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How much do rheumatoid factor numbers really count for?

I just got my blood test results back and it showed my rheumatoid factor to be over 3 times normal: 1-5 normal, 5-6 eq., >6 high .... mine was 17. Also showed hyperuricemia. Is it bad, or does it just sound that way? lol
I'm not going to be a happy camper if I find out the doctors have been treating me for the wrong condition (and that's what it looks like).
gillianprowe: I'm getting the numbers from the print out of the hospital lab results.

Given medical history and other lab results, I'd say it is rheumatoid. Give the first answerer BA though, cuz I know your medical history. $20 says you do have rheumatoid. Sorry Sifu.  (+ info)

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