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i have keratoconus in my both eyes. Even after C3R operation.I am not able to see anything ?

i have keratoconus in my both eyes.
Even after C3R operation.I am not able to see anything clearly.because of my damaged cornea.
i want to know that is there any contact lens or surgery which could give me relief.

This is a question that is more serious and complicated than what can be addressed here. Only a trained and qualified doctor that has seen and treated many kerataconus patients would be able to look at your eyes and your history and tell you what your options are and what is best for you personally. No one here can see you, and most of us are not Doctors that do Surgery for Kerataconus. I wish you well and hope you get some good answers from a trained Doctor who has examined you.  (+ info)

Can you give me a online store were to buy a synergeyes contactslens for keratoconus?

www.shipcontacts.com  (+ info)

Keratoconus and cosmetic contact lenses?

I have keratoconus in both eyes and already use RGP contact lenses, for Halloween me and some friends have decided to get funky colored cosmetic contact lenses. Is this advisable in my condition.

Simple answer is no. Your RGP lenses control the surface shape of your cornea. If you took your RGP's out and replaced them with soft lenses (cosmetic ones), your vision would get distorted.

You also have a progressive disease of the cornea. You are already going to be suffering from some degree of ectasia (corneal thinning), you don't want to get an infection which could potentially damage even more of the cornea.

I'd strongly suggest that you don't fiddle with your eyes health at this stage and perhaps see what you can do about arresting the progression of the keratoconus with Corneal C3R Crosslinking.

Mail me if you want further detail on C3R crosslinking  (+ info)

Treating slight Keratoconus With Intacs?

A few years ago I considered doing laser surgery to correct eyesight (numbers are around -4), and was diagnosed with slight Keratoconus, which is not advancing and allows soft contact lenses, but the doctors could not guarantee that a surgery will not cause long term damage with that problem.
I heard about the Intacs treatment, and I wish to know what the risks are, how well it corrects the eyesight, and if possible - what are the "usual" costs. If you have that kind of info, or at least part, it would be very helpful.

As with any refractive surgical procedure, there are some risks and possible complications. Clinical studies in the U.S. showed that infection, which is a risk with any surgical procedure, occurred in 0.2% Intacs procedures. This is treatable with medication, and no adverse effects usually result.

Other rare complications included: overcorrection, reduction in central corneal sensation, difficulty with night vision, undercorrection, induced astigmatism, blurry vision, double vision, corneal blood vessels, halos, glare, fluctuating distance vision and a reduction of 2 or more lines of best corrected vision. If the results of the procedure are not satisfactory, Intacs may be removed or replaced. Ask your doctor will discuss the potential risks and benefits in detail with you.

A great alternative is also LASIK eye surgery, yet both have great benefits.

Good Luck!  (+ info)

I got Keratoconus and doctor ordered RGPS?

i got keratoconus and i went to my eye doctor and my eye doctor prescribed rigid gas permable contact lens which he ordered from somwhere for 350 dollars. i find that really expensive.. did i get ripped off??? could have i gotten it cheaper? and why is this contact lens sooo expensive?

well i thought i saw those in in a drug store in my town for about 50 dollars. im not really sure how much they should cost but umm if ur in northern new jersey u mite wanna check out the drug fare in oakland in bergan county. i THINK they stopped selling it so u may wanna check out there web site.  (+ info)

Is there a natural way to cure keratoconus?

As far as I know, NO. There are numerouis conventions ways that it's attacked, but I've never heard of a herbal way etc  (+ info)

Keratoconus and corneal transplant question?

Can a person who has keratoconus and corneal transplants qualify for lasix? Thanks!


Both keratoconus and transplants are absolute contra indications for LASIK.  (+ info)

I have keratoconus (description below), does anyone know if I could have laser eye surgery?

I have keratoconus, which is a degenerative condition characterized by conical protrusion of the cornea and irregular astigmatism. Is it possible for someone with this condition to have laser eye surgery??

Laser surgery (eg LASIK or PRK) would actually make your vision worse if you have keratoconus because it makes your cornea even thinner than it already is and so makes it bow forwards even more.
A surgeon in New York does PRK with collagen cross-linking which strengthens the cornea. There is a video about that here:

Usually for keratoconus, it is best to stick to contact lenses. Surgical treatments include collagen crosslinking or insertion of special plastic rings into the cornea.  (+ info)

is there anyone out there who is familiar with a corneal degenerate disease called keratoconus?

i've done extensive research on the internet as well as telephone calls to various eye/corneal specialists, to question as to why it is that when i use marijuana on a regular basis i have less irritation caused by the double contact lenses i wear and alleviates my sensitivity to light to where i can bare going outside during daylight hours as when i dont use it regularily i have excessively tearring in my eyes.(WATERY EYES) thats just the one eye i have somewat corrected vision in and as for the other eye, left, i had a cornea transplant in and it does the same with the light sensitivity as i've been diagnosed with photophobia. also i've noticed that my contacts seem to fit quite better & that i'm able to tolerate the wearing of the RGP lense wit a soft lens under it. i just need a honest medical opinion or factual; basis description of the link with marijuana and keratoconus in regards to wat i've explained. and all others i talk to say its all in my head and i know it is not

Marijuana reduces corneal sensitivity. It also affects eye by dialting the pupils. You experience flare and glare when u use marijuana is because the RGP lens you wear on top of soft lens (piggy back contact lens fitting) has a smaller diameter and when your pupils are dilated, you experience photophobia.

As marijuana reduces corneal sensitivity, you do not feel contact lens on eye and so there is less watering.  (+ info)

Will keratoconus definitly lead to blindness?

I just got back from the eye doctor, and he told me that I have a disease called keratoconus. For those that know of this disease, how severe is it, and will it lead to blindness? I am only 20 years old, and I have blurry vision, but thats the most extremesympton I have shown.

Take a look at the link below, it will answer your questions and give you lots of info on keratoconus.  (+ info)

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