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what is Brain hypoxia and how serious it is ? and what is the treatment ?

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My grandmother has ischemia in the right side of her brain. Will this eventually shut down other vital organs?

She has lost a lot of cognitive function very quickly. In less than a week she has gotten to where she doesn't know who family members are and she is very concerned about numbers...dates, baseball scores, television channels, she keeps counting to 6 over and over.

Thank you all for any information you can help provide.

Cerebral ischemia.

The brain isn't getting enough blood; blood carries oxygen, so the brain isn't getting enough oxygen.

Because of not getting enough oxygen, brain cells die, one by one, but they die. If the iscemia is on the right side of her brain, I'd bet that her right carotid artery is close to completely blocked.

As far as shutting down other vital organs, the vascular condition which caused the ischemia (atherosclerosis, high blood pressure?) has been/ and is still likely to be affecting her other vital organs

There is no way to know how long this process may take; without knowing how compromised other organs are already?  (+ info)

Does anyone know someone that hung themselves and survived with hypoxic brain injury?

My husband hung himself I revived him but now has brain damage, It's called hypoxia brain injury. I am sure he was only there for around 5 minutes. The doctors told me he was a vegetable but is slowly recovering it's been 7 weeks, he is talking, trying to walk, he still has emotion but his memory is poor, his coordination is ok but not great. If you have a similar story could you please share it with me? I'd love to know the outcome of these peoples recovery.

best wishes for him
and once he is well enough to get home again, try finding out why he hung himself and get him thearapy or somethnig so it doesn't happen again.  (+ info)

if the brain stem is the only part of the brain functioning, can someone ever recover?

if a small child with an head injury resulting in only the brain stem functioning (the last thing to die in the brain when there has been an injury due to hypoxia) , will they ever recover?

There may be a partial or 'miracle' regeneration, but generally brain cells don't regenerate, or grow back. That is why we lose brain cells all the time, daily, and we accept that they are gone with age.

However in children, some limited unusual or unexpected growth and adaptation may occur, on a very limited basis, not quite enough to be called partial, and again, this would be very unpredicatable without sufficient landmark precedents, only the possibility.

I also believe that the chances are better with hypoxia than from a traumatic brain injury, which would involve more swelling and cerebrospinal fluid depletion.   (+ info)

Is there any treatment of brain hypoxia?

Establishing an adequate airway
Oxygen to saturate blood
Preventing or treating pneumonia  (+ info)


Here is a news article, you might be interested in
August 2006
Oxygen Deprived Brains Repaired And Saved

Science Daily — Scientists from Melbourne's Howard Florey Institute have found special proteins that protect the brain after it has been damaged by a lack of oxygen, which occurs in conditions such as stroke, perinatal asphyxia, near-drowning and traumatic brain injury.

Dr Nicole Jones and her team discovered that during oxygen deprivation, or 'hypoxia', these proteins (HIF1 and PHD2) increase.

These proteins regulate processes like the production of red blood cells and new blood vessels, and the flow of glucose to the brain. Therefore they are involved in preventing further brain damage and repairing damage caused by the initial injury.

This discovery takes the Howard Florey Institute's scientists closer to developing preventative and regenerative treatments for brain damage caused by hypoxia.
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/08/060824224201.htm  (+ info)

Does thumbsucking cause brain hypoxia?

as well as holding the blanket up to one's nose and inhalling during 8 hours of sleep?

No. I was a thumb sucker and blanket lover when i was younger. i did it for 9 years. My mum asked the doctor, he said it was fine  (+ info)

What part of the brain do the neurosurgeons cut to produce a split brain and what is the function of this?

What part of the brain do the neurosurgeons cut to produce a split brain and what is the function of this part of the brain?Which hemisphere of the brain has superior language skills and mathematical skills? Which hemisphere of the brain is better at recognizing faces?

"Split brain" is produced by severing the corpus callosum, which connects the two hemispheres of the brain. Wikipedia actually has some good information about this here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Split-brain

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What is the difference between metastasized brain cancer and cancer that started in the brain?

My mother had lung cancer a year ago and although it has not returned, she now has a tumor in her brain the size of a dime. It is cancerous .... so what is the prognosis and what is the difference between this type of brain cancer (where it originated in the lungs) and brain cancer that originiates in the brain. Also, what is the prognosis?

Cancer originating in a particular organ for the first time is called Primary neoplasm.

Metastasis is its secondary spread through blood or lymph.

Prognosis really depends on histological type of the cancer but metastasis generally requires more aggressive treatment in the form of chemo & radio because it is wide-spread.

My best wishes are with your mother and you as her family in the battle against this cancer.  (+ info)

What happens in the brain when you lose consciousness?

So, what happens in the brain that neurons decide that the brain should cope with the problem without the human himself? I was in a car accident some time ago and i was unconscious for like 15 mins till the ambulance came. I lost consciousness when i fell from the bonnet to the ground and hit my head. Today i was wondering - how the brain decides that it needs to switch off? I suppose the conciousness and the changes of it is controlled by the medulla.. But is it the hit, the pain or the shock of the whole situation that makes the neurons decide what to do?
I'd like to hear a scientiffic explanation.

Oh, i just realized that it could be due to too heavy stimulation of the neurons or of too big number of neurons stimulated at once?

Thanks for everyone answering

You've pretty much figured out the answer. I can just underline what you've said already.

The process of taking day-to-day events and "storing" them where they can be accessed later is the job of the hippocampus. This area of the brain gets "tags" from various sensations that say, "Hey, this is something you'll want later".

The process of moving short-term, or "scratchpad" memory, into "long-term" memory is called _consolidation_.

When faced with an overwhelming stimulus, or one that has no context in which it can be placed, then the "tagging" and "consolidation" systems can become overwhelmed, or just not know what to do. No consolidation means no long-term memory of the event.

It is common, after an accident, to have what is called a "retrograde amnesia". The more severe the emotional trauma, the longer (in general) the period of amnesia for things *before* the event in question. So, a particularly nasty shock might result in amnesia for everything that happened that day.  (+ info)

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