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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the knee joint?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the knee joint?
Example- Strength: Enables the body to move, is strong, is supportive
Weakness: Is easily injured

Any other suggestions?

M S, the knee joint is a very simple and complex one all at the same time. The strengths of the joint are in the redundancies it has. For example the ACL is not the first line of stability in the knee but the hamstrings and the gastrocs are. When they fail or the stress is too much for them the ligament goes. This system of redundancy is found on all sides of the knee. The joint becomes more stable the stronger the muscles are. The weakness of the joint come from the fact that is is essentally a stick with rubberbands stabilizing it. There is a law in physics that states where there is strength or stability there is no flexibility and where there is flexibility there is no strength. The knee is that in essence. The joint itself is built around two ball bearings that are not of equal size and they are supported in two cups of shallow depth and also of unequal size and stabilization. There is a hinge joint at the knee but it is not that simple for at the same time there is a rotational movement that locks the knee when it is in full extension. The joint is most stable when it is in full extension and most unstable with flexion. The knee is most vulnerable to injury when it is in full or almost full extension for there is no give and the muscles cannot really stabilize it therefore exposing the ligaments to excessive force.  (+ info)

How long is the recovery for a bone spur removal or a joint replacement?

I am having a bone spur removed in my big toe and maybe a joint replacement if the joint is damaged. Does anyone know how painful this is or what type of recovery is expected?


I saw you question and was really interested in answering it.
so i went on google and did some research on it.

and i found this site:

so i hope this can help you.  (+ info)

Is the baby's dad automatically granted a joint custody when the baby born in georgia?

Is the baby's dad automatically granted a joint custody when the baby born? if he does not sign the birth certificate georgia?

If he doesn't sign the birth certificate no.
He would have to go to court for anything after that.  (+ info)

How long should I rest to completely heal a hip joint inflammation?

I recently developed an recurring hip joint inflammation just on the right side for jogging on the treadmill too much. Whenever I think I am healed and no longer feel any pain, it comes right back as soon as I get back on the treadmill. How long should I rest so the pain does not come back?

2-4 weeks. But, everybody is different. You know your body better than anybody else.  (+ info)

What does it mean when you have swollen armpits and joint pain?

I have swollen lymph nodes and joint pain. My throat hurts and I have a headach. I went to the pediatricians a couple of days ago and he prescirbed me an antibiotic. It's not working. I've stayed home from school for the last couple of days. What do I have and what can I do to treat it?

Return to the doctor. If the antibiotic is not helping, you need further workup. It could be extremely serious.  (+ info)

How long should it take for joint pain to subside following an attack by yellow jackets?

I was stung several times about 2 months ago, and developed minor joint pain about 2 weeks later. The pain has intensified over time, and has become more constant.

I would estimate that I was stung between 20 and 30 times. Most were in my calves and ancles.

Although several sources claim that yellow jackets do not leave a stinger, I know for a fact that these were yellow jackets, and I had six stingers left inside. Two in my right leg, and one each in my left leg, each arm, and left side.

The joint pain was in my knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows. My knees and hips are ok now, but my shoulders and especially my elbows have continued to worsen.

Any suggestions?

If there was a stinger in your leg it wasn't left by a yellow jacket....their stingers are smooth like a hypodermic needle, so you were likely stung by more than just yellow jackets.
You are haveing a reaction to a protein in the venom you were injected with. You will need a shot of cortisone, and some anti-inflamatory drugs to stop the immediate pain and arthritis.....you must see a doctor an internist will do or an allergist would be better.
Since you have waited so long you may have started to develop arthritis.....so be prepared to find a rheumatologist or a damn good internal medicine doctor.
Good Luck !  (+ info)

What causes for a person to loose Joint Fluid ? How to prevent it and prevent joints from getting worn out ?

My dad at the age of 67 Years lost Joint Fluid and now the doctors are recommending to replace the disk with a surgeory. What is the best my dad can do at this point ? Are there any natural food supplements like special Vegetables, Fruits to prevent this problem ? As of now he is taking tablets like MOVE FREE and others. Not sure how much they can help. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated. I am looking for any natural food supplements that can prevent this problem from happening to other people. If any one knows about them please advise. Thanks.

look for any natural vitamins containing glucosamine and chondroitin .. avoid red meats /// Osteocare is agood remedy if available at your area  (+ info)

What activities seem to cause pain if you are having problems with your sacroiliac joint?

I have had 3 shots in my sacroiliac joint in the last month with not much relief. Only time I don't have much pain is when I have my feet up in the recliner. The worse pain is when I lay down. I am just having doubts if it is my sacroiliac joint. Can nobody relate to this? Experience answers only please.

Picking up heavy objects. ^^  (+ info)

Can smoking half a joint affect your fitness levels?

If you smoke say half a joint can it negatively affect your fitness for sprints or stamina for a whole match?

What if it were half a j that you didn't entirely inhale, but only half breathed in, like the honourable Bill Clinton?
Basically I want to know can smoking a very occasional joint or cigarette negatively effect your fitness , once it is not habitual?

Yes. Don't do it.  (+ info)

How to roll a joint with bible papers?

Can anyone provide instructions on how to roll a joint with bible papers. All help is appreciated.

you just roll it like a normal joint. cut off a square about the size of a dollar bill from the paper. and then there you go. theres your rolling paper. now you just need to roll it.

but honestly, i don't recommend smoking joints, especially bible paper. bible paper has ink on it which contains toxins which are bad for your lungs. there are other obvious reasons why not to use bible paper such as religion.

also, when you are smoking a joint, you get least THC. bongs and vaporizors allow you to get the most THC.

if you are trying to do something homemade, the most efficient way to smoke is using a light-bulb vaporizor. there are special ways to clean it. here is the link on how to do it:


there are also youtube videos on how to make one if you need a visual on how to make one.

by the way, you will be saving money because you don't need as much weed to get high with a vape. and the vape doesn't give off smell so you can do it indoors :)

have fun.  (+ info)

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