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Is there any treatment for POSTERIOR LARYNGEAL EDEMA due to chemical exposure?

Surgery, or any medications that could help?

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Chlorophyll helps the body to heal.
Some of the best sources are green
sprouts of all kinds (especially
sunflower and mustard) and wheat
grass juice.

I copied the following from a website and
mistakenly closed it out before getting the
address of the site: "I worked as a herbalist
for years and I remember the day a lady
came into the office to tell me the story that
another herbalist had healed her of Edema,
he told her to go to the woods and cut a
grape vine, which I believe to be those long
vines hanging off the trees in the woods, but
I am not sure myself. anyway, he told her to
start a fire with a piece of tin on top and put
the vines on it until they turned to ashes and
take 1 tsp in water and she would never have
this problem again.... Please know I knew
this lady was truthful but even she couldn't
remember the amount so I am unsure of the

The following is from the site, http://www.

"Mustard oil is an effective home remedy
for edema. Take some warm mustard oil
and rub it on the affected areas. Soak 2
teaspoons of mustard seeds in water and
apply the solution to the affected areas.
Apple cider vinegar helps to remove excess
fluid in the body cells and cavities."

Good luck. ♥
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Will MgSO4 give any relief for laryngeal edema due to its effects on smooth muscle?

The laryngeal edema is secondary to a vocal cord disorder. It is not asthma or anaphalaxis related.

Mag sulfate is used in alot of things, but I wouldn't use it for that cause it does carry side effects that can outweigh the good. Two things it is used for for example is dialysis pts who have coded due to their renal insufficiancies and also pre eclamptic seizures and preagnant women, just don't use it K?  (+ info)

what is laryngeal edema?


As you see the word laryngeal (it means something related to the throat)..  (+ info)

is edema a deadly condition? how can cancer block lymph nodes in the face?

the guy i know have severe edema, its almost closing his eye on the right side, but the left side is normal. he has laryngeal cancer and im sure thats whats causing it, how i dont know. but the edema is so severe and it looks serious, like he has a small water balloon under his eye.

basically my question is, can edema alone kill? or can you live with it

Pulmonary edma is life threatening and is caused by congestive heart failure.

Cancer can cause another serious but treatable edma, such as the guy you know has, because tumors can keep the lymph system from draining properly. Also, medicines, used to treat cancer, or infections caused by a weakened immune system can also cause the lymph system not to drain properly as well.

Edema has some risks, like decreased circulation, but is treatable in itself usually. Diuretics, and the elimination of the potential underlying cause. For instance, if your friend's tumor is pressing on a part of the lymph system that is causing the swelling surgery, radiation or chemo might be used to reduce the tumor size. Sometimes massage is used, antibiotics ect ect.

To answer how can cancer block a lymph node....to put it as simply as possible imagine a weed, a dandy lion in your garden. Imagine cancer is one dandy lion next to your roses (roses being a lymph gland) one dandy lion wont perhaps hurt your roses, but as the weed spreads and multiplies it starts to drain resources from the roses, water, nutrients...ect. If not attended to the weeds can take enough resources from the rose that the roses roots are choked out.

I hope that helps, it is a good an explanation as I can come up with. LOL  (+ info)

What is the awareness ribbon color for Laryngeal cancer?

I've been trying to find the awareness ribbon color for Laryngeal Cancer and have been unable to. I know that light purple tends to be the general Cancer awareness ribbon, but I am looking specifically for Laryngeal Cancer.

The only thing I could find was esophageal cancer, sorry. It's periwinkle.  (+ info)

What store here in the Philippines can we purchase a device called laryngeal microphone?

Laryngeal microphone is a device used to produce a voice, for a person who undergone tracheostomy, where a hole was made in a patient, just below the neckline for breathing purposes

I would think the doctor could recommend a place to buy it.  (+ info)

What are the potential causes of edema in lower leg muscles?

I had an MRI done on my lower leg (between knee and ankle) to look for the source of pain that’s lasted for more than 10 months. Nothing showed up to explain this pain, but the MRI of both legs showed large white specks that the MD diagnosed as edema. What does this mean, and what might cause it? How can I reverse the damage?

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What causes stage 4 pitted edema and how is it treated?

This is the second bout of edema for me. My doctor suggested support hose and gave me script for relieving water retention. This pitted edema is itchy and I can actually scale off skin on my calves. I am 74 and in not terrible state of health for my age, but this has me curious about its cause and treatment.
Anyone out there with a modicum of nursing background, please jump right in.
Thanks to one and all and may you have MANY BLESSINGS.

It is most likely from congestive heart failure (CHF) given your age i would agree with the above poster it could be your kidneys, but its most likely your heart.

I would recommend walking, and buying the hose (make sure you buy a pair that properly fit). The water pill is the only thing that is going to help this. you will need to diurese (pee) off that extra fluid.

The other thing that you may need is an echocardiogram of your heart to see if it is pumping correctly, and a simple EKG to see if all the muscles in the heart are working in in good order. there are conditions with your heart valves, or the number of times your heart contracts that could be causing your edema.

Please stick with the meds, i know it is not fun to have to go to the bathroom all the time.  (+ info)

What are the treatment options for pitting edema in the lower extremities?

I have tried elevating the legs but this isn't always possible especially at work. Have a stent in the left coronary artery; on blood pressure medicine and aspirin regimen. Also bipolar disorder recently diagnosed. Taking Lithium and Risperdal. Also taking famotidine for stomach pain. Just worried that the edema is cardiac related and worry about Congestive Heart Failure. Heart problems are very predominant in family history.

have you been tested for liver or kidney disease? you mention you have mental disease...if these organs are malfunctioning, it can send all sorts of toxins into the brain, thus in turn causing mental illness and edema. if your having stomache pain could it be upper right quadrant pain (liver?)

i'd get tested for liver and kidney disease and then go from there....wish i could be more help.  (+ info)

What is small cell carcinoma, and why is edema in the upper body a serious complication.?

A family member has small cell carcinoma being treated with chemotherapy in the lung/thoracic area, and recently has developed edema in the arms and chest (not sure specifics of where in the chest the edema is). What is this type of cancer and what is the concern with the edema when it develops secondary to the cancer? Thank You.

oedema of the upper body is due to blockage (partial) of the superior vena cava (the main vein which drains the part of the body above the level of the heart). this is due to infiltration of the vein by the malignant tumour. its a bad prognostic factor.

as for small cell carcinoma, it is a highly malignant tumour of the lungs, and spreads rapidly. it also produces certain hormones that mimic hormonal imbalance states (paraneoplastic syndrome).

u can type in "small cell carcinoma" on wikiepedia and check the other details for urself.  (+ info)

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