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I suffer from hypopigmentation...?

That means that I have a lot of parts of my body where my skin is lighter but it is not a big deal but it will be when I get a lot older. I was wondering are there ways to cure it or treat it. How can people who have it more severely than me deal with it.

Please answer this question. Thank you. :D
Well actually there are lighter patches on my skin because of a genetic mutation that is actually quite common with a lot of people of different races. I do not mean dry skin patches but thank you for trying :)

My daughter has this an we were told its a form of dry skin use cetephil it works for her... do u notice its better in the winter  (+ info)

How to speed healing of white marks (hypopigmentation) on forearms?

I recently had some bad eczema on my forearms. My dermatologist prescribed me with a cream to clear it up, which it did. The problem, however, is that when the eczema faded it left white blotchy marks where the eczema used to be. My dermatologist told me it would fade with time, but it's been over a month and I've seen little improvement. I have recently begun using Bio-Oil in an attempt to help the re-pigmentation process, but again I've seen little improvement. Has anyone experienced anything similar? If so, how long did it take to completely fade? Thank you.

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NYC girl with limited resources needs dermatological advice and answers about hypopigmentation.?

For about six or seven years I have been developing light spots on my upper body. The patches occur on either side in the same spots. My forearms, arm pits, neck and breasts are the sites of this condition. The color of the spots is tanish, and very apparent against my brown skin, but they are not whitish or completely void of melanin like in vitiligo cases. It causes me so much grief, humiliation, insecurity and confusion. Intimacy is difficult since the patches occur on my breasts. I'd like to know what this could be, what may have caused it, and of course, how to treat the spots. Even if your answer isn't from a medical standpoint, how do I even everything out and regain my confidence?

P.S., my aunt from Trinidad said she had the same spots on her face when she was younger and used a home remedy and it went away, so maybe it's genetic if that helps, and maybe you know what that remedy is.

Thanks so much to all who answer.

I would suggest that you see your local dermatologist, as there are several conditions that will lead to hypopigmentation. Many of these are genetic, whereas others are not. And the treatment (if possible) will depend upon what the actual diagnosis is.  (+ info)

Does palmer cocoa butter with vit. E scar serum works on white scars?

since white scars/hypopigmentation are not easy to remove
I want to know if the product is realible

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Lack of pigment on my scrotum?

OK, so I have this spot on the underside of my scrotum. It's just above where the scrotum meets the leg.

It is an area of no pigment - white skin, white hair. It tends to itch a little, but that may just be general dryness and have nothing to do with this.

It was about the size of a dime 5 years ago. Now it is the size of about 6 quarters. I showed it to a doctor about 5 years ago (when I first noticed it - it's fairly hidden) and he just said it was hypopigmentation. OK, so that tells me what I already know. I couldn't get anything else out of him - I don't think he was a very good doc.

Is this something I should be concerned about? Is it Vitiligo and I'm slowly turning into Micheal Jackson?
Mahunga? I can't find that anywhere.

Sounds like you should probably go to a good doctor. Just to ease your mind at the very least. You can never be to careful.  (+ info)

15 month old white spots near eye?

my son is 15 month old.he has got while spots around eye and chin.
he had mild eczema after birth which was controlled with mild steriods.
I am worried about white spots around eye.. we took him for swiming and he developed those patches just in 2 weeks.
I am concered whether its vitiligo ? how to differencitate between vitiligo or hypopigmentation ?

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Applying vitamin e to a scarred tissue?

Would it be effective if i added on some topical vitamin e cream to my face that has chemical burns and now affected with postinflammatory hypopigmentation since vitamin e is suppose to heal scars and does vitamin e suppose to make your face fatter cause when i put it on my face looks a bit fatter thanks
I bought jamieson provitamina e i don't know if it's good for this

Hi I had eye lid surgery . 4 mos ago and was worry about the scars . and the doc had me to use vitamin e cream on the scars 4 times a day or more he said if i had the time . and to rub it in the way the scars went . and i did you cant see no scars at all now . and stay out of the sun as much as you can . dont think it makes your face no fatter . for i just went now and put it all over my face. and i am still useing it till it is all gone . wish you the best of luck .  (+ info)

veet waxing strips:a chemical burn/allergy and how to treat?

Hey.I waxed my underarms yesterday (for the first time), applying a gigi numbing spray with 4%lidocaine in it and then using veet waxing strips. I had trouble pulling out the hair, so on some areas I tried the strip several times. I don't know if I had an allergic reaction or if I could have actually ripped off some of my skin, but right now both of my armpits are purplish red/brown and look terrible, in addition to the fact that they hurt really badly, and i can hardly raise my arms. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? if yes, how did you treat yourself? I applied some neosporin but still cant tell if it's gotten better, though the swelling has gone away. How long could it take for this to heal, if possible at all? I am really afraid of getting scars or hypopigmentation. Thanks for your answers.

i just used it for the 1st time and worked great! it says that if you dont hold the skin taut, bruising may happen. did u hold skin taut? if not this may be why it hurts.  (+ info)

Covering up hypopigmenation spots?

I had a chemical burn on my face in result of postinflammatory hypopigmentation, i saw a dermatologist today and she didn't do anything about it cause she said she couldn't (lame) is there anything i can put on my face that will hide this also i'm a male thanks

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white area around my lips?

The area around my lips is white, in contrast to the rest of my face which is getting tan. Could it be hypopigmentation and how do I fix it?

are you putting on chap-stick that is like suntan lotion for your lips ?? because this could be going on to your lips  (+ info)

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