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Some cures or anything that helps with hypo-pigmentation?

Hypopigmentation is the loss of skin color. It is caused by melanocyte depletion — a decrease in the amino acid tyrosine, which is used by melanocytes to make melanin. I have a scar from a long time ago that's stayed white and discolored and I am sick of having it. Anything that could fix it?

First of all,the best thing you could do about the "white" scar is by applying a topical cream on it to reduce the discoloration of the spot itself.Try topical corticosteroids or topical immunomodulators since both of these make the white spots fade until you get rid of it.You could get these at a local pharmacy though.You could also opt for a laser treatment since it is really effective.My cousin done it and she's spot free now.You could choose either way though.Hope this helps:-)

P/s:However,do seek help from a dermatologist if you need to since your derm could improve your chance of healing by prescribing you the right cream to apply.Good luck!!  (+ info)

How do i cure these white spots on my face?

My doctor says that it is hypopigmentation and it will go away over the winter but i want to cure it how????

And its not pimples?
I'm not sure but the best of luck to you!  (+ info)

Hypopigmentation, how can I get my color back?

If there is anybody that can help me, please speak up. I'm getting mild hypopigmentation on various parts of my body, mostly when I get scars. It's like my skin is turning a yellowish color instead of brown as I am African American. I don't have vitiligo but this bothering me greatly as it's obvious when people look at me. I've seen 4 derms and whenever I ask, they dismiss it as nothing and tell me thats how my skin heals. Is there anything I can do to recover my pigmentation? Please be as detailed as possible.

see a dematologist...seriously you want it to be stopped before it spread all over your body  (+ info)

Postinflammatory hypopigmentation Nair chemical burn?

I had irritant contact dermatitis from a Nair chmical burn on the face and it has caused postinflammatory hypopigmentation "It presents as poorly defined whitening of the skin which is irregular in outline. Often the loss of pigment is partial rather than complete. " Is there anything I can use or do to help get back the pigment in the skin e.g. creams, treatments at dermatologist, prescription drugs etc... I'm so worried that it might be scarred and no longer able to re pigment I've had this for some time first turned out to be a red mark but then loss color in the skin. What are treatments that dermatologists do to fix this and the prices because I don't have much money and it probably won't be covered under OHIP.

Thanks to the people that reply, I'm desperate for solutions!
The burn did not leave dark marks on the skin , it left partial pigment loss that left whitening of the skin in some areas that the Nair product was applied to

i know an excellent cream for skin burns, surgery scars and also for striae.. its name is Contractubex. you should use this for months depending on the extent of your affected skin, and apply for 4-5 times a day patiently. you can find this from any pharmacy..
i hope you'll get better soon!  (+ info)

what can i use on my face for hypopigmentation?10points best answer?

Try Papaya Kojic Acid Soap  (+ info)

I have a laser hair removal burn on my upper lip and would like alternative opinions?

I live in the bay area and would like a second opinion with a plastic surgeon and another dermatologist. I have a keloid, hypopigmentation and a crater on my upper lip from a bad burn from laser hair removal. It's a depressing story and I have scarred for lip, so please advise.

Go to the following sites to find providers? What happened to you is very rare....who is the practitioner?  (+ info)

how to cure hypopigmentation.?

Use tons of foundation and concealer.  (+ info)

Is the Medlite C6 a good laser to remove tattoos on African Americans?

What are the complications African Americans face with laser tattoo removal? Is there a type of laser that has low risk of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation in African Americans?

The Medlite is a very common laser for tattoo removal because it has the ability to do multiple colors. It is my personal observation, based on the coverups we do over lasered African American skin, is that hypopigmentation can occur with any laser.

I would be sure the doctor has done a fair amount of this type of laser work and can produce some pictures of healed tattoo removals. If it is your desire to have the skin return to its normal, pristine, virgin apearance, that is going to be hard to do.  (+ info)

Year-long battle with HYPOpigmentation?

I used to scrape the whiteheads out and away from the skin around my lips, and now my skin is LIGHTER than the skin on the rest of my face.

I'm a Black female in her early twenties with brown skin; the skin around my lips is caramel-colored.

1.) What happened? What did I do to myself?
2.) Is there a cure/treatment?

Perhaps trying makeup or Laser therapy, they are not just for hyper pigmentation. Below is a link that you may find useful for causes, treatments and prevention.

Best to you.  (+ info)

medical question... hypopigmentation or vitiligo... help!!!!!!?

my dad has itchy hypo pigmentation spots on his arm and is afraid to go to the doctor... he's also afraid it might be vitiligo. the spots have not loss all pigmentation they just got lighter, and they are slightly shiny... any guesses to what it might be... not substituting yahoo for medical advice but he has a profession that puts him in front of people on a regular basis and he's stressing out about what it might but is afraid of getting bad news from the doctor!
thats what i told him... he was tooo old to just be seeing it now!

Well, my brother has vitiligo. Usually this hits during childhood, not adulthood. If its itching then a doctor needs to check it out.  (+ info)

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