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What is a differance between kidney nephrosis & kidney necrosis?

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American Heritage® Dictionary: Definition of nephrosis
NOUN: A disease of the kidneys marked by degenerative lesions, especially of the winding uriniferous tubules. OTHER FORMS: nephrotic (-frtk) , pl. nephroses (-sz).

American Heritage® Dictionary: Definition of necrosis
NOUN: Death of cells or tissues through injury or disease, especially in a localized area of the body. OTHER FORMS: necrotic (-krtk) , pl. necroses (-sz).  (+ info)

the cortex and the renal columns make up the ___of the kidney?

the cortex and the renal columns make up the ___of the kidney

http://www.kidney.sk.ca/prevention/images/kidney.gif  (+ info)

How do you Pickle a Kidney?

I need to pickle a lambs kidney so it will last forever. I want to just leave it in a jar on my shelf so I can refer back to the "parts" of the kidney e.g medulla, cortex and renal pelvis. THE SUBSTANCE NEEDS TO BE EASY TO MAKE AT HOME LIKE SALT AND INGREDIENTS LIKE THAT BUT MUST WORK SO THE KIDNEY WILL NEVER GO OFF
THANK you guys

White vinegar with a little salt and water. Be sure you put it in a mason jar/canning jar and tighten real tight. Boil the mixture, pour over kidney in jar and tighten. Don't move the jar until it's sealed. You will hear it pop.  (+ info)

Prognosis GI Bleed, tracheostomy, Kidney Failure, Sepsis, Necrosis 52 year old man smoker?

Thank you for your answer Lisa C. He is S/P GI Bleed Ulcer surgery but had hg of 4, needed blood transfusion w/ cx ARF receiving dialysisno, low blood pressure needed Levoped hence necrotic toes, Jtube inserted a week ago for nutrition,liver mass present, pelvic fluids building as we speak a catheter to drain pelvic fluid placed this am; no brain damage, heart still strong Central line R neck, jugular vein portal hole, non healing surgical wound, on pain meds/ on/off on levoped; no spleen
a great friend and a great father.

Wow, this is quite a list of health problems. I'm sorry for whomever is suffering from all these conditions. Bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract is dangerous and often treated with medications and blood transfusions. Sepsis requires antibiotics, and I don't know what area is necrotic, but that's dead tissue. Kidney failure can be treated with dialysis, but not indefinitely. 52 is very young in terms of years, but smoking can age people a lot. I'm guessing cancer due to smoking lead to the tracheostomy? Chances are Nobody can give you the exact life expectancy, but these health issues are all quite serious. Good luck to you and this very ill gentleman.  (+ info)

How does skin necrosis from a spider bite takes place? Will it happen from the inside of the skin out?

About 4 or five days ago I noticed a large red pimple on my right thigh that frlt hot to the touch and it has been growing since. Have a little fever that always starts late in the afternoon through midnight. 2 days ago I went to the hosp but they didn't think much of it and prescribed a wide-spectrum antibiotic and Ibuprofen. Today, early evening, I has REALLY grown, very hot to the touch, still feverish, headache, rash on both legs and area closest to the center dot of inflammation is starting to turn very dark red specially under the skin. So, is this how skin necrosis starts, from the inside out? Answer appreciated.

Necrosis is a depression rather than a bulge, it's an ulceration of underlying tissue, bites from a brown recluse are a common cause of necrosis. if it doesn't sink in and turn black i don't believe it can be called necrosis.Everthing else you mention is characteristic of a reluse bit except the pimple.  (+ info)

Is the Cortex professional hair straightener as good or better than the Kiyoseki hair straightener?

I don't want to get a Cortex if the Kiyoseki does a better job. I want to get my moneys worth. I have tried a Kiyoseki so I do know they work well, but I haven't tried a Cortex.

sorry ive not heard of any of them but try ciao.com to check out reviews etc  (+ info)

How does the temporal lobe correspond physically to the cerebral cortex?

Is it a part of the cerebral cortex, or is the cerebral cortex inside the temporal lobe? Or are they totally unrelated?
I probably sound like an idiot to all the brain surgeons here, but I'm just a lowly eighth grader who's lost with her science fair project on memory.
Google only shows the temporal lobe; it says nothing about the cerebral cortex.

suggest you use google and enter "anatomy of the brain"  (+ info)

Can a cortically blind person exercise their visual cortex to stimulate healing?

My niece has cortical blindness due to a car wreck injury 11 months ago. I am looking for a way to stimulate the visual cortex (rear right brain) to enhance activity for possible healing. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Since there's no answers yet, I'll toss in my 2 cents.

If she's blind because of damage to her visual cortex.... how could she stimulate it?
Normally, mental stimulation would be from activating certain stimulus... but if the damage to the visual cortex was so severe that she's blind, there would be no way (aside from brain surgery) to stimulate it more than normal. If that were possible, then just having her eyes open would heal the damage, which I doubt could ever happen.  (+ info)

How do I find out if my husband has avascular necrosis?

We live in Florida and we have no insurance, he was previously diagnosed by some uncaring big dollar fat cat doctor as having unitary sacrelitis of the hips (which does not exist) after researching I found a disease that matches many of his symptoms, He cannot get out of bed most mornings, he has great difficulty getting around most days, he is 24 and has to walk with a cane, Avascular necrosis is a disesae in wich the blood supply is lost to the bones and the bones eventually die, but how can I find out if this is his issue? Someone please help, if you know anyone with this disease or have any info, please relay any help over to me, thank you.

Since you have no insurance, I would start at the closest county facility to save $. A plain xray of the hip might show radiographic findings suggestive of AVN; he will probably need further testing but that is a cheaper way to start. Also, if you go to a larger medical facility they will be able to get consultations with an orthopedic specialist easier. Since this is not technically an emergency,save yourself the hefty ER fee & try to get into an urgent care or clinic at the facility. Try not to put it off as the damage is cumulative.  (+ info)

Is the stimulation a good treatment against the incapacity of the cerebral cortex?

My child suffers from the incapacity of the cerebral cortex and the medicine recommended as treatment the stimulation. I wanted to know if it is a check treatment against this disease because my child is at present 4 years old but he does not speak and behaves as an 18-month-old child. Help me I am African and to us it has no specialist for this kind of neither case nor processing center there. If I do not find solution, my child risks beginning the school in 11 years. Thank you for your contributions.

As difficult as this is to accept, i would have to say that even if you were in the West, Europe or USA etc and had access to medical resources, your child will always have a disparity between physical age and mental development.

There may be a real likelihood of your child developing ADHD as well if this is not already indicating, which may also be why stimulants are being prescribed as well as the need for neurosynaptic amplification in certain areas.

With such a condition, normal levels of neurotransmitters in the cortical and hippocampic regions do need to be amplified with stimulants so communication with centres of higher brain function are adequate and this is a standard treatment in a developing child so young soas to try and bridge that disparity in development as your child matures through to adulthood, without stimulating lower brain function your child's development will steadily become more disparate between physical and mental maturity and what you seem to already know by saying your child will be starting school at 11 years of age would indeed be true.

With this condition, there is no magic pill which will advance mental development to what is normal and the extents of his lack of development can only be assessed as time advances, too many unknown quotients to be sure about anything.

I would agree for your your child to take the recommended stimulants, i do hope though that the doctor prescribing has had your child properly assessed as to what is the appropriate stimulant medication and properly ascertained dosage and regimen.

Hopefully, as your child grows, the gaps in physical and mental development will close and as his brain matures the stimulants achieve near normal neurotransmitter communication between cortical and higher brain functions, this should happen and your son should be able to lead a fairly normal life by the time he's a teenager but will always be a bit less developed than the majority, that is a sad fact i'm sorry.

He will likely have to have medication for ADHD into adulthood as well but i am certain that without stimulants to raise cortical activity, your son will not develop very much at all, the condition he has is serious so listen to the doctors advice, as long as the doctors are properly qualified.

When you know what stimulants are to be prescribed and at what dosages, i would check that out further just to be sure too much or too little is being prescribed, there are a lot of websites which can aid you in that and you can contact health professionals on-line to ask their expert opinions on your sons treatments, it will be wise to do so, many opinions saying the same will give you reassurance.

Your son may make huge breakthroughs and develop fairly normally as time goes on or he may not, that is something only the passage of time will reveal but children and the human brain are resilient, wonders do happen.

I wish you and your son all the best of luck in life.

The goddess guide your path's.  (+ info)

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