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My dr has diagnosed as having hyponatremia and has put me on a fluid restriction. Are there any supplements or foods that can help ? I can only have 2 liters of watera day including coffee, soda, milk for my cereal and soup. I am thirsty and like drinking water. I am having a hard time with this restriction and I don't follow it I will end up back into the hosp. Does anyone know what will help? I don't gulp a lot of water at one time. I just pour a glass and sip and sip through the day . Thank You

http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Hyponatremia&fr=ush-ans  (+ info)

How much water do you need to consume to cause hyponatremia?

Are we talking 2 gallons? 20 gallons? In under an hour? Over the course of a day? How much water is too much?

I heard you can overdose on water.
The recommended 64 ounces a day is always safe.
I drank 10 16ounce water bottles everyday last summer & was ok.
Cleaned my system out, felt better & lost 20 pounds.  (+ info)

How do people get hyponatremia if almost everything we eat has salt?

Please explaine, thanks.

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When you have Hyponatremia can you feel the swelling on your brain?

I want to learn about this.

You will not specifically feel the swelling. You will, however, experience many symptoms of Hyponatremia, if your brain cells are swelling.

The symptoms include, dizziness, headache, irritability, eye pain, muscle weakness, loss of coordination, confusion, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.

Hyponatremia is a complex disorder and requires medical attention.

It can sometimes be caused by overexertion with excess sweating or by drinking more water than your body can metabolize which results in water intoxication. Here is a link that details hyponatremia caused by water intoxication:


Hyponatremia can also be caused by a number of metabolic disorders, and diseases of the organs.

Here is a link that discusses hyponatremia in general: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/242166-overview  (+ info)

At what point should an elderly patient be admitted to the hospital for treatment of hyponatremia?

My mother has had hyponatremia (low blood sodium) in the past. She is developing it again, with a recent blood test showing levels at 127 (normal range is >135). Can this be managed by reduction of fluid intake alone, or should she be more agressive with her doctors for treatments in the hospital?

www.emedicine.com There is lots of information on hyponatremia at this website. Type in hyponatremia in your search browser and click on the emedicine link. It will take you straight to hyponatremia.  (+ info)

if my mouth and throat is dry does that mean I have hyponatremia?

also, can you get hyponatremia from dehydration?

Isn't that a fancy way of saying not enough salt in your body in Greek? Why do you think that has anything to do with a dry mouth?
(Like almost every medical diagnosis - telling the person what they already know in Greek).  (+ info)

Does anyone know the long term implications of hyponatremia?

any information will be appreciated.
Thats ok Phil I am asking for a friend.

I actually have this, it is rare for someone to be alive as usually someone is dead before it is diagnosed. I was ill and then went into a coma I had been tested for drugs and alcohol only there was none in my blood, it was a young doctor who suggested the test be done and then when it was low sodium some of the drips were taken down, this is because fluids make the problem worse, some call it drowning in your own fluid others water intoxication. Normally long distance marathon runners can get it in fact 1 died last year from it. It was the same with the lady who drank the water to win a wii, she died. I have to have my blood checked every month. Symptoms are slurred speech, lost of coordination, convulsions, renal failure then death. If it is not found out like it was with me then it will be when you are sadly no longer here. I am very lucky to be here even though I have other things wrong with me unfortunately most are not as lucky. I have excellent doctors

EDIT; the answer below is excellent, I also suffer from TIAs (mini strokes) so I am in a catch 22 situation that is why my blood tests are important to have done every month. To increase my sodium levels I need sodium (salt) and the worst thing for strokes is salt. I was in a coma for 11 days so I am fortunate to have great doctors. It has been suggested even though it is rare that it could be a defect from birth as I have always had problems with my blood. If you are not tested for something there is no way you know, I am very lucky.

I also wear an SOS bracelet with my name, what is wrong with me and my hospital number as it is on the front of my notes.  (+ info)

what is hyponatremia?How does we correct hyponatremia?

what are the causes of hyponatremia?How does we correct hyponatrema with definite calculations.

hyponatremia is a condition in which you don't have enough sodium in your body. it is usually caused by dehydration or fluid over load in the body. since it is a deficit of a electrolyte in the body you just have to provide what is lacking. we usually give our patients a salty intravenous solution to bring the sodium back up. they are also sometimes given oxygen and may need medications for seizures if they occur. usually pretty treatable with just IV fluids  (+ info)

How can I treat hyponatremia (low sodium in blood) whn I can't have salt because I have high blood pressure?

I have high blood pressure so the Dr. (I use the term loosely) told me NO SALT because of high blood pressure. The symptoms are horrific and I'm in pain. I hate hospitals. I don't understand how I cant have 1 but I have to have another. Somebody has to know.Please Help!

Common table salt is sodium chloride and that is bad for high BP.

Perhaps instead of inorganic sodium (table salt) you could have organic sodium foods.  (+ info)

Is this symptoms a cause of hyponatremia?

Please please please correct me if I'm wrong... Tell me what illness causes these.

-cold clammy extremities and muscular weakness
-lowered blood pressure
-weak and rapid pulse
-skin discoloration
-Urine analysis showed the urine density was 1.009 g/ml and a significant lowering in the plasma sodium level in the blood.

generally symptomatic hyponatremia is associated with a rapid decrease in plasma sodium to <125 mmol/L. Symptoms become increasingly severe as the levels drop further. Usually the symptoms include headache, vomiting, swollen hands and feet, fatigue and wheezy breathing. So it is possible but based on the info given I can't say for sure  (+ info)

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