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If there is mesenteric lymphadenopathy in the right lumbar and iliac region, what could be the diagnosis?

Is this simple inflammation? if the condition is associated with fever and pain abdomen, will this condition turn out to be appendicites?

you are on right track. take other diagnostic helps immediately.  (+ info)

What can be cause of lymphadenopathy? Is it really dangerous?

2 years ago I had some problems for a few days, and then it pass. I just wonder is it dangerous, or can it be something not really dangerous?

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and functions to fight disease and infections. Here's some sites for you to read up on it. Good Luck!
http://www.aafp.org/afp/981015ap/ferrer.html  (+ info)

When can cat scratch or bite lead rapidly to a spreading infection including sinusitis and lymphadenopathy?

My friend was recently bitten and scratched by his cat, and noticed almost immediate swelling. Within less than a week he developed lymph node swelling, sinusitis, and a considerable deal of pain. He is being treated with Clindamycin. How does this happen, and what sorts of bacteria are most likely to cause such a rapidly spreading infection?

You should use sumycin, it is the best about it you can get information from here http://treatments.notlong.com/?q=sumycin&qid=20090606223706AAXCpqS  (+ info)

Is this the right time to conceive while I am under medication for lymphadenopathy for the last 1 year?

I am under Koch's treatment for the last 1 year. Is this is the right time to conceive? What are the repurcussions ?

Definitely a question for your Dr. You wouldn't want to conceive if it would harm the baby.  (+ info)

what is partial atelectasis and possible massor lymphadenopathy in left hilum mean for my 12yr old daughter?

my daughterjust gt back fromt he hospital with pneumonia, and on the xray report the above was also listed. she is 12, so what does that mean for her health wise for now and in the future. could someone help please as i am very worried.

partial collapse of lung tissue, usually in lower lobes, lymph or mass seen on film. is this a CT scan? she needs workup . What did they tell you and when are you seeing doc next? Is she symptomatic w short of breath, cough, dec activity ,fatigue, dec appetite, fever? did they give her an incentive spirometer, if so, she needs to use it and enc fluid intake. otc pain meds, heat pad, rest as needed. otherwise, up.out of bed.  (+ info)

what is cervical lymphadenopathy at level 1?

i had a swelling under my chin and i had an ultrasonagraphy done. the report reads as Cervical lymphadeonpathy at level 1. this could be infective or neoplastic in etiology. Further evaluation with an FNAC / biopsy is suggested.

Solitary cystic nodule in the left lobe of thyroid? Colloid nodule with degneration. Do I have Cancer? Please suggest what I should do.

It means your cervical nodes are enlarged and they cannot tell if it is due to infection or not. The radiologist suggests you have a fine needle biopsy. The doctor who ordered the test should be advising you what to do.  (+ info)

What's the normal size of a (neck) lymph node and which size would be considered as lymphadenopathy?

Possible causes?

Dear Monica M,
Human lymph nodes are bean-shaped and range in size from a few millimeters to about 1-2 cm in their normal state. They may become enlarged due to a tumor or infection. White blood cells are located within honeycomb structures of the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are enlarged when the body is infected due to enhanced production of some cells and division of activated T and B cells.
Lymphadenopathy, which is defined as an abnormality in the size or character of lymph nodes, is caused by the invasion or propagation of either inflammatory cells or neoplastic cells into the node. It results from a vast array of disease processes whose broad categories are easily recalled using the mnemonic acronym "MIAMI," representing Malignancies, Infections, Autoimmune disorders, Miscellaneous and unusual conditions, and Iatrogenic causes.
Malignancies : Lymphomas, Leukemias, Skin neoplasms , Kaposi's sarcoma, Metastases.
Infections : Brucellosis, Cat-scratch disease, CMV,HIV primary infection, Lymphogranulomavenereum, Mononucleosis, Pharyngitis, Rubella, Tuberculosis, Tularemia, Typhoid fever, Syphilis, Viral hepatitis.
Autoimmune disorders : Lupus erythematosus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Dermatomyositis, Sjögren's syndrome.
Miscellaneous and unusual conditions : Kawasaki's disease, Sarcoidosis
Iatrogenic : Serum sickness, Medications.

Ok. I hope you will be glad with my answer.
Good luck.
Anasthasia Pride
[email protected]  (+ info)

my cardioligist ordered a cat scan(ct-abdomen with contrast and he wrote on the order "lymphadenopathy". What

What is he looking for?

Lymphadenopathy means enlarged lymph nodes and there are several things that can cause this. Apparently your doctor isn’t sure what the cause is in your case, so he or she is ordering a CT to either find or rule out the cause of it. This could very well be a precautionary measure.

All x-rays and scans must have a doctor’s order and the doctor is required to state on the order the reason they are requesting the exam, in your case it is because you have enlarged lymph nodes.  (+ info)

does any effect in Lymphadenopathy after laser underarm hair removal?


Okay... science answer:

You grow in at least 80% of your hair during puberty. When you have laser hair removal the hairs it kills will never grow again. But you still have up to 20% of your normal thickness that will grow in throughout the rest of your life. So people get touch up sessions every 3-5 years after their big 6 treatments. You need about 6 treatments, one each 2 months for a year, because the hair grows in different stages and it can only kill hair in the active growth stage. The laser works by targeting dark color (the hair follicle) and passing through light color (the skin) the hair and skin have to be very different shades of color for the hair to work. The darker and coarser the hair and lighter the skin, the better results you will have.

Okay... Personal Experience:

I've had 3 out of my 6 treatments so far. It HURTS! It's like being poked with a sewing needle over and over, but it's not as painful as a tattoo, and that's not as painful as childbirth, maybe that can put the pain in perspective for you =) I've had my legs, underarms, and bikini area done. When you get your bikini area done they do ALL of it! Including spreading your butt and vaginal lips apart to laser all the cracks... It's sorta awkward. After the 3 treatments I've had so far I've lost about 60% of leg hair, 80% bikini hair, and 80% underarms hair. It's because the underarms hair is the thinnest and the leg hair is the coarsest. But the legs are the most painful. The more it hurts the better it works.
I spent this much for 6 treatments in each area:
Legs (toes to bikini)-$2,500

Email me if you have any more questions about it!  (+ info)

how long does it take for lymphadenopathy swelling to go down? swollen lymph node?

Depends upon the reason for the lymphadenopathy? Sometimes hodgkin's lymphoma can cause lymph node swelling and maybe some other disease too.  (+ info)

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