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What is the chief source of nervous supply to hip joint?

Innervation of hip joint comes from branches of femoral nerve (nerves to rectus femoris and quadratus femoris), branch from obturator nerve's anterior division, and articular twigs from sciatic nerve. Branches from these three major nerves (femoral, sciatic, obturator) nerves also supply knee joint. That's why sometimes pain from knee may be referred to hip and vice versa.

My question is, which one is it? Is it femoral, sciatic or obturator nerve that gives the most supply (innervation) to hip joint?


the hip bone is connected to the, leg bone. the leg bone is connected to the, foot bone........  (+ info)

How long will a cooked joint of beef last in the fridge for?

I want to cook a joint of beef tomorrow and use the left over for sandwiches through the week. Does anyone know how long it will keep in the fridge for?

http://www.wisegeek.com/how-long-will-meat-stay-fresh-in-the-refrigerator.htm  (+ info)

Is it safe to eat a joint of pork a day out of date?

Just went to cook my pork joint for Sunday lunch, to discover that it was out of date yesterday, would it be safe to eat ?

yes, dates are only estimates, if proper storage temperatures were maintained it's still good for another week, usually bad pork smells bad!  (+ info)

Can emotional instability be a symptom of diabetes?

I was just wondering, because my grandfather was a diabetic, and I also know that he was often emotionally unstable and even abusive towards his wife and children. And don't get me wrong. I know that most diabetics aren't violent or abusive, but a friend of mine who was abused by her mother would sometimes blame her mother's emotional instability on her diabetes. Can diabetes actually lead to violent mood swings in some people?

Oh, yes, it surely can. My husband is a diabetic. He is very difficult about taking his medicine, and doesn't eat right, and still drinks way too much alcohol. He's basically in denial (for about four years now) and it scares me silly.

But I can tell when his sugar is whacked. He gets really nasty, and mean as a snake. It's so obvious that I immediately insist he take his sugar. It's hard to deal with for another reason. Some people just have bad days and can be difficult to deal with, but then blame it on their sugar when really they are just doing what comes naturally and being a jerk. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference unless you can get them to take their sugar. I've caught my husband doing that from time to time. Sometimes it's maddening to tell the difference - and certain people know that and use it against you or to explain their bad behavior so people think "Well, he/she can't help it."

My uncle was a brittle diabetic and he was very abusive to his children. To this day I'm not sure if it was the diabetes or his own "charming" personality that caused his behavior.   (+ info)

How do I go about getting joint custody of my Daughter?

I want to know any options of going about to get joint custody of my daughter so I can atleast have a influence in apart of her life?

Talk to a lawyer. Start documenting all the times you see her and make sure you pay child support on time. Do everything you can to prove that you are already being a fit parent. A lawyer will be able to help you more with actually going through the legal stuff.  (+ info)

Any recipes to use up gammon joint ?

Hi, I made Nigellas 'Gammon in Coca Cola' it was divine ! I have got half a joint left has anyone got any idea what I can do with it ?

ginger ale and honey!

its the most scrumptious thing alive  (+ info)

What is a good suppliment for joint pain ?

I have "SPONDILITUS" and a mild form of rhuematoid authritis. What can I get to help with joint pain that is an herbal suppliment or vitamin ?

try taking glucosamine to rebuild and repair joint tissue and cartilege--this can help with the pain over time  (+ info)

Do arthritic changes in the ankle joint mean that I have to give up walking for good?

Recently, I had an X ray of my heels taken for a painful condition. It showed a spur and also arthritic changes in the ankle joint. I have been advised to take ultrasound treatment for the Plantar Fascitis. Both the doctor and physiotherapist feel that I should take up swimming as a form of exercise to lose weight and ease the stress off the joint. But my problem is that I am a walking enthusiast and I hate getting wet. Moreover, there is no well-maintained pool in my immediate vicinity. I am also concerned about hygiene issues in over-crowded pools and the ill-effects of hyperchlorinated pool water. I do not want to end up with a new set of problems while trying to avoid the present ones.
I can comply with this advice for a while but ask me to give up walking altogether, and I might as well die. I feel miserable and discouraged.

Is there any other form of exercise that will help me burn fat effectivelyand at the same time not aggravate my heel and joints ?

I think that your condition needs to be treated long-term as well as short-term.

Short-term: Any arthritis medicine or anti-inflammatory whether OTC or prescribed can help. Medicine of course needs to be managed and I'm kind of against getting on medicine 'for life'. There are topical medicines as well which can be effective in addition to the ultra-sound you mentioned. Another more aggressive option could be cortisone injections at the site of discomfort although you shouldn't get more than 4-5 a year per site.

Long-term: More important is the long-term treatment. What can you do that will last? The answer is inserts for your shoes called orthotics. If you show arthritic changes and heel spurs on x-ray, you have a foot condition that has been going on for awhile. Things like degeneration and spurs don't show up on x-ray in weeks, they take years. You need to address your foot condition specifically to effectively get long-term treatment. The short-term treatments are only 'bandaids' if you will.

Orthotics are prescription and are manufactured just for you. A good pair will usually last 6-7 years. I wouldn't recommend getting a pair over-the-counter although there are a number of kinds out there you can buy. The problem is is that they are too flimsy and don't fit well enough to do anything. Rather, you need to get a functional orthotic that will support and essentially change the function of your foot for the better. Orthotics from a neutral position plaster cast made specifically for your foot can be as much as 95% successful. The short-term remedies should be viewed as just that; as needed.

Try these things and before you know it your feet will begin to feel better and you'll be exercising like crazy. As a side note, bicycling is a way to get some exercise non-impact.

Hope it helps.  (+ info)

i bought a joint of beef and put it in a slow cooker: it smells weird - should I throw it out?

I bought a joint of beef and froze it.

I often throw a joint into the slow cooker with a couple of cans of cranberry jelly and normally it turns out great.

One thing I didn't do is sear it this time.

The smell is a little weird and I don't want to throw it out.

It isn't an awful smell but ... hmmmm .. am I being over cautious?

I would say so. If it had been in the freezer it should be okay. Could be the fact that you didn't sear it. If it were me I'd be fine with it.  (+ info)

What kind of joint is found in the hip and the ankle?

I am studying body parts and joints and muscle tendons. Though I couldn't figure out this question: What kind of joint is found in the hip and the ankle? Please help me out thanks!

Check this out!  (+ info)

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