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Creeping Eruption or cutaneous larvae migrans, Anyone know anything about this condition?

My son developed this strange rash sort of thing on his foot that ITCHED him SO SO bad. I took him to the Dr. because it looked infected to me. They told me it was mesquito bites. But I have never seen mesquitos do this type of damage to a child. This sort of looks like ringworm but it doesnt ever go in a circle. it starts itching, he scratches and the next thing you know he has these little squiggily lines coming from the bump he was scratching. The lines look almost like whelps and are hard to the touch. Then they turn into "blisters" sort of. Long story short.. the dr. gave him antibiotics becasue they agreed that it looked infected. Septra was the one they gave him. 2 weeks worth 2 teaspoons 2 times a day. He take all of this medicine and still it looks the same. He finished his meds and 2 days later he develops an extremly high fever. 104 degrees!!! I fought the fever for 2 days before taking him to the ER.
When i took him the ER, the DR. mentioned MRSA but didnt elaborate anymore than, It looks like a staph infection on top of him having the Creeping Eruption. They gave him an IV and ran fluids just in case and gave him Rocephin. BUT the dr said that he had a virus that is why his fever was so high. The kid has not had a fever not even for a minute after hte antibiotics. I looked up Rocephin and found that it is not used for "2ndary bacterial infections due to viruses and flus and colds and such. I really just want to find out as much as i can about the creeping eruption, Can these things get into his body .. other than just the skin? Since they did the MRSA test should I send my child to school untill the test comes back? Looking for opinions along with facts on the condition.
Nope.. The only thing they gave him was antibiotics because of the fever and infection. No ANTIHELMINTHIC TREATMENT. But I am heading to look that one up..,I have NO clue what that even is.

Cutaneous larva migrans or creeping eruption is an uncommon parasitic skin infection caused by the filariform larvae of hook worms.!!!!
Cutaneous larva migrans is the skin manifestation of hookworm infestation.
have they started him on ANTIHELMINTHIC TREATMENT??
they respond well to this
all the best  (+ info)

What happen if I accidently eat flies egg or larva?

your stomach acid will kill it, then digest it!needn't worry, you won't give birth to flies. wear a dust mask over your mouth at all times.also, wear earmuffs. if their eggs get into your ears, you'll get an infection,hear ringing noises and have panic attacks.  (+ info)

is it normal for pregnat poeple to have migrans for a weeek stright?

my mom keeps having migrans and she is very worried

It is okay to have them every week, but not every day. She should contact her OB immediately. She could be having blood pressure problems. Good luck !  (+ info)

The serous membrane that lines the peritoneal cavity is called visceral peritoneum.?

True or False

False...It's the parietal peritonium.  (+ info)

concerned with pain? why is pain in a visceral region of the body...?

..why is pain in a visceral region of the body felt in specific region of the body?

need the answer now please.
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Simply because there are pain receptors(nerve fibers) in every visceral region of the body which would carry the impulse(pain) to the brain for processing.  (+ info)

recent migrans Help what is this?

sorry this is a personal q. i noticed that when i would ejaculate before my head never hurt , but now even when I start to get sexal arousal and when I orgasm I get these head thobbing pains especaily in the back of my head , if i stop will this eventually go away anybody know what this is?

  (+ info)

what does it excatly mean that liver is a visceral organ?

Visceral is a term that's applied not only to the liver but to the lungs, heart, pancreas, intestines, etc. Visceral refers to internal organs in the chest & abdomen.  (+ info)

can erythema migrans come back?

Can erythema migrans(bulls eye rash) come back in the same spot?

kyra -
Some infected people with Lyme disease have no symptoms at all. The most common sign of infection, seen in about 80% of people with symptoms, is a pale pink or reddish rash called erythema migrans, which spreads out from the site of a bite after three to thirty days, but usually between five and fourteen days. It is not significantly itchy or painful, and may be difficult to see on darker skin. Patients may also be feverish and have some enlargement of the lymph glands near to the site of the rash. They may also complain of aches and pains and feel very tired. The rash can spread to cover quite a large area of skin but it will gradually clear, usually from the centre outwards, which may give a target-like appearance. Erythema migrans rashes usually fade after three to four weeks, but can occasionally last much longer. They disappear rapidly with appropriate treatment.  (+ info)

I found several little larva in my box of raisins and my sis that isn't uncommon, is that true?

It is fairly common.  (+ info)

how to treat migrans?

i need help to treat migrans for my mom who is 57.
any help.

avoid tension, loud noise,late night watching tv , bright light, chocklate, take prophylactic tt.or botulium toxin tt. consult ur dr.  (+ info)

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