. Thanks everyone!

I was 37 weeks 3 days when I was induced due to pregnancy induced hypertension. I tried the bed rest and it just did not make a difference! Congrats and Good Luck the baby will be here before ya know it!!1  (+ info)

Has anyone had Pregnancy Induced Hypertension? If so what week did you deliver the baby?

I did with both of mine and was induced at 36 and 38 weeks.  (+ info)

need info about pregnancy-induced hypertension...?

I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension at 28 weeks. I am now 30 weeks and am on blood pressure medicine 3 times a day. I still get headaches and dizziness, but not nearly as often. What will happen from here? Will they have me have the baby early?

go to askwomen.com this site can help you out. good luck.  (+ info)

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