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Why would chronic kidney failure lead to anemia?

Anaemia means not having enough red blood cells. Your kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin, aka EPO. EPO stimulates your body to make red blood cells (erythrocytes). So if someone's kidneys aren't working properly, they don't produce enough EPO and so they don't make enough red blood cells. EPO can be given to people with kidney disease to treat this.  (+ info)

Are there people who have been cured completely from chronic kidney failure?

Chronic means it occurs occasionally (or comes & goes;) as compared with acute failures which have severe consequences. I would be concerned about conditions which might involve chemical imbalances or infection which might have caused an insufficient food supply to one or both of the kidneys. If it is a chronic condition which can be reversed, there is always hope.

What you have not mentioned is the severity of the condition; and, of course there are always doctors or other health officials ready to tell you that a cure is impossible. Yet you must know that there are always those who are aware of cases of complete reversal which are attributed to faith. (And, yes, that in turn can be explained by natural body changes.)
Still, I believe it's easier to hold on to our confidence in the healing powers of God if we have daily acknowledged the blessings of His good life and Good News before any problems arise. Seek prayer wherever you turn, and God will bless you.  (+ info)

Does life term convicts with chronic illness like kidney failure get transplant from good citizens who died?

Just curious...

If you get onto the transplant list (regardless of who you are); you get the best match that comes up when it's your turn, regardless of who the donor is--they do not match on morals, ethics, religion etc; they match on tissue typing only.  (+ info)

How many worldewide deaths per year are caused by kidney failure?

Does anyone have an estimate of how many people die per year because of kidney failure?

Thanks in advance :)

PS: Is kidney failure, End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), and Chronic kidney failure (CKD) the same thing?

National Kidney Foundation says that 26 million Americans are living with kidney disease.

The site does not list the death rate.

ESRD is a result of CKD. Those with ESRD most likely need dialysis several times per week.

CKD is more of a blanket term that addresses a number of problems associated with chronic kidney malfunction. This condition cannot be cured and will not resolve with time as opposed to acute renal failure (ARF) which is a limited, treatable event, usually a symptom of some other condition.

Heart disease is the number one killer of those with CKD.  (+ info)

How long it takes to get back to normal after Acute Kidney failure?

My sister had Kidney failure of Acute type and Not Chronic.She avoided Dialysis as one done,it has to be repeated.Which is not good.Through medication her Urea and Ceratinine level coming down.How long since she can eat everything? As of now she is on boiled and very light + non-dairy diet .

it depend on immune power and self confidence.  (+ info)

Does chronic kidney failure cause a person to loose their sense of taste--or not enjoy the taste of foods?

my mom has kidney failure she says her entire sense of taste is gone--nothing taste good anymore--no matter what she eats

Distorted taste is one of the symptoms of chronic kidney failure. Urea or waste products in the saliva may cause an ammonia-like taste in the mouth, which may affect the taste of food.
For more information on symptoms of kidney failure, visit http://www.comprehensive-kidney-facts.com/kidney-failure-symptoms.html

Dialysis and other medications (including alternative medications) can help to reduce the levels of ammonia and waste products in the body's fluids. I pray that your mother will find relief soon so that she can once again enjoy the best of life and health.  (+ info)

Can Lamotrigine, (also known as Lamictol) cause renal failure or chronic kidney disease over time?

I'm a student pharmacist and according to the most recent Drug Information Handbook, Lamotrigine can possibly cause acute renal failure in less than one percent of people taking the drug. And the drug summary information from micromedex mentions the possible renal impairment.  (+ info)

I have stage 4 advanced chronic kidney failure does mean that I will have to go on dialysis soon?

Please ask your doctor for accurate information.

Good luck.  (+ info)

If someone has acute renal failure what factors would cause it to progress to chronic renal failure?

My mom has had an ulcer on her leg for sometime. It got infected right before her vacation and 3 days later she came back home disoriented, with fever and acute renal failure (kidney failure). This was nearly a month ago. (Sept. 20th) What would cause her to progress to chronic renal failure and have to be on dialysis for the rest of her life????

Renal failure can occur for many different reasons. The chance of reversal depends on the cause. Acute renal failure can occur from decreased blood flow to the kidney, structural damage to the kidney or obstruction of urine flow from the kidney. These conditions can be caused by various things such as dehydration, congestive heart disease, infection and medications. Sometimes treating the underlying problem or removing the offending agent is enough to improve kidney function. However, sometimes the damage to the kidney is too severe to be reversed resulting in chronic renal failure.  (+ info)

How long can someone with chronic kidney failure (stage 5) live?

I want to find out how long someone with stage 5 chronic kidney failure on acute renal failure can survive with the condition.

My mom apparently 2 weeks ago started having problems with her kidneys (she told me its part of a kidney difficulties she's had since a young age) and today she started declaring that she is going to die after not being able to urinate and having kidney pain. My parents spent the day searching for a clinic in stockton that can do a proper diagnosis (I'm not sure what they found)

My believe is that she has come to the 'death' conclusion from self research that she has been doing for the last few hours or so by researching the condition or symptoms - but I'm not sure what exactly shes been researching or reading.

Get her off the internet and into a doctor's clinic. How do you know she is having chronic kidney failure? She is probably panicking from reading all this stuff on the net. My mom did the same thing when she was having problems with her kidney. She succeeded in convincing everyone that she is dying ... and she was fine after a single operation.

Don't worry. Your mom will be fine. Just see to it that she get's a good clinic and takes all the medications on time, etc.  (+ info)

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