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my daughter sat in a kiddie pool full of mosquito larva do you think she is going to be ok?

It just looked like tree residue and outdoor stuff. I didn't realize until about 10 minutes later that there were little worm looking things swimming in it. The doctor is closed and i'll call monday morning but does anyone have an opioion on it now.

Good question. As far as I know (or can find out) mosquito larvae eat only algae, bacteria and other larvae. I don't think that either the algae or the mosquito larvae will hurt her.  (+ info)

Can visceral fat limit bowel movement?

Can having too much visceral fat possibly prevent a bowel movement by smothering (or by any other process) an organ?

None of the sites I visited indicated that visceral fat can 'choke' off internal organs and prevent bowel function. It isn't good for you, and one should try to get rid of it, as it causes other health concerns, but doesn't prevent normal bowel functions.  (+ info)

How do I lose all or most of my visceral (abdominal) fat and just have muscles?

To be honest no matter what you see in magazines, the best method is really just to eat healthily, exercise and work out.

Concentrate on exercies for your abs.  (+ info)

What do you think of the name Larva for a baby girl?

This one is actually not from my culture. A friend suggested it to me and said it was a pretty name.

I like it..it's worth hatching.  (+ info)

At what rate do you lose visceral fat when on a low cal diet.?

Is the fat around your organs the first to go when on a low cal diet?, I'm interested because I have type 2 diabetes and know it's mainly triggered by visceral fat.So what rate does visceral fat burn up?

I don't know that I'd phrase it exactly as Miz Lamb, but I do agree with her to an extent.

Most of what leads to the visceral fat is carbohydrate intake, and not calorie intake. If You can eat a normal amount of calories while keeping your carbohydrate intake low, then you're more likely to lose the weight.  (+ info)

If I'm trying to lose visceral fat, are there any foods in particular I should be avoiding?

I've pretty much cut out most wheat and have hugely cut down on all those delicious pastries, cookies, take outs etc. and I get exercise. but I'm building muscle underneath my fat which is pointless. I'm 70kilos....most of that seems to be located on my stomach though :)

I know I can't spot reduce, but what foods should I watch out for that really add to the visceral fat?


Chef Boyardee and high-fat dairy.Cut down on refined carbs and saturated fat to keep your metabolism and appetite in check.  (+ info)

Can Lyme Disease be carried and transmitted by Larva, Nymph, and Adult?

The disease is carried and transmitted by Deer Ticks, but I'm curious if at each stage they are infectious or only in adulthood.

According to wiki the disease may be present in any stage.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ixodes_scapularis  (+ info)

is there any good effective way to reduce Visceral-fat?

Diet and regular exercise are the keys to reduce visceral fat. Of late liposuction is being used quite frequently for those who do not benefit from diet restrictions and exercises or those who wont want to follow it. Bariatric surgery is a long shot thereafter.  (+ info)

Any suggestions for burning visceral fat around the belly area, especially adrenal body type?

Cardio, cardio, cardio, cardio. As simple as that.  (+ info)

If you have low cholesterol and low blood pressure does that indicate low levels of visceral fat?

  (+ info)

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