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Is it TRUE that ProActive causes Hypopigmentation? What r the effects of using that product while bed tanning?

Guys some1 told me that ProActivecauses Hypopigmentation...and also..another question: Would you get tanned from bed tanning even though you don't tan in the sun?

Getting into the tanning bed while using any exfoliating product will actually give you hyperpigmentation (darkness) Cover your face to protect it.
no you will not get tan in a bed if you don't tan in the sun, better do sunless tanning (get someone to do it though, those machines can be streaky)  (+ info)

what should my friend take fry skin and hypopigmentation?

My friend's arm started to itch recently and now that area has become dry and some hypopigmentation has started. What could it be and what should he take?

Use Eucerine lotion--Over the counter product it will help but your friend should see a doctor. Eucerine won't make the area burn like the other lotions and works better than any other lotion on the market.

I was burnned over 40 % and I've used all the lotions on the market due to skin issues. Eucerine is the best.  (+ info)

What is the treatment for hypopigmentation?

I have it because I used an acne medicine for 6 months and it made me lose pigment in my skin. Anyways what can I do to treat the hypopigmentation(loss of pigment) on my face?
Would selsun blue work...if not...what would?

Please give me answers..dont tell me to go to a doctor

I doubt selsun blue would work since it is an anti infection topical lotion it does help with the treatment of tinea versicolor but that is all together diff then what you have here. It would not hurt to try it though. HOw bad is the discoloration? Maybe a darker good quality foundation and bronzer or a tinted moisturzier like vaseiline healthy body ...
I would have to see how bad it is to know ...  (+ info)

Is there a way to reverse hypopigmentation ?

Have white spot from liquid nitrogen wart removal.Is this going away anytime or permanent?

well It takes time for that to go.U can repigment it back with moderate strength of topical steroid like Betnovate cream once a day  (+ info)

Do the white patches (hypopigmentation) that follow an exzema outbreak go away?

I broke out in eczema in February. Doctor prescribed corticosteroids. The eczema is going away but now there are white patches (hypopigmentation). Do these eventually go away?

I had this condition last year and it is still a problem, it has to be treated on regular basis if you fail to treat it then the rash will flare up and the light patches will appear.

My light patches were very light and now they have nearly disappeared. Try using Dream cream from Lush it helps to relive the itchyness and also helps to get colour back!

In a word Yes, the white patches will go away but you will always battlle with the ezema to keep the skin colour from not lightening.  (+ info)

I have hypopigmentation around my lips. Which type of concealer and brand will help give me even skin?

If any of you have experienced lighter skin around your mouth or on your face, i'd appreciate advice on how to even skin tone out. I tried dream matte mousse but it made it more obvious

With this you will need some real heavy duty stuff. Go to your local MAC cosmetic store and talk to the makeup artist. MAC stands for makeup artist cosmetics and so they have things that confessionals use! I love their concealer!  (+ info)

Hypopigmentation after laser hair removal?

I recently had laser hair removal done by a dermatologist; on my fourth or fifth treatment, because my skin was slightly tan, I received burns all over the area with very superficial brown scarring (like a very, very thin scab). The brown areas are now peeling off and the skin underneath is normal texture, but is very very light (not pink). Is this just regeneration of the skin, or could it be permanent hypopigmentation? Will the color eventually blend in with the rest of my skin? I've been applying aquaphor twice daily. Thanks for the help.

I have had laser removal and havent experienced that. but I only had it 3 times, each time he cooled the area with ice before lasering and I think thats what stopped it from leaving any type of irritation. you should ask your doctor about it-it doesnt sound normal.  (+ info)

Does hypopigmentation (white patches) after an eczema outbreak go away?

I broke out in eczema in February. Doctor prescribed corticosteroids. The eczema is going away but now there are white patches (hypopigmentation). Do these eventually go away?

These will usually fade, but often there are some permanent changes in skin pigmentation after having eczema.  (+ info)

Will self tanners, spray tan, or tanning bed help rid me of hypopigmentation?

I had eczema on my arms, and once it cleared up, I was left with white spots (hypopigmentation). I was wondering if the tanning bed, self tanners or bronzers, or spray tan would help get rid of these spots? If not, is there anything else I can do to get rid of them?
also, if i use a spray tan or self tanner, should i only put it on the spots or on my entire body?

No, they might even make the spots more noticeable by adding some contrast. I don't know how to get rid of them, other than surgery or makeup. Sorry.  (+ info)

I have got white patches of hypopigmentation.Can it be treated?is it related with asthama?its not hereditary.?

It is not hereditary in our family. Also the patches keep changing locations. Is it related to thyroid/ blood sugar. I am 27 years old. Which treatment is best for this, homeopathic/ alopathy/ ayurvedic?

Just "White patch" is a non-specific symptom. Which areas of your body are hypopigmented? Is there loss of sensation over that area? Is it scaly?
Well, you try to correlate with your symptoms:
Pitryasis versicolor-scaly,on upper trunk and shoulders,asymptomatic,common in young adult. I think you have Pitryasis versicolor only. If so, you can take TAB Fluconazole single oral dose of 400 mg.
Leprosy-non scaly,loss of sensation. (Don't mistake me)
Are you having it right from birth? It could be partial albinism.
It could be immunological like Vitiligo.

It is not associated with asthma,thyroid/blood sugar problems. People with vitiligo do sometimes develop thyroid problems, but it is rare.

However I have listed only the most common causes of white patch. There is a long list. It is better to consult a dermatologist.

Good luck.  (+ info)

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