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Pregnancy Induced Hypertension? Worse With Meals?

While one's blood pressure is supposed to drop after eating (blood moving from body to intestines/stomach), is it possible that blood pressure would increase after eating?
I'm 23 weeks along with my second child- and this is the first time that I have had Preg-Induced Hypertension (related to Low Placenta)
I notice a great increase in swelling in my hands, and a jump in my blood pressure (I home test) but primarily after eating (anything- its not sugar or protein based)
Curious if any one else has dealt with this, and how it is treated.
*Added Thought*
The blood pressure goes up regardless of the sodium levels- Just seems like having something (anything) in my stomach makes my rates go 135/85 (give or take) from a relatively normal reading.
And the effect is immediate (within 30 minutes)

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Can Pregnancy induced hypertension go away?

I am 33 eeks and 4 days pregnant. I have been on bed rest for 4 weeks now with BP readings like 140 something/ over 90 something and when I went to the doctor yesterday she said my blood pressure was way to, it was 110/67. today it is measuring 123/75 which is in between where it has been. I'm wondering can hypertension in pregnancy just go away and everything be normal, or does hypertension fluctuate way up and way down?
I know it goes away after giving birth, but what i'm really asking is can it go away whilestill pregnant?

yes. it goes up and down alot. I always had high blood pressure while preggo. They would monitor me at my checkups afterwards to make sure it wasn't still high. And ive been fine since. Every once in awhile its high, but nothing where medication is needed. =)  (+ info)

Pregnancy induced hypertension and excercise?

With my first pregnancy my blood pressure sky rocketed in the 3rd trimester and I was induced 2 weeks early...now I am pregnant again and in my 15th week.....I have noticed that once in a while my pressure will go up...(my mom is a nurse and checks it regularly) normally this happens when I a) eat lots of salt (which I have since controlled) or b) when I go for walks with my son. My son is 2 and loves to ride his bike...so for exercise I walk around my community every night with him for about 40 minutes. It has been fine up until recently. Could this be the reason my pressure is going up? I dont want to stop exercising since it's supposed to be a good thing while pregnant...but if it's hurting me I dont want to do it! Maybe I should do less? Anyways, yes I know I should talk to the dr, and I will...I just wanted to get some advice from people who have been there.....

all answers are appreciated, thanks ;-)

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Need advice...I think I might have PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension)!?

I am 34 weeks along my pregnancy. At my last two appointments with the doctor, my blood pressure was kind of elevated (136/84). I will be seen every week from now on. I have no swelling or protein in my urine (thank God), but are there ways of controling my blood pressure by doing certain things? I would like to hear from your experiences and what you did to prevent being induced (if that was the case)? Thank you for your help.

Serious answers only please!

I was 34 wks when i was diagnosed with PIH. I had really bad swelling, problems with my vision, and severe headaches. i was put on bed rest and that helped me out alot. i would monitor my blood pressure at home, and if i walked around (like to get food, etc.) it would go up again, so for me the bed rest was the best for me. i gave birth at 39 wk (i was also induced) because i had ALOT of protein in my urine. i ended up having a csection because of fetal distress, but in the end everything turned out great. his apgars were 8 &9's, and the recovery wasn't bad at all. i now have a healthy boy and i'm doing great. my advice is follow your doctor's orders, if they say bed rest, do it as much as possible. you are pretty far along, so try not to worry too much (not good for you or baby). good luck!  (+ info)

Which way out ? I am having pregnancy induced hypertension in my last trimester.?

Is it normal or something has to be done?

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension is one of the most common problems in mid to late pregnancy which is why we like to see you more frequently towards the end.

In some women certain factors make it worse
poor diet
general health
family history
this is not always the case even a super fit slim woman can have high blood pressure

The problem is that it affects the blood flow to the placenta which starves the baby of essential nutrients and we need to monitor
your level of BP
protein in your urine
growth of the baby
fluid volume
babies kicks and movements
and the aging process of the placenta
certain chemicals in your blood
all these are affected to varying degrees some are mild some moderate and some severe..

Its hard to tell in some instances who will do well and who will do poorly so your responisibility is to
visit the doctor regularly
severe heartburn,
spots before your eyes,
blurred vision,
severe swelling,
headache or
reduction in baby movements

Dont stress be watchful and take it easy....  (+ info)

35 weeks pregnant and I have Pregnancy-induced hypertension!!!??

I'm having my baby out of the U.S. and so I'm soooo worried all that CAN be done is not. I'm 35w pregnancy and just discovered I have hypertension. I have only normal edema (swelling) in my legs and no protein in my urine. My Bp is usually 110/75 and it's as high as 149/100 right now. The dr. put my on a bp medication and I'm having my bp taken every day for a week. That is all I'm being asked to do. From what I read on the internet it seems like this take this a lot more serious in the U.S.
These are my question:
What happened with your High blood pressure?
What did the dr. do?
If your bp took a turn for the worst how did you know and how quickly did it happen?
What more should I be doing?

Far from home,

I have pre-existing bp that is shooting up because of the pregnancy. I have had my meds adjusted twice due to sudden spikes, but nothing else has really changed. I have seen a specialist every week or two since 24 weeks because of the bp and gestational diabetes. At 34 weeks, my OB ordered weekly non-stress tests and ultrasounds for fetal growth and blood flow to the placenta. But my average bp is higher than yours. I take my bp twice a day, or if I am feeling off. I call my l&d unit if I have any questions at all - they don't mind.

This is what my Drs warned me about:

If you have any changes in your vision - go to Labour and Delivery right away. You may see spots, or things may go blurry. My vision went blurry on Friday - that was sudden. I was texting my firend and one second everything was fine, the next I couldn't read the phone in front of my face. When I checked my bp it was 175/107. (That was after the morning test a few hours before was fine.) Went right to the hospital. Thankfully, it went down on its own, but they wanted to monitor the baby and me throughout.

If your bp is over 160/100 for two readings in a row, 15 minutes apart, call labour and delivery. You may need your meds adjusted.

If you get sudden swelling in your hands and face, go to Labour and Delivery.

The fact that they are monitoring your bp for a week is good. They need to get an idea about what is happening before they make any more decisions. They need to see what kind of affect the meds are having, and if your bp is consistent or spiking. If your average is high, and you feel like not enough is being done, then ask your Dr outright why it is not a concern, and what else you should be looking for.

With my complications in my pregnancy, I have found out that there is still so much involved that is guess-work or just plain mysterious. Birth is nowhere near the exact science I thought it would be. But it sounds like they are taking appropriate measures for right now. I would get on them about it after the week of readings, though. And do not take any chances if you have any of those warning signs above.  (+ info)

Developed "pregnancy induced hypertension" in first pregnancy? is it likely to happen in this pregnancy?Thanks?

Absolutely. Since it already happened once, your dr will probably keep a closer eye on you. Not to scare you or anything, but yes you will probably have PIH again, and being that you are older than last time, it may develop into full blown pre-eclampsia (protein in the urine, risk of seizures). Drink plenty of water, watch your salt intake and if your dr tells you to take it easy or puts you on bedrest, DO IT!!  (+ info)

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension--Do you suppose they'll put me on bed rest?

Throughout this whole pregnancy, I've been fighting with high blood pressure. Luckily, I've never had any other symptoms to suggest preeclampsia (proteins in urine, blurred vision, extreme swelling, etc).

At my appointment yesterday, my blood pressure was extremely high (160/80), so the doctor sent me to the lab for blood work. She told me to "take it easy" at home and to come back in two days so they can check my blood pressure again. She said she may want to put me on bed rest.

I got a call today that all my blood work came back normal (thank goodness). Now, I'm wondering though--if my blood pressure is still high when I go in tomorrow, do you think she'll still put me on bed rest??

I know your not doctors, I'm wondering if anybody has had experience with this. Keep in mind, I have not been diagnosed with preeclampsia because I don't have other symptoms--only high blood pressure.

Oh--I'm 33 weeks today, if that makes a difference. Thanks so much!

if your pressure is still high tomorrow she may put you on bedrest, maybe it will be just modified bedrest which is you can get up to the bathroo, to make yourself something to eat or drink, you can sit up, but have to have some lying down time throughout the day, not so bad especially your already 33 weeks. its better then going into the hosp for another month or them having to induce you this early because the pressure is too high. hang in there your almost done. hight blood pressure during preg can be harmful to you and your baby so take it easy.  (+ info)

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension with good test results?

I am 36 weeks pregnant. MyBP readings during the pregnancy has been 110/75. On Thursday I had a dr. apt. and I had 145/95 so they sent me to the hospital. Everything came back normal. This yesterday I started getting readings of 175/96 so I went back to the hospital and they did the tests agai and everything was fine. The problem is when I got to the hospital I was only 160/95 and then 1 hour later I was 110/50 then 1 hour later I was 150/90. They said I don't have anything wrong since my blood pressure does go down and then up and then down. I'm also having extreme swelling.(gaining7-8 pounds a week) I am also having serious headaches, dizziness, and sometimes I feel like my heart is pounding out of my chest. I also have this pain underneath my right breast and it goes through to my back. Right now the pain is so severe the only thing I can do is stay up in the middle of the night crying. The doctors just turn me away because there is nothing in my blood/urine. Any ideas?

Honestly, this is pretty common to have blood pressures that go all over the place but have your labs be normal. But labs can change relatively quickly. So if you're having pain that's new you need to call your doctor. That kind of epigastric pain and headaches are signs that preeclampsia could be worsening and you need to get checked out again.

If you aren't comfortable with what they are telling you, see another doc for a second opinion. But your doctor is correct that there isn't much you can do, and they don't need to induce if you are not putting out protein in your urine and your liver enzyme labs are OK. Rest as much as possible on your left side - this helps promote placental circulation and can reduce your blood pressure.

Always err on the side of caution and get checked out. Preeclampsia is something too serious to ignore, and it can change quickly. So even if you were at the hospital yesterday, do not hesitate to go back.

Good luck to you.  (+ info)

? abt pregnancy induced hypertension?

Im 31wks pregnant, n my next apointment is on d 31st.til then, i need answers... At wk 27,my bp was 140/90 so i was told i have PIH and had to go to a day care ward. During my wk28 apointment, by bp was 130/90 but few mins later it decreased slightly to 127/88. they let me go this time. FYI, dis is my 2nd pregnancy. I also had PIH during my 1st pregnancy, but it never got lower than 140/90. In my first, i was also swelling badly which began since wk 26. But this time is totally different, im not swelling yet (i can stil wear my wedding ring) and ive been checking my BP daily, and since my last apointment, its been below 120/80, mostly around 116/68. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I mean, has your BP turn back to normal after been diagnosed with PIH?

it means your bp is controlled
you have to check it regularly
if you get headache or blurred vision call the dr or midwife
you have to have someone close by you can call if you need to

What are the symptoms of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)?
Mild : high blood pressure, water retention, and protein in the urine.

Severe : headaches, blurred vision, inability to tolerate bright light, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, urinating small amounts, pain in the upper right abdomen, shortness of breath, and tendency to bruise easily. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience blurred vision, severe headaches, abdominal pain, and/or urinating very infrequently


good luck sweetie you're almost there :)  (+ info)

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