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I have Keratoconus. The doctor that diagnosed me was the first one to ever mention a possible problem, even though I'd been to 3-5 doctors in the past few years trying to get contacts to fit me. I had a hard time understanding his accent, and I plan to try a different doctor at my next appointment. I was just wondering, from other people who have it, how serious is it? And what treatments are there for it? What can happen if left untreated? And what are some ailments you have/had from having it?

I have KC too! Wow, I can't believe Im excited about it! It really isnt that bad I got diagnoseed when I was 16 and it can be a bit frustrating if you go to a doctor who isnt very good at treating it. Treatment consists moslty of wearing appropriate contact lenses.

When it first started out I wore soft contact lenses, but those didnt fit very well, so then I wore lenses that were soft around the edges but hard in the middle, I forget the name. These worked for a while but eventually I stared using RGP's. Which are Rigid Gas Permeable lenses. These were really uncomfortable for a while because they are tiny and hard, you have to ease into them. In the beggining I could only stand having them in for about an hour at a time.

A corneal transplant is used as a LAST RESORT, and most people's KC never gets this bad!

Oh and my doctor explained it in kind of a pervy way but it made sense to me! Ok so he said to think of your eye as a boob. You have to wear a bra (contact lens) to keep them up and looking nice, and if you dont wear a bra your boob will sag and so will your eye. So if you dont treat it'll only get worse.  (+ info)


i've had 20/20 vision most of my life...just recently my vision decreased significantly......i'm 19, if i have a corneal transplant will i ever be able to see 20/20 again without the aid of glasses or hard contact lenses????

It is possible but unlikely to see 20/20. First of all they won't do a corneal transplant unless you have significant thinning or scarring and often times the grafted cornea will become keratoconic after transplantation. Hard contacts generally are the best choice, though I would probably look for someone who is very comfortable doing the fit as it is very challenging (I wouldn't want to do it myself).  (+ info)

How well does SYNERGEYES work for Keratoconus patients?

Husband has Keratoconus in his right eye, he is currently blind without a hard contact and glasses, however the hard contact is so thick he is having trouble blinking without it coming out. We read up on new treatments and are very interested in these contacts. We just want some more info on them before spending more money on things that don't seem to help. Right now he feels like he is looking through a crazy mirror at the fair with the current script. He just wants to see without being dizzy. Please help!!!!

I have Kerataconus that is particularly bad in my left eye... I basically haven't been able to read much of anything with my left eye for 2-3 years. I started wearing Synergeyes 2 weeks ago and now have 20/20 vision. It took a few days to learn to put them in.. but once they are in they are very comfortable.

Literally this product has changed my life.... I can not say enough good things about these lenses. Heck, I even tore one of them today and it's being replaced under warranty (don't worry they aren't fragile... I was using the wrong cleaning solution and it was my fault it tore).

I can not recommend them enough.. but make sure you go to an optometrist that specializes in fitting them if possible. I can recommend a great one if you are anywhere near chicago  (+ info)

What makes treating keratoconus difficult?

what makes treating keratoconus difficult with rgp contact hard???? why does the doctor need for a lot of follow ups? what are they trying to accomplish and make the fit as good as possible?

My husband has this. Apparently the right RGP lens, changed as needed, can reshape the eye to some degree, preventing further development of the keratoconus.

He's having trouble finding a lens that fits and lets him read small print, though. So he's got both contacts and reading glasses.  (+ info)

How do you heal Keratoconus, most recent curing techniques?

What is the most recent deveopment technique for healing Keratoconus, specifically if there is any new style or forms of contact lenses, which is easy to fit ?

i hope this info helps you.  (+ info)

I have mild to moderate keratoconus. I am wearing glasses at the moment and finding reading a bit difficult?

I have found that when i put an old glasses lens over my glasses i am able to see my PC screen a lot easier and the letters are sharp. Does this mean that i have the wrong prescription glasses? or is this likely to be the Keratoconus? I have made an appointment to see the opticians in about 4 weeks. Thanks

Contact lenses often give better vision than glasses for keratokonus, but they are difficult to fit, and you should be sure that you talk to a contact lens expert with lots of experience of this condition.
From what you say your prescription needs updating, depending on your age you may need a different power just for the computer.  (+ info)

How can I treat my severe eye allergy , aggravated by keratoconus ?

I have received treatments from doctos but some have been reluctant to prescribe anything , saying I should just put up with it , even though it has meant I can't wear my lenses for most of the day.

Not sure what kind of quacks you are dealing with. I have keratoconus and my allergies affect my eyes. No allergist or eye doctor I have seen (and I have seen many) have expressed any concerns or hesitation in prescribing eye drops for treatment of the allergy symptoms.

One note of caution which I learned the hard way is that you can be allergic to the preservatives used in eye drops as well as those in many contact lens solutions. If this is the case, then you need to find a specialist who is knowledgeable and works with a pharmacist who is licensed to compound drugs to get a preservative free eye drop.

Essentially, allergy eye medication does not interfere with the keratoconus.  (+ info)

I have Keratoconus and terrified of putting contact lenses in, any suggestions?

What makes it more difficult is I need to use a soft lense and a hard one.

Yes, they need slightly different insertion and removal techniques.

But the main things are reducing fear and increasing confidence.
Reducing fear: you can't do any significant harm, even with keratoconic corneas. Red and even sore eyes from having trouble getting them in and out isn't a disaster. And it gets much easier and more comfortable with practice. Particularly if you relax.
(Yes, I know there's something circular there: I had the same thing with injection needles... )
Increasing confidence: have you considered getting some extra tuition? There's nothjing to be ashamed of, having a "refresher course" on handling. And when you get to the "Hey, I can do this!" realisation, not only is it better, it gets better from there.

Specific in-and-out techniques are best taught face to face, but there are guides on-line. There isn't one right way to suit everyone, particularly on keeping the eyelids out of the way.

If you e-mail me wirh more specific difficulties I can try to suggest an alternate method.

Optometrist, retired.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a corneal transplant for keratoconus?

Was is a full transplant or partial transplant, how long did it take to heal and what vision do you have now?

There have been some recent advances in keratoconus treatment that do not involve transplantation. The new technology is called collagen cross linking. This medical treatment serves to increase the structural integrity and rigidity of the dysfuntional collagen involved in the disease. You might look into this.

http://www.corneaclinic.com/collagencrosslinking.html  (+ info)

Which contact lens is most used in case of mild keratoconus?

I have mild keratoconus in both eyes and have undergone C3-R treatment in December. I have spectacles and have cylindrical power.
Which kind of contact lens (soft/RGP/hybrid) are most preferred in such a case?
Willl these be toric to address cylindrical power?
A link to vendor which produces such kind of lenses will be of much help!!

Best lens for you is Rose K2 lens. This is a special RGP lens for keratoconus. I have been fitting these lenses to my patients with great success. -We source it from Boston UK. Details are at www.roseklens.com.
You may contact me at [email protected]

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