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How does Kevin Niksarli M.D treat Keratoconus at Manhattan Lasik Center?

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Can Keratoconus be detected at a regular eye exam?

But, unless it is severe, it will often take some observation in the early stages to distinguish it from a more normal astigmatic Rx.

An astigmatic Rx with an ill-defined end point and a less-than-ideal corrected acuity will raise suspicions, and keratoconus will be amongst them (unexpected early cataract would be another. )

Unlike some conditions, getting the earliest possible diagnosis is not critical and in some cases to keep the idea in mind over several routine tests is all that's required.
(depending on the individual findings.)

If you already have a suspicion, the risk should be fairly easy to quantify.
But I've seen some very odd corneas that weren't keratoconus, or any other form of corneal dystrophy.
(though it usally took years to establish that: just watching and finding that nothing was happening!)  (+ info)

INTACS for Keratoconus to correct eye problems? cost?

I want to know from people who got INTACS.
how much is the cost of the procedure?
how was the procedure?
how long took your eyes to fully recover?
eye sight before and after the procedure?
were there any test or examination before and after the procedure?

I have KC, but I chose to undergo the keratoplasty (corneal transplant) in both eyes. I now see 20/20 with my contacts, and its improved my quality of life. I thought about getting INTACS, but I didn't want anything other than a new cornea on my eye. I was scared to get the lens inserted into my eyes.  (+ info)

has anyone undergone the c3r procedure by dr.brian boxer wachler in california for keratoconus?

I am 28 yrs old. I have been diagnosed with keratoconus and am told that c3r will halt the progression of the disease. If any one has had this procedure done and can give me any insight to the pros and cons please let me know. I thank you for any and all information. God bless.

Keratoconus is a bulging distortion of the cornea, leading to loss of visual acuity.
Please see the web pages for more details on Keratoconus and
Corneal Collagen Crosslinking with Riboflavin (C3-R).  (+ info)

I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in year 2006 and i loss my right eyes vision and also in left i have sins tom?

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Does exist a natural cure for keratoconus?

-No natural cure
-Early stage, get C3R done if cornea is thick enough
- Take to Rose-K2 contact lens, the best vision will come  (+ info)

how do individuals with 20/20 vision develop keratoconus in their late teens????????

i've had 20/20 vision until about 6 months before my 17th b-day and just about two and a half months ago, i was diagnosed with keratoconus & prescribed a pair of eyeglasses...............can anyone tell why i've had perfect vision until my mid teens............i'll be 19 in december............besides wearing some sort of eyeglasses or contacts, is there any other way to correct keratoconus???

First of all, amke sure you get a second opinion. Third, your body changes the most when you are in your teens, so this is not a surprise. A lot of people get their first glasses as a teen. Keratoconus is a thinning of the cornea. Most people can only curb it with rigid contact lenses. Some people get it so severe that they need corneal transplants later in life. So, there is a wide range ov severity, and a wide range of treatment plans. Just make sure you get more than one opinion, 3 would be GREAT and then reaserch Keratoconus until you undersatnd it well, once you are sur that is waht you have. Good luck!  (+ info)

keratoconus can lead to blindness?as my c.topograghy it was affect left eye but start in right one.?

my doctor said for me it is mild and eyeglasses is ok for me,my age is 35 years .no history for my family for that.i start to complain from 10 years back with my left eye.

It can lead to blindness, but that is far from inevitable.

It is often a very slowly progressing condition, though that is not guaranteed. Yes, it does usually affect both eyes, but one often shows signs first.

When glasses are not the best option a variety of contact lenses are available, including advanced designs with a rigid centre for optical quality and a soft skirt for fit and comfort.

Beyond that there is the possibility of corneal grafting, so there are considerable resources standing between you and blindness, leaving aside that the condition may not progress that far in any case.

The other point to make is that there is nothing you need to do, beyond having regular checks. No action makes the condition better or worse.

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What is Keratoconus please help?

I have keratoconus in both eyes
and i cant see anything what is the solution
please tell me
i need help.!

For mildest form of keratoconus, eyeglasses or soft contact lenses may help but for moderate and advanced keratoconus gas permeable contact lenses are preferred.  (+ info)

Is there anyone who got treated for keratoconus..if so how do u feel after the treatment?

i am a 20yr old boy suffering from keratoconus since 4yrs but was detected very recently for which i have been suggested of undergoing a surgery called 'collagen crosslinking'..so i just want to know how It feels after the surgery..

I have had the cross linking, it was pioneeing stuff 18 months ago, I had it in my left eye, they scraped my eye to remove some of the bulge and the cells then thinned out and they popped some riboflavin drops in to cross link it and make it stronger.

It doesnt make your eye 20/20 though, it just stops it advancing any further, i noticed I didnt get itchy eye anymore and blink a lot.

I just followed it on with hard contact lens, going from not being able to see the top letter on the chart to 20/20 was amazing and my right eye has a milder form so that went from 4 lines down to 10 lines down, 2 lines lower than 20/20, im amazed, it takes some getting used to, hard contact lenses but its worth it.

The specialist said it was right to have the cross linking done before the lens fittings.

I had an eye patch on the eye after the surgery for a couple of days, it didnt hurt much, they gave me pain killers.

Think of it this way, pain for a short while to no problems ever is good in my book.  (+ info)

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