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Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (P.I.H)???

Has anyone got PIH when they were pregnant? NOT PRE ECLAMPSIA just pregnancy induced hypertension??
**If so what were your blood pressure readings
**what did your doctor do? (were you put on medicine)
**how many weeks were you when you developed it
**what was the outcome after you delivered?

and how was delivery with it?


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Pregnancy induced hypertension in 2nd pregnancy????

When I had my son 4 years ago I developed Pregnancy Induced Hypertension & had to be induced two weeks before my due date, because my blood pressure wouldn't go down. I was wondering what the odds are of me having the same thing happen in my next pregnancy? My blood pressure is normal now & I am at a good weight & I'm in my middle 30's.

If your case was severe, your chance of recurrence is about 40%, if your case was mild roughly about 5%-15%.(I will be 25 in 5 days, i was almost 22 when i delivered my daughter, i never had weight or BP issues!!) Take heart, I delivered a 34 weeker June 18,2004, (she later died at 7 1/2 months old, 6 months Corrected (preemie terminology), due to complications of prematurity, lowered immune system) after a LIFEFLIGHT to a major tertiary hospital in Cleveland (because my midwife din't believe me when i told her weeks before that my symptoms indicated pre-eclampsia), (i spent the last several hours of my pregnancy with a BP that topped 220/190!), I am now 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my second baby and no signs of high BP or Pre-eclampsia... I wish you the best of luck! I hope this helps...

P.S. though they don't know much about it, preliminary studies indicate that you can Possibly lower your risk of recurrence by taking a calcium supplement and taking in enough calcium (if you were calcium deficient in your previous pregnancy), as well as taking in enough protein (if you were protein deficient in your previous pregancy!) as well as eating a more balanced diet this time around, if that applies to you.  (+ info)

Preeclampsia is pregnancy induced hypertension?

Preeclampsia is pregnancy induced hypertension. What if I have high blood pressure before I get pregnant, will the doc still call it preeclampsia?
I am 12 wks pregnant. The high blood pressure is hereditary. So would I be at risk for eclampsia?
I also have Kidney disease because when I was younger I didn't have health care so I didn't go to the doctor. My blood pressure was left unchecked and that made my kidneys not work as well as they should. I now have awesome health care so everything is under control. I was just curious about the fact that I have high blood pressure and what complications could occur while pregnant.

No...preeclampsia only occurs during pregnancy and it typically only comes on after 20 weeks and it usually comes on quickly. High blood pressure has to be accompanied by protein in the urine.

EDIT: Having chronic high blood pressure IS a risk factor, as well as kidney disease, but the high BP itself isn't considered preeclampsia, also it is most common during a first pregnancy. My BP has always been on the high side of normal, but during most of my pregnancy, my BP was the best it has ever been. Preeclampsia came on at 37 weeks for me and I had to be induced that day. Looking back, I was having some symptoms prior to my BP going up and the protein in my urine...my feet were VERY swollen and my weight was shooting up very quickly. Just be sure your doctor is aware of all this...they keep a close eye on signs of preeclampsia anyway, though.  (+ info)

Moms who have had Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and/or Pre-eclampsia?

I was diagnosed with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and Pre-eclampsia last wednesday at 31 weeks pregnant. I had high blood pressure and then when they did a 24 urine collection my protein levels were at 270mg and I was told the cut off for emergency delivery was 300mg so I was sent to the hospital for another 24 urine collection, more labs and around the clock bp checks. My bp came down enough that my doctor sent me home on bed rest and increased office visits. I am 32 weeks currently. My question is for those of you that had this when were you diagnosed? How did your doc treat it? did you go full term or did they induce/c-section? and if so when did they induce or perform a c-section? Thanks!
Also I didn't fit any of the risk catergories for Pre-eclampsia (this is my second child and had no problems with my first. Im 21, and have never had issues with blood pressure in the past)

Pre-eclampsia is a very strange thing, effecting many woman who have no weight, blood pressure, or other risks. I had PIH and preeclampsia in my last pregnancy. I was diagnosed at 32 weeks. I had to quit working and rest (not bed rest). I visited my midwives and OB (which I was sent to upon diagnosis of PIH) 1 - 2 times/week. Every week I went into the hospital to have fetal stress tests, blood work and sometimes an ultrasound. It was hard, but at the same time I chose not to worry. I'm not sure how I did that seeing as I worry about everything. But I knew that worrying was only going to make matters worse. When I went into labour (which I wanted to do naturally) my bp upon arrival at the hospital was 175/95 - VERY high. I was told that I needed to have an epidural because one of its side effects is that it lowers your blood pressure. It worked! I was able to deliver vaginally at 37 weeks. My baby was totally fine - no problems at all. My bp stayed up for about 4 weeks and I was on a blood pressure medication for those weeks.

Pre-eclampsia is serious. You need to make sure that you are relaxing when possible, drink LOTS of water - even though you're retaining water, lower your salt intake and put your feet up as much as possible. Talk to your midwife/OB as much as you want. After all they're working for you. If your scared/concerned talk it out!

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moms who experienced with pregnancy-induced hypertension?

i am 34 weeks and at my last prenatal checkup my blood pressure was a little high(134/96). my doctor is currently having me on bedrest to see how my blood pressure goes so he can know what to do from there, and i am also doing a 24 hour home urine test. i want to hear you mothers who experienced with pregnancy-induced hypertension. when in your pregnancy did u experienced it? how were u taken care of? how was your delivery? did your baby came out healthy/fine? these are just a few questions, but i do want to hear your story.

I have not had that myself, but my sister did. It started around 36 weeks. Her doctor had her check her blood pressure twice daily and stay home and relax. Her blood pressure never did start going down, so they induced her 1 week early. Her son was healthy and weighed 9.5lbs. He is 3 years old now, and still quite healthy.  (+ info)

What is Pregnancy Induced Hypertension?

Pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) is a name for what is now called gestational hypertension or hypertension of pregnancy. It is defined as the development of new arterial hypertension in a pregnant woman after 20 weeks gestation. It does not normally require treatment, but is monitored closely to rapidly identify pre-eclampsia and its life-threatening complications (HELLP syndrome and eclampsia). Treatment options are limited, as many antihypertensives may negatively affect the fetus; methyldopa and labetolol are most commonly used for severe pregnancy hypertension.  (+ info)

Black spots in vision with pregnancy induced hypertension?

I am 34 weeks pregnant and have been having pregnancy induced hypertension and just in the last few days have noticed black spots in my vision every once in a while. I look at the wall and it looks like there is a black dot on the wall and then it will go away and come back a little later. I do not know what my blood pressure is when this happens. My question is are these related to each other? I have heard of getting blurred vision, but not so sure about black spots. Any insight on this would be great. Thanks

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Has anyone gone to your due date with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension?

Hi, I'm 36w2d pregnant and I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension about two weeks ago. I was put on bed rest and am taking medication to control my blood pressure. I also have to go to do non stress tests twice a week. So far with the medication, my blood pressure seems to be ok but I noticed it starts creeping up before it's time to take my medication again. I also noticed it's at it's highest right when I wake up in the morning. It lingers around 140/90 for most of the day, goes down then goes back up.

What I am wondering is if my blood pressure stays under control, will they let me go full term or induce me? I have a scheduled c-section in 3 weeks but not due to PIH, just because I had a c-section with my daughter.

I had preeclampsia with my first child at 35 weeks and they induced me right then and there. So far I don't have any protein in my urine and all my blood tests are ok. I only have the high blood pressure. I'm so paranoid at home checking my blood pressure all the time because my doctor told me that it can turn into preeclampsia very quickly.

Has anyone ever experienced this? PIH that turns into preeclampsia or just being induced with PIH? I hope to hear your stories. Thanks!

I had PIH with my first and it doesnt turn into pre eclampsia , there is eclampsia that you get after diagnosed with "pre" eclampsia
eclampsia usually results in huge BP massaive amounts of protein in the pee , swelling and seigures ... i had seigures with my son and fitted during delivery...it was terrible

the drs are onto you , it doesnt seem like a sever case and is usually less severe with each pregnancy after the 1st
i was monotored with my 2nd and 3rd babies and carried number 2 untill 41+4 and number 3 was del @ 41 weeks ... both over 9 pound

dont stress, its a pretty normal thing to happen and the dr controll it well once they are onto it .... youll be fine , rest up take care , emil me if you need a chat  (+ info)

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension?

38 1/2 weeks and at my dr appointment this week my BP spiked at 146/90 and it has not come down since. I was induced with my first two kids at 37 weeks because of PIH. Any advice on whether I would be induced again, being so close to my due date or would I be able to go naturally?

If it stays up they will probably induce you once again. They will probably decide at the next appointment. It could progress to preeclampsia, so if you get further symptoms like protein in your urine, etc., they would almost definitely induce.

Ask your doctor. They are the only ones who know what the plan for you might be.

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ladies that were induced due to pih (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) please help me!!?

I was just told that I have pih and will be induced in 2 weeks, which will make me 38 weeks.

Has anyone been induced because of pih?
Were you able to deliver naturally?
How did they induce you?
Was it painful?
What week were you induced?

Thank you so much in advance I really appreciate it!!

I was induced with both my children because of blood pressure issues.

With my daughter they started me on pitocin at 38 weeks. Labor went quickly and I was able to deliver naturally. As far as pain, I have a very low pain tolerance so I'm probably not the right person to ask! I did get an epidural and that helped with the pain tremendously.

With my son they induced me at 37 1/2 weeks and because I wasn't dialated at all they started with Cervadil. Once I started dialating my body went into labor on it's own and I didn't need any pitocin. However, because I progressed so quickly there wasn't time to get an epidural and so I did my second labor and delivery drug free.

It's hard for me to judge because my only experiences where with being induced, but I wouldn't say that my labor and delivery experiences where too different from my friends who weren't induced.

In the end what it boiled down to for me what was was the best for my baby and the either way the end result was my baby in my arms and that's really all I cared about!

Congrats on your upcoming little one!!  (+ info)

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