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Is there an exercise to make my visceral stomach slightly shrink?

I ate too much cheese and that makes my stomach stretch a bit. When that happens, I feel strange. As my stomach goes back to it's usual size, I feel as usual. Is there an exercise to speed up the process?

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My 15 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with visceral hyperalgesia. Where do I go for help?

She has tried various medicines but none seem to work for very long. We are desperate. Is their a research facillity or hospital that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic nausea and pain?

Yes. if you go to this website it should give you all the details on how to treat your daughter. Have fun. www.kidsinsandbox.com.
Also if you stop hitting her it might help  (+ info)

what is the best way to eliminate visceral fat?

I was told that Alot of cardio would help reduce it, but i have done Alot of cardio, even to the point at running at 10mph for 20 min Straight 3 times a week and even lessening fat intakes
Suggestions peeps?.

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How do eating monounsaturated fatty acids help reduce visceral fat?

in moderation yes,they balance all the reproduction hormones(which does influence the metabolism) and the body`s endocrine system to maximize burning of excess fat...you still have to workout often in moderation and calorie shift your meals  (+ info)

Can anyone give me a good way of remembering which is the visceral pleura and which is the parietal pleura?

I can't seem to remember which is which and find myself constantly looking them up! I need a way to remember which is which! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That's easy. The word "viscera" means guts. To eviscerate is to remove the guts. So the visceral turns toward the inside of the cavity. The parietal is the other one. I can't think of a related English word that uses this word, which comes from the Latin for "wall". The closest word is "parapet". Just remember it, because it is commonly used in anatomy.  (+ info)

My mom has seriously horriable migrans and i was woundering if anybody knew anything that could help.?

I am worried about her and i love her so much. Please Help. Thanks Much.

My dad gets them really bad too. Sometimes people get them so bad they need to take special medication from the doc. My dad gives himself a shot when he gets them. If she has not already talked to the doc about it maybe you could suggest it. Or maybe ycould research some things online. I hope this helps  (+ info)

I have maggot larva festering in my gums, what do I do to completely get rid of it?

Where I live there is a bad fly infestation, quite possibly from a dead carcus around or under my home. While I sleep flys lay eggs in my mouth and there larva hatches into maggots in and around my gumline area. The warmth in my mouth acts as an incubator for the larva. Alot of times this experience is painful because the maggots feed on my tounge, gums, and inner wall of my mouth. The stench of the larva mutating is unbearable and I have found myself getting bad headaches and flu like symptoms. I have tried everything from listerine to taping my mouth shut when I sleep, but the listerine does nothing and the flys just make there way into me by way of my nostrils. At one point I was at the market checking out when the larva mutated into maggots and as I spoke with the checker she threw up because maggots were pouring out of my mouth onto her check stand. Please if you have any suggestions I really would appreciate them. Thanks

You should write screen plays for movies or something...  (+ info)

How do u lose visceral fat due to stress?

How do u lose it and how do u keep it from storing?
jean c, how does that answer my question?
I am thin overall. But only got tummy fat

weight loss only works one way- which is the way doctors have been telling us for years- you have to eat right and get some exercise.

don't waste money on diet products

here's some free info that should help

http://mynewbodynewlife.com/weight_loss_articles.htm  (+ info)

An anatomy question - Visceral Fat and Upper Chest Region?

Does visceral fat get deposited in the internal area between shoulder blades and the rib cage?

The reason I am asking is because I want to know whether in obese subjects the fat in that area makes it harder for the lungs to expand.
Does anyone having first hand knowledge of anatomy (docs or whoever) answer this question? Can lungs be crowded by fat?

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Is there any cure for visceral Hyperalgesia?

I have been suffered for more than 2 years and i cant find any cure of it? Is there any surgery could b done 2 get rid of the pain?

Try this link:
http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&q=cures+for+visceral+Hyperalgesia&btnG=Search&meta=  (+ info)

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