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klinefelter syndrome?

I'm not sure if I have klinefelter syndrome or if I do.... I am 14 and have gynecomastia and a high pitched voice. I am overweight but am very tall. I was reading up on klinefelter syndrome and i match all of the symptoms except for I'm not sterile, at least I dont think I am. I am going to make an appointment with an endocrinologist. So my question is if you can not be sterile and still have klinefelter syndrome

There is really no reason to go into this question until you have been examined and diagnosed. Most guys with klinefelters are sterile but some aren't. It's a small percentage. Get the exam an go from there. If you are diagnosed, the doctor will run several more tests.  (+ info)

Klinefelter Syndrome?

Hi, I am just curious. If a man has Klinefelter Syndrome, could he still ejaculate?

Or, if a person could ejaculate, does it necessarily mean that he is fertile?

the two questions are just similar..i am just curious.

Klinefelter's syndrome doesn't stop someone from ejaculating. Sure it's true that it often causes small testicles and a small penis, but this does not prevent ejaculation. "Infertility in men with Klinefelter syndrome is caused by a precipitous drop in sperm count." Ejaculation itself tells you nothing about fertility. It is possible to ejaculate semen with no sperm in it.  (+ info)

Klinefelter syndrome?

How could a phenotypically normal man and a phenotypically normal female have a son with Klinefelter syndrome who also has the red form of color blindness? please answer in detail.

A phenotypical male is XY
A phenotypical female is XX
A Klinefelter's male is phenotypically XXY

When sperm or ovem (eggs) [haploid cells] are produced in the parents on of then devides wrongly so that in stead of a sperm carrying an X or a Y, one carries an XY and another is empty OR an egg will carry XX or is empty instead of the 2 eggs each carrying an X.

When one of these haploid cells join with a normal haploid cell to for an embryo, the new diploid cell has 47 chromasones instead of 46 and is XXY.

Red-Green colour blindness is also sex linked, the gene is carried on the X chromasone so either the mother is red-green colour blind or she is a carrier and the father is gre-green colour blind.  (+ info)

What they Screen to find the Klinefelter Syndrome?

Okay im doing a science project on the Klinefelter syndrome. in french. :P And i cant find the "techniques de depistage genetique" for the klinefelter syndrome. I have no idea what they would do.. apparently techniqies de depistage genetique is screening.. so please help?, its due tomorrow. and please help?

Klinefelter's is a chromosome abnormality: XXY instead of the normal XY for males. It will be picked up on a karyotype test (they look at the chromosomes in a cell during meiosis)  (+ info)

How can I find out if I have Klinefelter's syndrome?

Using wikipedia as my reference, I have diagnosed myself as having all the symptoms of klinefelter's syndrome (except for a confirmation of sterility/fertility). How do I get tested for a chromosomal disorder, and is it possible to have it done at a free clinic or at an unemployed-person discount?

I am in Portland, OR...they are usually better here than most places for medical care to poor or homeless people- if you know about Oregon, as in where to go and what to ask, It would be a great help.

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful and kind answers.

make a doctors appt. dont try to figure out what is wrong with you online many things have alot af the same symptoms.  (+ info)

How did Klinefelter's syndrome affect your life?

My son had Klinefelter's. He passed away several months ago from a heart defect. I'm curious to know how having Klinefelter's impacted your life.

I'm very sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what it would be like to lose a son.

From what I understand, Klinefelter syndrome mostly affects fertility and hormones. He may have needed hormone therapy and would need to use assited reproductive technology and/or adoption in order to have children.

Again, I'm very sorry for what happened to your son. Take care.  (+ info)

Is fat man/teenage boy with breast that kind of look like gynaecomastia is related to Klinefelter's syndrome?

Is fat man/teenage boy with breast that kind of look like gynaecomastia is related to Klinefelter's syndrome? Or the 'breast' is simply fat that can be eliminated with scheduled exercises. When I Googled for gynaecomastia, it seems like thin man/teenage boy with masculine looks also experience gynaecomastia..

i know of 2 things that can cause this one is smoking marijuana and the other is eating lots of soy products  (+ info)

Does Klinefelter's syndrome occur because of a gene mutation or a chromosomal mutation?

I am doing a project on Klinefelter's sydrome and would like to know if the defect occurs because of a gene or chromosomal mutation?


And now you have to do your own research to figure out the real answer to your homework.  (+ info)

I have Klinefelter's syndrome, can I work as a nurse?

I have Klinefelter's syndrome, can I work as a nurse? I am currently a 3rd-year nursing student. I'm suffering from learning difficulty due to lack of testosterone but somehow I managed to reach this far as a student nurse....

Why don't you get testosterone shots then?Must be hard on you this way.
But my guess is that you qualify as a nurse.See no reasons why not
Radius  (+ info)

Do you have to have any form of Retardation and be diagnosed with klinefelter's syndrome?

I have a really low testosterone level and some of the other characteristics of klinefelter's syndrome. My doctor won't diagnose it sense i do not present with an retardation.

I would seek a second opinion about this. Retardation is not a hallmark of the condition as you can see.
Klinefelter's syndrome is found in approximately 1 of 700 men, i.e. there are approximately 3600 boys and men with Klinefelter's syndrome in Denmark with 5 million inhabitants. Men usually have but one X and one Y chromosome, i.e. the chromosomeconstitution 46,XY. Men with Klinefelter's syndrome have more than one X chromosome, usually two X chromosomes, i.e. the chromosome constitution 47,XXY.
At birth the testicles of Klinefelter boys are of normal size. When the testicles grow quickly in boys with normal chromosomes at the age of 11-12 years, the testicles of Klinefelter boys stay very small, as a rule only 2 cms. from pole to pole. Usually only few sperms are developed in the testicles, and men with Klinefelter's syndrome are as a rule infertile. Boys with Klinefelter's syndrome should be treated with testosterone, usually from the 11 or 12 years of age, best with Restandol tablets (Testosteroneundecanoat), which does not affect the liver, or with injections of other testosterone preparations.

Klinefelter boys more often than other boys have delayed motor function, speech, and maturation development, which does not make them patients demanding special treatment. It is important that these boys at an early age go to a good day-care institution, and that there is a close cooperation between parents and day-care institution staff. If the speech development is delayed, it is important to get help from a speech-therapist for a period. Regarding the motor function development, the participation of parent/child in sports activities and group activities of any kind is of great value. The same is the case with regard to stimulating the delayed development in maturation. In this connection it must be mentioned, that it is also important to stimulate these boys to independence, and not in any way to overprotect them.

Regarding the missing muscle development in puberty and late puberty, with increased tiredness and need for sleep, this can to a great extent be counteracted, and usually quite eliminated, by relevant testosterone treatment from the age of 11- 12 years. For better muscle development and motor function it is of great importance to take part in different sports activities through childhood.

If Klinefelter boys grow up in a good, stable, and stimulating environment, the intelligence will be inside the normal area, though a little displaced, so that there are fewer than expected with an IQ over 110, but no increased frequency of boys with an IQ below 90. In a group of adult danish men with Klinefelter's syndrome an average IQ of 108 was found in comparison with 115 in a control group.
However, all persons with Klinefelter's Syndrome, or their parents, can order the printed version free of charge.  (+ info)

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