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Is there anybody out there who has or knows of anyone with incontinentia pigmenti would like to discuss?

try google or ask.com  (+ info)

anyone heard of Incontinentia Pigmenti - rare genetic condition?

From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Web site, (http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/incontinentia_pigmenti/incontinentia_pigmenti.htm). Accessed September 6, 2006:

Incontinentia pigmenti (IP) is one of a group of gene-linked diseases known as neurocutaneous disorders. These disorders cause characteristic patterns of discolored skin and also involve the brain, eyes, nails, and hair. In most cases, IP is caused by mutations in a gene called NEMO (NF-kappaB essential modulator). Males are more severely affected than females. Discolored skin is caused by excessive deposits of melanin (normal skin pigment). Most newborns with IP will develop discolored skin within the first two weeks. The pigmentation involves the trunk and extremities, is slate-grey, blue or brown, and is distributed in irregular marbled or wavy lines. The discoloration fades with age. Neurological problems include cerebral atrophy, the formation of small cavities in the central white matter of the brain, and the loss of neurons in the cerebellar cortex. About 20% of children with IP will have slow motor development, muscle weakness in one or both sides of the body, mental retardation, and seizures. They are also likely to have visual problems, including crossed eyes, cataracts, and severe visual loss. Dental problems are also common, including missing or peg-shaped teeth  (+ info)

Math related baby name?

Still trying to decide on a name for my baby. I guess the name I made up (Chandelier) is a kind of lamp or whatever, so I guess that's out.

I have a new list, vote on your faves:


I also like:

I am going for something classy and unique, that no other kid will be named. Thanks!!!
I wanted to name the baby after something to do with math because it is the only thing all people can understand no matter what language they speak.
ok Isla, this from someone who named their baby "Cillian" which sounds like either "Silly Anne" or celiac disease. awesome.

infinity is beautiful! my friends name is mariah infinity and i just love it! oceanna is also very pretty!  (+ info)

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