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from looking online it looks like i may have hypopituitarism, but i wanted to know if i go on medicine for it will i lose weight, because some medicines say that it will regulate growth, menstrual cycles, and metabolism.. if any one knows anything about hypopituitarism please let me know. thanks!

When to seek medical advice
If you develop signs and symptoms associated with hypopituitarism, see your doctor to determine the cause.
Also, if certain symptoms of hypopituitarism develop suddenly — a severe headache or visual disturbances, confusion or drop in blood pressure — contact your doctor immediately. Such symptoms could represent sudden bleeding into the pituitary (pituitary apoplexy), which requires prompt medical attention.
Generalized hypopituitarism refers to endocrine deficiency syndromes due to partial or complete loss of anterior lobe pituitary function. Various clinical features occur depending on the specific hormones that are deficient. Diagnosis involves imaging tests and measurement of pituitary hormone levels basally and after various provocative stimuli. Treatment depends on cause but generally includes removal of any tumor and administration of replacement hormones.  (+ info)

Are there any diets tailored for people with Hypopituitarism?

I have hypopituitarism due to a tumor. Are there any diet/exercise plans out there that are adapted to this condition? Specifically, that take into consideration cortisone balance.

Being overweight is associated with a risk of developing a variety of illnesses that can cause symptoms and interfere with a person's quality of life. Whether a person would benefit from weight loss can be determined from their BMI (Body Mass Index), which is calculated by measuring their height (in metres) and weight (in kilos), squaring the height and dividing the weight by the result. If the BMI is greater than 25 the person is overweight.

The cornerstone of obesity treatment is changing lifestyle factors and this includes changes to diet and physical activity. In cases where weight loss is particularly difficult to achieve using lifestyle changes alone, there are drugs that are effective in promoting weight loss. These have potential side effects however and require medical supervision.

Physical activity may be more important than diet in promoting fitness and controlling weight. To be effective the physical activity should be undertaken at least five times a week, for at least half an hour. It needs to be sufficiently strenuous to make the participant slightly out of breath (but still able to talk to a companion). Suitable forms of exercise include brisk walking, swimming, cycling and using a treadmill. Those with complaints such as arthritis should choose low impact activities such as swimming. Participants in higher impact activities need to ensure they have appropriate, impact-absorbing footwear, which is replaced when it deteriorates. Exercise also provides an immense feel-good factor, and is now often used in the treatment of depression.

On the diet aspects of controlling weight, it is best for overweight people to aim for gradual weight loss: rapid weight loss can result in loss of muscle mass. In addition to being intrinsically harmful, this will lead to a reduced Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which will reduce the effectiveness of subsequent attempts to control weight. Gradual weight loss, combined with exercise to maintain muscle mass, is therefore the preferred option.

The quantity and quality of the diet is important. A diet can result in weight loss but still have a bad effect on health, e.g. fashionable 'high protein, high fat' diets can have negative effects on health (low carbohydrate levels can lead to low blood sugar levels resulting in light-headedness and dizziness, and the resulting high levels of ketones (chemicals produced in the body by the metabolism of fat) can often be detected on the dieter's breath.) A low fat, relatively high carbohydrate diet is a more healthy option. The diet needs to contain a sufficient (but not excessive) amount of protein - 60 grams per day is generally sufficient.

However, the relatively high carbohydrate intake should not be in the form of eating concentrated forms of sugar as this can result in impaired glucose tolerance and reactive hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels as a result of the body trying to cope with sudden increases in sugar intake) with associated light-headedness and dizziness.

Those wishing to lose weight would often benefit from the support of a dietician or practice nurse providing long-term follow-up. Medical supervision is also advisable for those whose condition can make weight loss more difficult, e.g. those needing hydrocortisone replacement therapy. Sibutramine and orlistat, the drugs available for weight control, both have significant side effects and should only be taken under medical supervision and in conjunction with lifestyle weight-control methods.

The only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than we expend (about 600 fewer each day usually results in steady weight loss). After initial success with weight loss, we will actually expend fewer calories each day, and so will need to further reduce our intake to maintain weight loss. This is the difficulty in maintaining a weight loss plan!  (+ info)

what caused Esther in Orphan not develop into a woman outside of her disease hypopituitarism?

what caused Esther in Orphan not to develop into a woman outside of her disease hypopituitarism? she's under developed but does dwarfism really play a part or does not going through puberty keep her a child?

your pituitary is what stimulates the sex hormones. sex hormones are responsible for sexual maturation. so underactive pituitary means (secondary) hypogonadism.  (+ info)

Please try to answer this: How common is the Medical condition Hypopituitarism?

Thank you very much. Please answer :)

There is only one study that has measured the prevalence (total number of cases in a population) and incidence (annual number of new cases) of hypopituitarism. This study was conducted in Northern Spain and used hospital records in a well-defined population. The study showed that 45.5 people out of 100,000 had been diagnosed with hypopituitarism, with 4.2 new cases per year. 61% were due to tumors of the pituitary gland, 9% due to other types of lesions, and 19% due to other causes; in 11% no cause could be identified.  (+ info)

Hypopituitarism possible panhypopituitarism?

My daughter is hypopituitarism currently she does not make enough of these hormones produced by the pituitary gland: FSH, TSH, GH.

We are waiting on more bloodwork results to see if she is panhypopituitarism.

My questions are:

1. What are the odds that she has panhypopituitarism if she is already not making enough of 3 of the hormones produced by the pituitary gland.

2. Does anyone know of any hypopituitarism / panhypopituitarism support groups?

My daughter was born two years ago with no pituitary gland. I've looked for support groups and not found any. I'm currently looking for other parents of children born without their pituitary gland in an effort to start a group.

Although my daughter's and your daughter's diagnosis may be a bit different, the results are similar. My daughter takes Growth Hormone shots everyday and also takes Thyroxine because of the lack of TSH. I imagine yours takes the same, just possibly in different doses.

If you want to talk more, feel free to contact me.

[email protected]  (+ info)

Does any one have Hypopituitarism?

Does any one have Hypopituitarism? Do you have side affects from the steroids? Do you have a puffy face from the steroid? Are you able to lose weight norrmally? Are you able to live an active Lifestyle? Thanks I really appreciate your answers.

Go here to learn more :-
http://www.umm.edu/endocrin/hypopit.htm  (+ info)

Is there anyone out there that has hypopituitarism and is recieving disability? I have been denied disability

Is there anyone out there who has been diagnosed with hypopituitarism and is recieving disability? I was denied, told by doctors that I could still work, but even mowing the lawn for ten minutes leaves me winded. I appealed with the help of a lawyer and still got nowhere. Where can I turn to for help?

I had a brother who was disabled and got denied like you have. Call your US House of Representative,Repesentative, and have him advocate for you.
My brother did this and was approved.  (+ info)

Is there anyone who has been diagnosed with pan-hypopituitarism and have trouble with anxiety and depression ?

I am not been diagnosed with it but i am a doctor, so probably i can help you, 90% patients with panhypopituitarism present psychological symptoms, the good news is that almost all of them disappear with the hormonal substitution treatment and if that doesn't happen they can still be treated with good results with traditional antidepressants keeping the hormonal levels in normal rages. i hope this helps. good luck  (+ info)

Does anyone have any advice for someone with Hypopituitarism and thinking of taking Growth Hormone?

the pituitary gland controls most glands in the body.If its not functioning properly, u need to talk to your doctor and see whats wrong. Once u get that worked out, you wont need growth hormone anyway. But keep in mind, if u do start taking GH, you will get side effects. Talk to your doctor ok?  (+ info)

In the movie "Orphan", the girl had hypopituitarism?

when people have this disorder do they really look like children?

  (+ info)

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