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my mom has had chronic kidney failure for 10 years and now she has fluid in her lungs. is she going to die?

im afraid that my mom isnt telling me everything when it comes to her kidney failure. she seems to be getting sicker every week and now she has fluid in her lungs and its hard for her to breath. she is always in pain and tired. she has been on meds the whole time with no transplant. please tell me what is happening to her.

You can try googling "pulmonary edema".

Certainly it is a worrisome development. Anything that effects the body's ability to get oxygen into blood is not a good thing. It could be a worsening of her condition or a complication from a particular kind of diuretic (less likely). It could be heart failure (left-sided).

Sorry about your Mom's condition.  (+ info)

how long does one live after discovering chronic kidney failure?

64 year old male. already has pancretitis, liver disease, gallballder trouble, and renal failure. has been treated medically to try and reverse kidney failure, and now does not wish to have dialysis, and has decided to stop treatments and wait to pass away. all conditions are caused by chronic alcholism. thanks for any input, personal experiences.

From a medical provider standpoint, you typically live as long as you feel like living, regardless of the disease.  (+ info)

Are chronic pain patients regularly tested for kidney failure?

Since surviving a head on car accident in 1990, I have been on Tramadol, VicodinES, Norco, Percocet, MSContin etc., etc., etc.
Until 2000, it was intermittent but as I age, the pain has become unbearable. My kidney function has never been tested and I'm developing some disturbing symptoms. Any ideas?

I have back injury from head-on also. I suggest you have disussion with Dr. and ask him how often he thinks you should visit for kidney and liver as well as meds monitoring. I am surprized he's not. Mine does. I am on a 3 month regimine now. I would've never believed it, but the thing that helpd me the most was physical therapy and I continue it at home. It's just a few miutes of exercises, but really makes a difference.  (+ info)

Suggested reading for new diagnosed chronic kidney failure?

I am looking for both general information book and diet guide.
Looking for titles of books that a person with kidney failure has read and found useful. I have found books, but am unsure of which to order for my mother. Thanks.

Doc  (+ info)

What procedures are used to manage chronic pain caused by liver and kidney failure?

Hello my advice to you is to have a full work up done cbc, (complete blood count), creatian level (kidney function) etc. and find out what the under lieing cause of the condition is. I experienced this a few years ago when I became septic (blood poisoning) from MRSA infection. The pain was controlled with opioid meds morphine usually in the hospital while the work up is being done. Your Dr. should also order a gallion scan, ultra sound and perhaps a MRI of the lower abdomen, lumbar spine and pelvis. This can be a serious condition and should have a complete work up I can't emphasis that enough. The pain I know is terrible but really more importantly find out the cause. I am not a doctor nor am i able to give medical advice but am Rather giving you my opinion from personal experience I wish you the best of luck.

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How to code in ICD9CM the Acute Renal Failure on Chronic Kidney Disease when the person has DM and HTN?

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What are the first signs of kidney failure and is fever common with slow chronic kidney failure?

I was born with double collecting ureters.....Also can sexual intercourse cause me to have nonstop bladder infections....resulting in infection going to my kidney causing severe sickness. I have been on antibiotics for so long... I am sure my immune system is messed up (understatement) I am also sleeping up to 20 hours a day for months and months. I used to get sick like this only 3-4 times a year. Any advice. I see my doctor tomorrow and my lithotripsy for kidney stones stuck in upper kidney was cancelled today due to my ongoing symtoms.

Sex can cause you to have bladder infections, that's way you are supposed to go pee shortly afterwards to clean everything out. You should avoid sex when you have a bladder infection too. When the kidneys start to fail you most likely won't be able to keep any food down, be extremely tired, probably have a fever, and be VERY thirsty despite the amount of water you drink. Hope you can get well enough to see your doctor!  (+ info)

Why are Chronic Kidney failure patients at higher risk for pneumonia?

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Is anyone dealing with a loved one with chronic kidney failure?

I would hearing about your experiences and any advice you may have.

One of my best friends mother is suffering from kidney failure. She had to have dialysis every few days. She also has other problems as well as being elderly (about 80 yrs)
Unfortunately, the dialysis will have to be a regular thing, unless your relative can find a donor.
It would also depend on other things such as age, past medical history, etc. I'm very sorry for your loved one and hope he/she recovers soon. Take care and good luck. If you need to talk, just email.  (+ info)

can kidney disease or chronic failure go unnoticed?

hypothetically, if someone had either kidney disease or chronic kidney failure

is it possible for there to be little to no syptoms for the beginning or maybe after it has progressed a bit (obviously there would have to be symptoms eventually)

like is it possible to go in for physical (feeling relatively healthy, maybe with a few small things) and eventually learn u have a kidney problem with haveing no idea at all

or is it a thing that pretty obvious from the get go

this is hypothetical, i dont think this is my case im just curious

books are all good.. but you can feel the symptons in advance. or you can feel the symptons MUCH later. i know people who have progressed so far without symptons that they were suddenly ill, taken to hospital and started on dialysis straight away. while with others, like me, i have had symptons since before 60ish% function.  (+ info)

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