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Question about Cutaneous larva migrans (hookworm)?

If you have ever had this or known someone who had it did the medication for it work? How long did it take for it to go away? And did any of the complications from it that doctors say are rare, happen? Like the larvae moving into the intestine an/or lungs cuasing diarrhea, nausea, coughing, pheumonia, anemia?

We went to Jamaica a few years ago. A few months after returning my 9 year old daugher noticed little red lines on the bottom of her feet. Her pediatrician diagnosed her with cutaneous larva migrans. He froze both ends of the lines on every line there was. The lines went away after that. I assume their gone. The only reason I'm searching on this topic now is because I was watching a documentary last night on parasites and how they can travel through your blood stream and attach to your organs, etc. I'm wondering now if she should've taken something to make sure none of them traveled? I'm very concerned. Anyhow I hope this helps you in some way.  (+ info)

homeopathic treatment for cutaneous larva migrans?

Is this like Molluscum?
If so, it can be healed by using Retin-A on the rash, then using the homeopathic remedy Thuja.
Good luck.  (+ info)

My mom has seriously horriable migrans and i was woundering if anybody knew anything that could help.?

I am worried about her and i love her so much. Please Help. Thanks Much.

My dad gets them really bad too. Sometimes people get them so bad they need to take special medication from the doc. My dad gives himself a shot when he gets them. If she has not already talked to the doc about it maybe you could suggest it. Or maybe ycould research some things online. I hope this helps  (+ info)

I have maggot larva festering in my gums, what do I do to completely get rid of it?

Where I live there is a bad fly infestation, quite possibly from a dead carcus around or under my home. While I sleep flys lay eggs in my mouth and there larva hatches into maggots in and around my gumline area. The warmth in my mouth acts as an incubator for the larva. Alot of times this experience is painful because the maggots feed on my tounge, gums, and inner wall of my mouth. The stench of the larva mutating is unbearable and I have found myself getting bad headaches and flu like symptoms. I have tried everything from listerine to taping my mouth shut when I sleep, but the listerine does nothing and the flys just make there way into me by way of my nostrils. At one point I was at the market checking out when the larva mutated into maggots and as I spoke with the checker she threw up because maggots were pouring out of my mouth onto her check stand. Please if you have any suggestions I really would appreciate them. Thanks

You should write screen plays for movies or something...  (+ info)

my daughter sat in a kiddie pool full of mosquito larva do you think she is going to be ok?

It just looked like tree residue and outdoor stuff. I didn't realize until about 10 minutes later that there were little worm looking things swimming in it. The doctor is closed and i'll call monday morning but does anyone have an opioion on it now.

Good question. As far as I know (or can find out) mosquito larvae eat only algae, bacteria and other larvae. I don't think that either the algae or the mosquito larvae will hurt her.  (+ info)

What do you think of the name Larva for a baby girl?

This one is actually not from my culture. A friend suggested it to me and said it was a pretty name.

I like it..it's worth hatching.  (+ info)

Can Lyme Disease be carried and transmitted by Larva, Nymph, and Adult?

The disease is carried and transmitted by Deer Ticks, but I'm curious if at each stage they are infectious or only in adulthood.

According to wiki the disease may be present in any stage.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ixodes_scapularis  (+ info)

a doctor recently gave me a possible diagnosis of Stevens Johnson syndrome?

I have subsequently stopped taking Duloxetine for 4 weeks now , yet persistant symptoms skin lesions started that looked like larva migrans, then turned vericula and some very painful with creeping feeling under my skin and also stomach cramps dihorrea, also low hb and iron , previously had to have a transfusion, had a gastroscopy but no colonoscopy, stool samples have returned normal results.

I'm afraid I don't know a whole lot about your condition, but it sounds serious and it is sad to hear esp. at this time of year. Happy Holidays!!! If possible that is.  (+ info)

I sqeezed what appeared to be a pimple on my scrotum sack and out came some type of larva?

Recently I rented a room from this nice old farmer (Farmer John).It's actually a loft located in a barn right above where Farmer John keeps cattle and horses. Recently one of his cattle died right below my loft while farmer John was on vacation. Me being a city boy and not knowing what to do I just left the carcus there reckoning farmer John would be back from Florida in a week to bury it. Well, within a few days that thing started to smell bad. Make a long story short,recently I've been getting these bumps on my scrotum sack and iner walls of my upper thighs near my scrotums. They itch badly and no matter how much I shower I still smell down there. So I decided to pop away at these bumbs and low and behold out shot this white puss, so I squeezed some more and out come's this maggot larva. Wriggling around on my nut sacks, when I showed my gal this she couldn't stop throwing up. Now she wont return my calls, I dont know why? Should I see a Dr, or wait to show Farmer John and ask him?

you have way too much time on your hands...  (+ info)

Why is edible seaweed from South Wales called larva bread?

Why do English people take every opportunity to insult Welshness or any Welsh- Is it stupidy, fear or just plain old insecurity about their own lack of national identity- discuss

Laverbread is the cooked mash of Porphyra, a variety of north Atlantic seaweed similar to that eaten as nori in Japan. In this form it is used (with lemon) as a sauce for mutton, and also mixed with oats into an oatcake called laverbread cake, eaten fried with bacon. Older cookbooks describe laverbread as a tempura-like preparation of laver, made with oatmeal batter. It seems that the presence of "bread" in "laverbread" has caused misidentification with the oatcake; based on the publications of Welsh seafood purveyors laverbread seems, however, to be the name of the cooked laver itself.

Although laverbread cakes are now associated with Wales, they are a relic of vastly more ancient Celtic cuisine.

hope that helps. i quite like it. very good for you. i love nori too. ignore the ignorant people on here, they cant help it.  (+ info)

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