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What are systemic diseases that cause alveolar bone loss?

I have been slowly losing bone in my jaw over many years. I do not have gum disease. My dentists are perplexed. Despite getting my teeth cleaned 4X a year, they have not been able to control it. I do have a significant open bite, but x-rays do not show evidence of a traumatic occlusion. I have recently seen an endocrinologist to explore systemic causes of bone loss. I have so far ruled out sarcoidosis and osteoporosis. Are there any other diseases I should be screened for? I did find out that I was vitamin D deficient so am taking vitamin d supplements. There are no signs of inflammation on my gums. They are pink and firm.
No, I am not on fosamax. I had a dexascan and my numbers are fine. What type of autoimmune disease causes you to be allergic to your own teeth?

It could be wisdom teeth coming in combined with lack of calcium/vitamin D that could cause the jaw to recede which together cause teeth compression and bite disortions. A bite disortion will cause the teeth to bite down crocked causing jaw resession from the teeth as well as could cause loose teeth or even pockets of jaw bone to disappear around the teeth roots. I had this situation and I am trying hard to save two incisor teeth. 1000mg Vitamin D daily. 1000mg calcium daily. Exercise is most important for your body will only process food that the body demands from continued exercise. Stop drinking coffe or soda. No more candy/sugar. Drink Orange Juice in morning, milk in morning and night. Rinse/Brush after each meal, and before bed. Hydrate your body with water after exercise. Change the pillow case you sleep on at least each week. Might also change pillows for this could be a nightly source or irritation.
Shower before bedtime too.  (+ info)

What are the first signs of osteonecrosis of the jaw or jaw death?

I've started taking Fosamax for osteoporosis and am concerned about osteonecrosis of the jaw. What signs should I watch for of the disease and how long after the start of taking Fosamax before this disease might develop?

  (+ info)

Should i put my daughter in school with a jaw disease?

my daughter been suffering from this jaw disease call tmj and it bugs her most of the time. her jaw, face, neck, ears,and head hurts everyday and her jaw is still locked. she been getting help from the doctor but they're just trying to loose her jaw muscle nothing like treatment yet. should i send her to school?
ok thank you. shes going to school and see how it goes today.

Go to school, Happy. You do not have a disease, in the true sense of a disease. You have a problem with your jaw, and the muscle relaxants are the best way of helping relieve that. Next will come a mouth guard to help pad between your teeth at night. Your jaw is going to ache no matter where you are, and you may as well have some schoolwork to help distract you. At least you won't be tempted to talk in class.  (+ info)

A gland under my jaw on the left feels bigger than the right. Is this normal?

I am 14. Could this be because i am still growing? My neck has felt sore now and again. I dont have any signs of Hodgkin's disease. I am trying to book a doctors appointment but my mum has to change the doctors and i think i have to go.

It might be glandular fever if you have swollen glands, but you'd know in so many other ways if it was that because you'd feel rubbish :)

Having said that it's quite a bit more common to get this when you're younger.

Ask at your nearest pharmacy to allay any worries, they can tell you best if you need to visit the doc, and you can see them almost instantly, most have a consultation room now.  (+ info)

How long are jaw alignment braces needed for?

I recently got told to wear removable jaw alignment braces, which are the ones with big blocks on them. They cause my jaw and face to really ache, and look hideous as they're very big and bulky. Does anyone know how long I will have these for before getting fitted braces?
I'm 17 in 2 weeks, and all I want is to hurry up and get fixed braces, but my orthodontist never tells me anything.

it all depends on how badly crooked your teeth are. you may have them for weeks, months or longer. it just all depends on how your teeth were before.
and your orthodontist probably doesn't tell you anything because they never know anything for sure. something could always change and you wouldn't wanna be let down, would you? mine did the same thing. lol.  (+ info)

What is the largest angle a human jaw can exhibit without unhinging?

i think it's 45 degrees but is there a world record? Also I wonder if fixed jaw ratios are genetic, gender-specific, or all-around the same. It seems that everyone should physically be able to open their jaws to the max but some people with big mouths have trouble opening their jaws.

I think it's 45 degrees too, you're right. I bet if you stretched your jaw a lot then it could probably start to go farther.  (+ info)

What home remedies are there for a locked jaw?

For a few years, I've had a misaligned jaw and the left side cracked when I opened my mouth really wide. But for the past 2 weeks, the right side of my jaw has just gotten locked and I can't open my mouth completely without pain.

I have read a lot about TMJ and people often advise seeing a dentist or chiropractor, but I was wondering whether anybody has any home remedies I can try first. I have tried massaging and putting a heating towel. Although the heating towel allowed me to open my mouth wider, it still didn't cure the problem.

Also, I tend to sleep with my mouth open and I consistently sleep sideways, which I believe is what caused my misaligned jaw after years and years.

Any advice on what I can do as a last resort before seeking professional help??


See if you can find someone who knows the "KI Method". It is kind of like a massage, but focuses on the points of your body that need healing.  (+ info)

When i eat anything my right jaw will start to hurt?

I woke up this morning and ate an apple and this extreme pain into my jaw. The pain is nothing like i have ever felt before. I can not eat anything without having this massive pain. Once i have no food in my mouth i feel nothing. What is wrong with my jaw?

Sounds like TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome.  (+ info)

How can I stop waking with jaw tension and headaches each morning?

I wake with a tense jaw and a dull headache (sometimes a migraine) every morning and have done for quite some time now. I've been thoroughly checked out medically and although I'm told I have nothing serious wrong there is no explanation of why I am feeling like crap every day. I've recently read about TMJD or TMD and have been given a night guard by my denist to try to stop possible jaw clenching. I've only had the guard for about a week but things have not improved - I think they have got worse.
Can anyone else with similar problems tell me how they have gained their life back? My quality of life has gone and I'm sick of having my days ruined.

Get your doctor to order a "sleep study".
I had similar experiences like yours, waking with headaches, jaw pain, etc., woke up feeling like I was having a hang-over.
They found I had developed "sleep apnea".
One stops breathing several times during the night, causing oxygen levels to drop, restless motion during sleep, adding to the lack of restful sleep.
If you do find that sleep apnea is a factor to your condition, they will prescribe a "CPAP" machine.
This helps you to continuous breathing during the night.
The reason many feel like crap that have sleep apnea and don't know it, is because your body is trying to wake you, to start "breathing".
Hope this helps, and best of results to your cure,
Dave  (+ info)

What causes my jaw to hurt when I sleep?

I've never had sleeping problems, especially with my jaw, and I have woken up the past 3 days and the right side of my jaw is KILLING ME! Throughout the day, the pain starts going away, but I'm not sure what it is. My parents say it might be TMJ, and I've never been known to grind my teeth or lock my jaw while I sleep. Anyone else have any suggestions?

ITs like the way you sleep. It happened to my neck before. Sorry but you'll just have to wait... it goes away.
now mine
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AnU.Bz7zl0nPKM1KQ6s1b23pxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20090315123625AAPcGke  (+ info)

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