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What would you use to calm and help soothe mosquito and other insect bites and stings?

I'm going to northern Thailand and trying to prepare in advance! Thanks

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How to treat insect bites or stings? (bees or yellow jackets)?

GARLIC is the BEST CURE for insect bites and stings!!
Garlic is BEST CURE for INSECT bites or stings --- Gently Rub Garlic on irritated skin

Why bother asking something, and answering it at the same time What do you want to know  (+ info)

Are there any differences in skin inflammation among different kinds of insect bites?

Are there any differences among bites caused by different insects, like bee stings to mosquito bites? And can mosquito bites not be felt at all? I had a skin inflammation that wasn't an allergic reaction, I suspect it's from an insect bite an am scared it might be dengue-infected.

Have you tryed going to webmd.com find all my medical answers there.....ROB  (+ info)

Insect Bites/Stings.?

Well summer is approaching, and I am allergic to almost all insect bites/stings (wasps, ants, mosquitoes, other bugs). Whenever I get stung by a mosquito the entire area swells up; if its my arm that entire half of my arm will become swollen. What can I do to relieve the swelling and itching? Its so gross especially when I'm out at a BBQ or the beach. The same thing happens to my sister.

Benadryl would be my first suggestion with advil to help with the pain. When we have an allergic reaction, our body produces too much histamine, and in turn swelling, itchy, and often painful results are what we get. Antihistamine such as benadryl is the solution.  (+ info)

what is one of the best treatments normally found at home for insect stings or bites?

Tum Tum Tum Tum Tummmmmmmmmmmms! (or Rolaids, or any chewable antacid)! Sounds weird, but really it makes sense-when I was working as a camp counselor, we carried tons of them. It works on the same principle as baking soda by drawing out & neutralizing the poison. All you do is get it wet and dab it on the sting/ bite.  (+ info)

Are stings or bites from plants or insects dangerous during pregnancy?

I was in the garden today wearing flip flops putting the washing out! I noticed I had been stung in the foot by something when I got in, I think I was stung by a thistle or nettle bush(we have a few weeds!) I jus wandered if anyone knew about stings and bites during pregnancy , am i worrying needlessly?? I am 6 months.

In most cases, yes you might be worrying needlessly, but during pregnancy, it never hurts to be extra cautious!
Have you noticed any significant reaction around the area of the sting? Have you applied any medications to the area of the sting or taken something orally? Avoid medications such as aspirin or salicylate-containing drugs, which might cause Reyes syndrome in your child.
Again, you should be fine unless you develop some allergic reaction or such. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

insect bites?

i've been getting insect bites, or bites through out my body lately. now i've gotten the same insect bites on my scrotum and on my penis the difference though is they do not itch on my penis. i just see the bumps my main concern is if they are an STD they don't look like genital herpes nor do they blister up like described on many sites. what could they be?

Syphilis is not painful. The sore will go away, but there is good chance that the sores are still in your body and can go to other parts of your body and cause permanent damage. It could be syphilis or another STD, so you need to see a doctor.

There is not enough information to know what this problem is. You said the sores on your penis don't itch, but what about the other "bites" and "sores" that are not on your penis. What do they look like and do they itch and how long have they been there? You need to see a doctor immediately. Again, the sores may go away, but the germs can still be inside your body.

Here are some photos of different types of bites and sores caused by different things, but you need to see a doctor.

http://images.google.com/images?um=1&hl=en&rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS213US214&q=syphilis&btnG=Search+Images  (+ info)

Insect bites?

I've got some tiny red bumps on my face and i think they are most probably insect bites. I've moved into a new home recently and i sleep there without air-conditioning. One day later, i would realise that i have some of these bumps. They would usually go off after a week... How can i stop it?

your best bet is to find out what is biting you and get rid of it. Look around the room. Any biting flies will be hanging around near the window, on the walls, etc. There may be a chance that you have some bugs sleeping with you. Check your sheets, mattress, crevaces for bugs as well. Lastly, dont rule out spiders. In cases of starvation, they would happily take a blood meal from us. If you are sleeping on a floor or your mattress is on the floor, it is easy access for spiders. Your description gives me the impression that you have some flying biters nabbing your exposed areas while you sleep.  (+ info)

Insect Bites?

Yesterday morning my 4 year old woke up with 5 bites on her lower shin that looked like mosquito bites. That evening thru today they turned into blisters. Any pictures I see on the web does not resemble what she has. The doctor says they are insect or spider bites to keep dry and not to apply anything. Curious to know if the doc is right and what bite her.

It could be, I get them all the time. The best thing is to get over the counter coritzone cream for the sweeling and callimine or benedrly for the itching. I would highly suggest putting these types of oitements on them otherwise she could scratch tem open and they couldbecome infected. (I have done this many times). I also suggest buying bug repplent with deet in it like OFF to keep the critters away  (+ info)

Why do my insect bites (mosquitos and wasp) swell up more at night and itch more at night?

An example would be the wasp sting I got a few days ago. The swelling and itching are way down in the daytime but flare up as evening approaches. Itch cream barely takes the annoyance away. My only relief is an ice pack. And then in the morning and throughout the day it feels like it is actually going away. And then again as night falls, the swelling and intense itching reappear.

Mosquito bites do the same thing with me. Is this normal?
They start swelling up and itching way before bedtime, about 7 p.m. while I am still active.

Yes, its normal. I was up 2 nights ago with a itching mosquito bite. It bit me on the finger and it itched like crazy. I really don't know why it only itches at night. Good question. I'll be anxious for your other answers.  (+ info)

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