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What is the Cause of Keratoconus?

Besides inheritance. I suffer this condition and I did a corneal transplant in one Eye. Now I am considering doing the INTACT in the other Eye, IF I qualify for it.

There are some genetic reasons explaining why the good enzymes do not function properly. Non-genetic sources can also increase the reactive species. Such sources include ultraviolet light sun exposure, eye rubbing, poorly fit contact lenses, and chronic eye irritation. All these cause an increase in reactive species (free radicals).
For these reasons, we recommend that all patients with keratoconus protect their eyes by wearing 100% UV blocking sunglasses with the wrap-around design. The wrap-around design minimizes light coming in from the sides. It's also important to avoid eye-rubbing and have a comfortable contact lens fit if contacts are being worn.

humm I am going to the eye doctor soon, thanks for the question this may help me , take care!  (+ info)

How do you know for sure you have keratoconus?

well i was recently DQ from the army because it turned out that i had keratoconus and well the doctor didn't know for sure and well nobody could tell me why i could see good with out glasses and that by this time i should be wearing coke bottle glasses so could the doctor be wrong should i go to others for a second opinion i mean nobody in my family has it or has had it could this be a mistake plz I'm like in despred needs =(

I have the same thing and im 15. Basically the doctor said that the symtoms of keratoconus begins to show when you become a teenager. The wierd things with keratoconus is tha you were born with it (co-genital) but it wont surface till adolescense. Basically your cornea has an abnormal curvature (mine too). Its way worse than astigmatism (at least thats what my doc sid) So if you have really bad eyesight and you feel it, and you noticed ir around your teenage years, then its most likely keratoconus. I feel your pain bro, no glasses worked for me, then the doctor gave me hard contact lenses which hurt when i blink. Then he gave me acuve w/ hydroclear and said i should put both the hard lense, and acuve at the same time, and that made it waaaay better. Oh and he said that few eyes w/ keratoconus fit contact lenses perfectly and mine were on of them, so maybe urs are too. GL man  (+ info)

Intacs or Cornea Transplant for Keratoconus?

Intacs or Cornea Transplant?

I would love to know if anyone has had any of these before.

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Can people who have keratoconus wear soft contact lenses or only the hard ones?

OMG i have this same rare eye disease! i just went to the doctor a few weeks ago. he will ONLY let me wear the hard lenses. he sd it's b/c the keratoconus make the astigmatism worse which already causes u not to see as sharply as u could. plus the hard lenses allow ur eyes to move at a slower rate than they would b/c of the disease. i was mad b/c i hate hard lenses! but he also sd that i can never get lasiks or any other eye surgery :(  (+ info)

ever heard about an eye disease called Keratoconus?

i hate it but i have to live with it. care to share your stories with me?

How did you feel when you first found out you had KC?

I recently found out i have it. At present my eyesight is OK but it's noticably much worse than it was two years ago.
How did I feel when i found out? Well, put it this way, I was diagnosed almost a year ago and i've done nothing about it since I read up on it when i got home that day but when i saw words like 'support group' and 'corneal transplant' i just decided i don't want to think about it. Basically i'm kind of in denial. i don't know much about it and i'm not sure i want to. i guess the time will come when I'll have to deal with it but until then I just can't bring myself to consider the possibility of loosing my sight. If i'm really honest with myslef, yes, i'm scared. I really have no idea what to expect over the next few years. Will I be able to drive? play sports? draw? what about reading? I think i could cope with losing all the others but reading? I don't think i could manage if i lost that? what can I expect? I say all this not really wanting to know the answers. I want to hide and pretend this is not true for as long as i can.  (+ info)

Can keratoconus patient do body building?

I can find nothing to prohibit body building, but you should check with your ophthalmologist to be safe.

Blessings  (+ info)

how much is keratoconus laser eye surgery?

And will insurance cover it?

Apart from a corneal transplant in severe cases, a new technique is corneal collagen cross-linking to slow the progress of keratoconus. Laser surgery is not available for keratoconus.  (+ info)

Can a person with keratoconus get lasik eye surgery ?


Keratoconus causes your cornea to thin; typically the bottom portion. LASIK surgery required a minimum thickness and a near normal cornea in order to do the surgery --- neither of which are found in keratoconus, unfortunately.

Howevver, keratoconus can be corrected very successfully with rigid gas permeable contact lenses (RGPs) and sometimes you can even wear both soft contact lenses and an RGP together. You put the soft CL on first and then the RGP on top. With the soft contact lens on the bottom, it just makes it much more comfortable to wear.

Because of the unusal prescriptions that keratonconus creates, glasses do NOT correct your refractive error good enough for you to see clearly, in most cases.

If you're keratoconus worsens to a severe point, it may require a penetrating keratoplasty. This is where you get a corneal transplant. This often corrects the crazy astigmatism and power issues you have with keratoconus. However, only about 10% of people with keratoconus ever have a corneal transplant because their keratoconus never gets that bad. Plus, the surgery is risky.

So sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no LASIK surgery for KC. You'll just have to make do with contact lenses.  (+ info)

Are there any centers in the UK that treat keratoconus with riboflavian treatment?

No i did not mean as a pure vitamin.
The university of dresden has discovered a new method of hardening the cornea using riboflavin and the using UV light. it increases the strength of the cornea by ? 300 %.
See this site: http://www.usaeyes.org/lasik/faq/c3-r.htm

There is a good forum for people with this condition and may be found here


It is a UK based self help group, and I have no doubt they will have the answer to your question  (+ info)

What is Keratoconus ? Any advise on how to handle this case or have you experienced it .?

Have never had it myself. http://www.keratoconus.com

Check this link. It explains a lot and includes the treatments.  (+ info)

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