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Any Doctors or Dermatologists please help!?

Well I have these hypopigmentation spots on my stomach and my doctor has said it is tinea versicolor, but I havent actually had a skin sample to prove it. So ive been using all kinds of creams and shampoos, and its definitely improved but the skin is still all spotted. If i tried to tan these spots would it make them blend in, or stand out even more? Thank you.

By the way, the spots are white.

Tanning unfortunately will not help because of the pigment discoloration. The best thing I can tell you is keep on using the creams recommended by your doctor, and if you are wearing a half shirt or whatever just use makeup to cover it up! O also you might want to ask your doctor if there is a injecton/medicaton or something to fix it. But I am dont think there is! Also, tanning would make it stand out even more.  (+ info)

calling all doctors or dermatologists!!?

Well I have these hypopigmentation spots on my stomach and my doctor has said it is tinea versicolor, but I havent actually had a skin sample to prove it. So ive been using all kinds of creams and shampoos, and its definitely improved but the skin is still all spotted. If i tried to tan these spots would it make them blend in, or stand out even more? Thank you.

They won't tan. The pigment is temporarily not working. Your best bet is to leave them alone. They'll go away, eventually.

I'm sure you have browsed tinea versicolor on the internet.  (+ info)

plsss. help me???

Kindly give me some advice how to get rid of my hypopigmentation due to my burn scars. What cream should I apply???

have you been to a doctor?

when my fiance was working as a fireman, he got a not so great facial burn. his doctor gave him a silver (yes, silver; like silver jewelry) cream and it healed nicely and left no scar behind.  (+ info)

Tatooing skin discolorations.?

I know it sounds weird, but I have some mild hypopigmentation on my face as a result of using skin lighteners and I'm wondering, do people ever solve this problem by getting the damaged areas inked in with the exact same color as their skin tone? How would a tattoo artist feel about doing this? I know it sounds crazy but then again...maybe not?

A tattoo artist can correct skin discolorations, depending on where and how large of an area needs to be fixed. Your best bet is to find a permanent make-up artist to do this, rather than a tattoo artist. Most permanent-makeup artist deal with corrective work. Look in you local yellow pages for an aesthetic center that offers permanent make-up, make an appointment for a free consultation. Gather aw much information as you can from the internet (I have enclosed some sights) and make a list of questions, such as price, is it guaranteed, will they keep working with you until it is right, etc. They should have a picture album of their work, so review that as well Go to as many places as you can before deciding on which person to use.

There is Para-Medical Micro Pigment Implantation for correcting skin discolorations.

Good luck  (+ info)

What Is The Best Skin Care Product For Very Oily Skin, Whiteheads, Dark Spots & Acne?

I have very very oily skin, whiteheads on my nose and chin, dark spots from previous acne and mild acne breakouts.

I went to a Dermatologist a few weeks ago and he prescribed Finacea and another medication. The problem is that I'm Black and the Finacea label stated that "darker skined patients may see hypopigmentation occur after using finacea." Hypopigmentation is skin ligtening (albino), so I stopped using it because it will do me more harm than good.

The other medication (I forgot the name) had on its label that side effects are blood clotting and bleeding. So that's not beneficial to me either.

I want to know if there is any medication for the oily skin, whiteheads, dark spots and acrne that would do me any good. I just want to have a clear face and be happy. I also have stretch marks and spotting on my body. What can help?

I want to go to another dermatolgist but I'm really scared they will give me something that has harsh side effects and will make my face look worse

I used to have acne really bad and know how you feel. One day I was searching for acne cures and crap I found this website http://www.my-info-portal.com/acne/ haha( I bookmarked it lol )

Anyway I got the acne free product deal he recommends and my acne literally disappeared. It was crazy. The product i bought guaranteed it would cure your acne in 3 days or your money back. I think it's only like $25 or something

Anyway, I hope that helps!

Jonathan  (+ info)

Oh no i am really scared!!! help?

ok so my dad has like really bad skin discoloration! its all all over is hand , legs, feet, and some on his face, back! they are these small like skin discoloration patches.. i think it like vitiligo or hypopigmentation.. anyways they are rlly big now andd all over his body! he said it started for him at like age 26.. he is 40 now!!but he said it started from the very tips of his fingers!!

and i have this like white patch (a little bigger than a toonie) on my right lower-part of my thigh! and its not too big yet.. it like very pale!! i am scared if that thing with my dad happens to me.. eew it looks so ugly!! i am freeked out if i t happens to me.. my brother or no one has it.. is there a cure!!!

dont worry its probly jus a wierd birth mark.
(i have a white pathcy mark thing on my arm from 9 yrs
and nothin ever happened)
and hu knows if yu have it..
maybe it'll teach yu to give some respect to people with vitiligo
dont let it stop yu Michael Jackson had vitiligo and he did somethin to the rest of his skin to make it even. yur dads doesnt seem to spread that quickly so i wouldnt freak  (+ info)


I went to a medi-spa a week ago had laser hair removal right away it burned really bad i could smell bacon & eggs! It felt like I was being hit in the face with a belt repeatedly each time the laser touched my face! (the worst pain I ever felt in my life). When I got home I dip my face in cold water.. 5 hrs later I had blisters all over. Im caramel complected & was told it would work (WRONG) don't waist your money its almost like a unethical scam!! Unless your white with dark hair it will ((NOT WORK)) WHAT CAN I DO??? WILL IT HEAL WITHOUT HYPOPIGMENTATION?!



Oops. You should sue for malpractice. Any professional will know that only white skin is suitable for laser hair treatment. I'd keep applying anything with aloe vera in it until it heals up. It looks like those burns will take a couple of months to fade.  (+ info)

will I feel pain if I bleed to death or will I pass out?

Will I have pain if I cut my wrists and bleed to death? I know the cut will hurt but I don't care about that but will I just pass out or what? I am sick of being deaf in my right ear and having no ear drum, it's like it just rotted out and am tone deaf in my left ear. My hair is thinning and I have a genetic disorder called hypopigmentation meaning I have stupid white specks all over the back of my arms. I don't have rotten teeth but enamel seems to be chipping off and I don't get it, I take care of my teeth and I floss. I want to do this because I am never going to have a girlfriend with this ugly disorder and I never try to get one because I know once they see me it will be instant rejection and am tired of making up excused to avoid building any relationship when i meet women online and I don't have the balls to tell them. basically I hate my fucking life and sick of healthy people crying about there stupid little problems. Only thing really stopping me is fear of possibly going to hell if it does exist.

If you are seriously considering suicide, please get help! I can understand it is difficult living with a chronic illness, but there is so much more to live for then finding a girlfriend. Have you ever spent time with others who have the same disorder? Might help since they will know where you are coming from.

http://www.medindia.net/healthnetwork/support-groups/albinism-hypopigmentation-albinos.htm  (+ info)

I need a bit of advice for my eating disorder..?

Okay well i have stopped purging after i eat and i've been eating healthy i've been bulimic for 2 years and stopped over 2months ago. I notice i have dark circles around my eyes and a bit puffy cheeks that also have some discoloration like hypopigmentation. I have swollen salivary glands under my jaw on the right side and another one on the side of my face under the ear.. Can this all be from being bulimic ? I thought the symptoms would go away but they haven't that much .. should i go see a doctor and what medication would they prescribe me i'm really worried also i'd like to talk to someone helpful if they have windows live messenger thanks
thanks for your answers
do physical symptoms of bulimia go away over time or do they need medical attention and possibly medication
Should i mark an appointment with my family doctor or can i go to a walk in clinic, would they be the same?

Well no one here can give you medical advice, but my highest recommendation would be to see your doctor as soon as possible! Tell him or her exactly what you've told us. Only when they see you in person can they decide what to prescribe you. But I hope this helped, and I hope you feel better!  (+ info)

Good lipstick to hide lost pigment in lips?

I'm losing the pigment in my lips. At first, my upper and lower lips just looked like different tones. Now, my lower lip is a great colour, but my upper lip is white with pigment still around the outer edges of my lips and the Cupid's Bow.

I am becoming self-conscious about it. I would like to hide it but (a) I use to be a tinted gloss, little makeup kind of girl - and the tint is no longer enough; (b) I'm generally not the type of girl who goes to check her makeup in the mirror - I've had my director tell me I have raccoon eyes before a meeting as I didn't notice all morning; (c) I've tried CoverGirl outlast Lip colour and it just flakes on me. Of course, the area it flakes first is the inside of lips, showing my hypopigmentation first.

Am I going to have to learn to be one of those girls who goes to check her makeup on a regular basis? Because looking in a mirror constantly also opens yourself up to a whole host of other vanity-related insecurities.

Any suggestions? Natural ideas are cool, drug store brands preferred (unemployed student who cannot afford that gorgeous lipstick, like wonderful Clinque, at the department store). Suggestions to get lipstick to stay without fuss also helpful too!

Thank you internet helpers!

You could use a lip stain. These literally stain your lips, and don't wear off like lipstick.  (+ info)

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