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Is Pregnancy- induced hypertension Pre-eclampsia?

Are they the same thing?
Our baby boy Kai died at 39weeks 4days, we believe we wer neglected by the hospital. They said i didnt have Pre-eclampsia but had Pregnacy induced hypertention which i a different thing altogether. We believe they are lying as they know they did wrong. Does anyone know anyone i can speak 2 about this such as an expert on Pre-eclampsia.

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Reason for Pregnancy Induced Hypertension? specially in 20Y/o?why it is possible to happen?pls answer tnx?

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I have gestational diabetes and also pregnancy induced hypertension, what are the risks and what can I do?

I am controlling the diabetes with diet and was told ther is nothing I can do other than be monitored for the blood pressure. I plan on talking with my doctor but dont have an appt till thurs. I am 28 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first child I was induced 3 weeks early due to her size (8lbs2oz) and it ended in a c-section. I am 23 yrs old. What should I do and will they end up giving me a c-section early? What are risks? Just need peace of mind before I can get in to the doctor.

controlling your diet is the main thing, and also keep your sodium intake to a minimum. Avoid excitement and lots of activity. In fact, I'd take the next few days off and stay in bed if you're not already on bed rest.
All else you can do is relax, try not to worry too much. If you get a headache that tylenol won't take care of or you retain a bunch of water, feet legs swell etc..call your doc immediately.
As for the c-secion, there's no telling. You probably will end up getting one since your first came that way and you're blood pressure is high but when and for sure will be up to your Doctor. Just don't let it upset you right now, you've got a long time of enjoying being pregnant yet.  (+ info)

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension +Bedrest??

Has anyone ever heard of someone declining bed rest and the doctor letting them. I have a friend who has PIH and is swollen very badly and has *declined* bedrest and is continuing to work, despite her doctors request. They didn't require it and he did tell her that if she didn't go on bedrest she should check it frequently and if it was still high call him- but it was and she didn't because she knew he'd say "go home" have you ever heard of something like this. She also said "I don't care what anyone says- I'm working through Friday" but, thing is- she has a good job but works with a team of people who can easily fill in for her (as they will have to when she goes on leave!!) Please help. I'm so frustrated!!!

I had pre-eclampsia(toxemia) when I was pregnant. This is where you have protein in your urine, high blood pressure and migraines, and several other side effects. I bet she thinks she cant lose the baby because she is so far along. I had a friend do the same thing and she actually passed away because of this. I am not trying to scare you or her but she needs to take this VERY SERIOUSLY!!! Look up Pre-eclampsia... This is a VERY REAL THING!!! I wish her the best of luck but she really needs the time off, and if the doc says owell she needs to go to a doctor that cares. I dont think her doctor cares about the patient or her baby if they are telling her she is okay. Is she on Blood Pressure meds? I was on Propanalol when I was pregnant and it worked somewhat... I do wish you and your friend luck. I hope she listens before it is too late!  (+ info)

Recent advances in management of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension especially for valuable pregnancies.?


i dont know if you are a genuine patient or a student interested in recent advances. since you have asked for recent advences only, i would skip magnesium sulphate and phenytoin. i would also skip known causes and treatment modalities of PIH.
let's go to hyperhomocysteinemia as a cause of PIH. now this works like this : homocysteine starts clotting microvessels in the placenta, pretty much the same mechanism as in anti-phospholipid syndrome. however, the treatment of this is simple. combine methylcobalamin, pyridoxine and folic acid. this is because these vitamins act as a catalyst for breaking homocysteine into methionine and cysteine. so here we have something we can measure - homocysteine levels; and treatable.
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pregnancy induced hypertension?

i have high blood pressure but only seems to be high when am waiting around on it 2 be checked i was omitted to hospital for 1 night & the lowest it came down was 127/79 i was so relaxed there was like a holiday lol that was from a massive 155/101....!!!
has anyone else had the same i keep worrying but :( it was back up again yesterday at my ante natal clinic so the doctor is bringin me back to hospital tommorrow for bp monitoring!!
is this white coat syndrome?..... i am very worried thanks in advance!

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Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Please help put my mind at ease?

I am 37 weeks and have been watched closely because of elevated blood pressure, twice weekly non-stress tests, and a few hospital visits here and there for monitoring and BP checks. This week I went to the hosp for an NST and BP check, and my pressures were still slightly up, and it took a few hours and me eating to pass the NST. My doc eventually sent me home, but I'm wondering if she'll deliver me early because of the pressures. My appt with her is tomorrow, anyone have any thoughts as to weather or not she'll deliver soon? Any similar experiences out there? I just need to put my crazy mind to ease! TIA

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Pregnancy induced hypertension and best rest?

My blood pressure goes up and down, today is was 118/71, but the other day it was 140/85. I have 2+ protein in my urine everytime they check. Just mild swelling in my hands, see a few spots now and then. No headache or right quad pain. I keep reading that you get put on best rest with these signs, but I haven't, my dr. says everythings fine. Why variance in blood pressure levels and why with my symptoms does my doctor say I should be fine, when everything I've been reading says otherwise? Just concerned about whether I should be more concerned.

I also had those symptoms during my pregnancy. My doctor saw me once a week from five months on due to protein in my urine. I had an ultrasound once a week from 7 months on and stress tests. My doctor also put me on bed rest and eventually delivered me..this is after multiple tests such as a 24 hour urine to test my protein level in that period. I really would get a second opinion. I was going into pre eclampsia and needed emergency delivery. Those are Early signs to pre eclampsia. If you do not want to get a second opinion I would get a blood pressue cuff and make a log of your morning blood pressures. My doctor told me that it was normal to have an increased blood pressure after a days work, but to check it when you just wake up from sleep that will show you what your resting b/p is. I wish you luck in your pregnancy and your delivery.  (+ info)

For those with pregnancy induced hypertension and were induced...?

...when did they schedule your induction? My doctor wants to induce me at 37 weeks which is next weekend. He hasn't scheduled it yet. I have an appointment tomorrow, Tuesday, and then next Friday. He said he will give me as much notice as possible, but I am getting anxious. Thanks for any replies.
I will be exactly 37 weeks on the 6th of April. The highest my blood pressure has gotten is 146/88. It is steadily going up and has been since 30 weeks. My swelling has gotten worse and I have a constant headache. No protein in my urine, but they did just have me do a 24 hour urine collection which the results have not come back yet. He is just concerned about the stress my body is under. I already have dilated to 2 cm and 50%effaced, so I have a favorable cervix.

I had pregnancy induced hypertension and my doctor was supposed to induce me when i was 38 weeks along, but i ended up having a c-section because my baby was breech, i had placenta previa.

Don't be worried, induction is not that bad and as long as you have a good doctor, you and your baby are in safe hands! Good luck! :)  (+ info)

Any mums had pregnancy induced Hypertension? If so, how did you deal with it? Any advice is appreciated!?

After struggling with everything for weeks on weeks I finally bit the bullet and went to the hospital to get checked out. When I first walked in my BP sat on 155/72 and doctors admitted me for the night. Under duress they let me go home at 5:30pm the next day after my BP settled down BUT as it keeps continuing to rise and symptoms accompany it during the day, the doctors believe I have P.I.H. I've been told to bedrest and although i am just exhausted and physically debilitated by this, i am having issues with handling it. I have 2 small children (3 and 2 turning 4 and 3 next week) and my house is atrocious! Any tips on handling this? Hubby is a great support but he cannot just stop work because i'm sick (especially since we are needing the money)

I've had it... With my second child I was induced when my BP hit 180/110. I'm currently pregnant with twins and at my ER trip (contractions at 18 weeks) my BP was 174/90. I've not been taking care of myself like I should.

I don't know if it would work for you but I've been drinking more milk. 2 cups per day has taken my early PIH to normal and now that I've stopped doing it it's back. It's worth a shot. Also resting. LAYING DOWN!! even for 20 minutes will drastically lower your bp. Try putting a cartoon on the tv and laying on your left side on the couch.

I've had it with 3 pregnancies and pushing 4 now.

PS just let the house go. 10 years from now no one will know how messy your house is... Keep it sanitary but don't stress! You've only got a few more weeks.  (+ info)

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