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When did you start taking your newborn/infant out in public?

When did you actually start taking him/her out like grocery shopping, friends, stores etc. Besides taking them out for the basic doctors appointment when did you start doing 'regular' going out activities with your newborn/infant?

Both of my babies were born in winter, and both of their pediatricians said the same thing: 6 weeks for winter babies, because it's flu season & if babies catch the flu they often DIE from it.

The baby books I have say if your baby is born in summer, there's no time frame. You can take them out right away, just being careful of strangers grabbing at them (or anyone that's sick).

Your instincts as a mom are generally right, though. But since you're questioning it, it probably means you're ready to go out & just a little apprehensive. Go for it! :)  (+ info)

At what age does a newborn become an infant?

my newborn is 3 weeks old, does he become an infant after 28 days?

A newborn is a 'newborn' until they are 6 weeks.
They are a baby from 6 weeks until they are 18 months and they are toddler until they are 3.  (+ info)

What innoculations are needed for a newborn infant to be taken from USA to India? How old must the newborn be?

The family will be living in New Delhi. The mother will give birth in the USA & will want to travel with the newborn as soon after the birth as is safe for herself & the baby to be with her husband.

the infant needs a passport. if the family is moving there then they can go as soon as the passport arrives and mom is feeling better.  (+ info)

What is the safest to go without vaccinating a newborn/infant?

I wanted to wait to vaccinate my newborn until he is between four and six months. Is this safe? Will doctors support my decision?

Yes, it is generally safe. Unless your baby is immunocompromised, he is not at great risk.
My 3 boys (5, 3, 9 months) are all completely unvaccinated and quite healthy and thriving.

Your Dr may be supportive, may not. If not, then I would try and find a new Dr. You need one that is respectful of your choices as the parent and who will give you the support you need. I have a wonderful pediatrician who not only supports my decision, but agrees with it.  (+ info)

Infant formula was delivered in hot UPS truck. Is it still safe to feed a newborn?

I just purchased the 2 oz ready to feed similac bottles. They arrived via UPS and when I opened them they were very warm (our temps here are low 100's). They have probably stayed this warm for awhile if not almost the entire shipping time. Will the formula still be safe to feed my newborn?

I'm sure it gets delivered to the grocery store the exact same way.  (+ info)

How do you keep your newborn / infant entertained? How do you get stuff done...?

How do you get house chores done with an infant that constantly wants to be held and is only entertained for short periods of time with her swing, mobile, etc? Very high maintenance baby. Looking for suggestions!

From your other question, your baby is only 7 weeks right??

You don't worry that much about household things. You do them when baby naps, or get a sling or other soft carrier and *wear* her while you do things.

And, just a suggestion, you need to rethink your expectations. She is only 7 weeks old. Of course she is only going to be "entertained for short periods of time with her swing, mobile, etc" What were you expecting??  (+ info)

Effects of crack and cocaine on a newborn infant and child?

I am looking for a good internet article on what are the long term and short term effects of crack and cocaine on a newborn infant and child?
URL? Website? Thank You!!

  (+ info)

How often should I check my newborn infant's weight? He loses sometimes intraday but is on an upward trend?

Our 1 month old infant gained ~1 lb in two weeks which I think is normal but when we check one day to the next with our home scale it sometimes drops by a couple of ounces which freaks us out. Do others have this experience? How often should we be checking?

Unless there is something medically going on with him(losing weight quickly, for example) then there really is no reason to check your baby's weight so frequently. We've checked our son's on our home scale a handful of times just for fun but otherwise we've just had it done at his well baby appointments.

Your home scale isn't as accurate as a doctors or hospitals and weights DO fluctuate throughout the day(notice how you're lighter in the mornings than you are night?) and it could also depend on if your baby has just ate, had a bowel movement, etc. I wouldn't really worry about a couple ounces here and there.  (+ info)

Do you know how to switch the rainforest bathtub from newborn to infant?

It doesn't seem right that the buckles dangle in the tub whwn you unsnap the bottom of the newborn sling.

i know. it sucks that the buckles do hang. what i did was just forget the sling all together. i got a soft towel and put it where his back rests and just give him a bath there. it seems to work much better since the buckles were driving me nuts and the sling seems to have some hard spots that were making my baby's back irritated. hope this helps.  (+ info)

What is the best way to give a newborn a bath in a reclined position without an infant bathtub?

I have to give my son his bath alone normally, because my husband works long hours. It isn't exactly possible for me to hold him up in the sink AND wash him, etc. He is too heavy for the newborn sling (always was) and too long for the part that reclines (and I bought the biggest tub!)... tips please!
Babies, how am I gonna get my fat butt AND him up from out of the tub without my husband's help? LOL

On yourself. Just bring him in the tub with you.

edit: I did this from the start and still do it at almost 7mo -- trust me, you can do it, you won't slip or anything. Just repeat your mantra, viz: "Mummy strong like ox, steady like goat!" Grab a towel for baby when you step out; let yourself drip...  (+ info)

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