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How can I fix my sacroiliac joint instability?

Sharp lower back pain on the right side of my lower back.
I was playing basketball and I did a fast cut. I heard a pop in my lower back and I wasn't able to run after that. Three months went by and I hardly noticed it. Now it hurts more than ever since Ive been playing soccer

How was SI joint instability diagnosed?  (+ info)

is it possible the replace an injured AC shoulder joint with an artificial joint?

i had an injury about a year ago in my shoulder MRI shows a complete tear of the acromioclavicular joint it's the small space bteween the acromion & the clavicle anyway doctor said it'll be better but till now i still have pain & instability in my shoulder! is there an artificial something to replace the old torn one?& if yes can it be done through arthroscopy or open surjery?

there is none  (+ info)

Has anyone ever healed an old injury bone and joint speaking?

i have multiple instability points in my body the worst is a throatic nerve damage causing winged scapula?

solomons seal from cortesia seems to be working great for me. Ive been using it for my injures sustained in martial arts  (+ info)

What are symptoms of vasomotor instability?

I was diagnosed with vasomotor instability last year. I was researching it today to see what it really is, and it seems like menopausal women have it. I'm 14. I was diagnosed with it because when I stand up after resting for a little while, my pulse rises high and I get dizzy and sometimes I can't see very well for a few seconds when I get dizzy. Do I really have vasomotor instability? Or does this sound like something else?

vasomotor instability is an inability to regulate your temperature. You may get very warm quickly. It's also known as "hot flashes". menopausal women get it because their hormones are out of wack. I do not know I am not a doctor I am just guessing. Does this happen before you start your period. Maybe your hormones are out of wack too?

Good Luck!  (+ info)

How to choose a sandal or shoe for ankle instability and/or arthritis?

I've got some arthritis in my ankles, my ankle gets swollen sometimes and the podiatrist said it's from instability.. I'm trying to figure out what kind of shoe or sandal do I need in order to accommodate this problem?
I'm guessing nothing that "wobbles" but what else should I look for?

I'm not an expert at all. But have you ever tried considering one of those shoes for stability. I think they're usually made for walkers and runners but they're supposed to make your walking stable.

The best (and most expensive one) is MBT. Heels are nevr good as well. Opt for flat shoes whenever possible. And when at home, go barefoot as much as possible.  (+ info)

Can those with mental instability become better?

I have a dear friend in college right now with a history of mental instability: she blows up at the tiniest of things; becomes depressed over the tiniest of things; engages in self-destructive behavior (drinking).
She made life a hell for her room mate since she was unable to see how her faults affected those around her.
But I know a different side to her that is caring, kind, and very clever. She's on medication and in therapy, yet I can't help but wonder if she could get better. Is her medication off or does she need a severe intervention before she becomes too old for her habits to change?

If she is on medication she shouldn't be drinking heavily. Many people get through this and lead productive happy lives. You sound like a good friend. Good Luck  (+ info)

Any Physios on here know what treatment I will get for Shoulder Instability?

I went to the doctors the other day, with a shoulder that part "pops" out all the time! The doctor said it was an unstable joint, that it could dislocate at anytime, so for now i'm not allowed to play sports, i've been referred to physio therapy. just wondered what kindof treatment i will receive, and how long i'll be out of rounders for? they said it will maybe be long term D:
any help taken =)
thanks :) xxx

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What are the options for a seized finger joint caused by an infection?

I was bitten by a black widow on the last joint my middle finger, and it developed into a strep infection in the bone, joint, and tendon. This resulted in the last joint of my finger to become seized at a completely flexed position. This all happened the summer of 07.
Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? Are there any helpful websites?

As long as you have no infection, I don't see any reason that you cannot get fitted for a splint for your finger that will gradually stretch your finger back. An occupational therapist can make one from plastic that can be molded and be fitted for you personally. I have not seen your x-ray, but the doctor would have to look and make sure that the bone did not change any (got thinner or grew in a way that would block the joint) prior to you getting a splint. If your regular doctor cannot help, see an orthopedic hand specialist.  (+ info)

What is a joint pain specialist called? I know the doctor said something about skeleto?

I have had chronic severe hip, back and joint pain for the last 9 months and the doctor has referred me to a hospital specialist for treatment, injections, MRI ...? Can anyone tell me the title of this kind of specialist as I need it to fill in a DLA form? I know it was quite a long name and included something like skeleto?

Orthopedic Consultant/Doctor - Skeletal System

Rheumatology Consultant/Doctor - Musculoskeletal System

Orthopedic would usually deal with 'joint replacements' or broken bones and via surgery.
Rheumatologist, the name for the Rheumatology Consultant deals with Arthritis via drugs, injections, PT, hydrotherapy. Therefore I would state you will see a Rheumatologist first. Now IF say your hip is so bad that you cannot walk, or need lots of serious pain killers just to walk, let alone a zimmer frame, the Rheumatologist will transfer you to a Orthopedic Consultant for a hip replacement.  (+ info)

How do you handle joint pain from lyme disease?

I've recently been diagnosed with lyme disease, and it's been pretty brutal. I've been given antibiotics to handle the infection itself, but my insurance won't cover medication to deal with the arthritis that's developed as a symptom. It hurts too much to walk, sit up straight, move my left arm or even turn my neck. Does anyone here have suggestions for dealing with nasty joint pain like this? I'm only 18 and start school soon.

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