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Can low levels of lead permanently damage the nervous system of a growing child?

lead can accumulate in body with long term exposure causing permanent neurologic damage.
depends on level and how long the exposure.
lead toxicity can be treated with chelating agent that binds and remove lead from body.  (+ info)

If a child has lead poisoning, how long does it take for the system to clear after no longer being exposed?

I don"t think it will clear without treatment.

This child must see a Doctor.  (+ info)

how does a proper diet enhance neuronal activity? how will a poor diet lead to problems in the nervous system?

Look up these vitamins: B12, D, folic acid in Link 1.

If a diet is not balanced then there might be deficiencies. For fun have a go at the quiz in Link 2.  (+ info)

How do you screen for lead poisoning?

I am going next week for my ninth grade physical and i was wondering how you screen for lead poisoning. And.... I am really nervous about getting my shots. I haven't had a shot for like ever and I was also wondering what it felt like to get a shot these days:) thanks

shots depending where they are hurt, but just think about something else and relax dont tense up. and i dont know about led posioning.  (+ info)

Food poisoning and damage to nervous system?

I ate out on Sunday and within 2hrs had symptoms of food poisoning including being very sick, having a fever and total loss of concentration and perception (I couldn't walk unaided).

Since I've just had general fatigue, but am still experiencing painless symptoms relating to my nervous system (I think). For example, my hands are quite shaky and I'm unable to hand-write or type properly, and I am occassionally slurring my words. I also feel quite weak, and have not been able to go to work.
Is this still a temporary result of the food poisoning, do you think?
I may have made it sound worst than it is... I'm not in a state of neurological shock or anything, I'm just a bit 'slower' than normal with typing and my handwriting is a bit worse than normal!
All the other symptoms had cleared up by the next morning, I've just been tired really since.

This may NOT be food poisoning, but may be a neurological problem.
Please see a doctor immediately, before things get worse.  (+ info)

Lead poisoning?

I have to write about one environmental and one nutritional disease for an assignment in Bio.

For a Chem assignment i gathered a lot of info on lead poisoning, so if possible i'd like to use the info i already have.

BUT... I'm not sure if lead poisoning is environmental or nutritional, because you can ingest it, from food and stuff, or you can inhale it (does inhalation count as nutritional?), but you can also absorb from makeup and stuff, can't you?

And the lead has to be in the environment in the first place, like in the soil or paint and stuff.

And lead in food isn't that common.

So is lead poisoning nutritional of environmental?

In most cases, anyway.

The poisoning would be environmental. Lead isn't found in food products. Lead poisoning occurs through two means, ingestion or inahalation. It cannot be absorbed through the skin (I work with lead everyday so I'm just talking). Historically lead poisoning was caused by children eating lead paint. The other major source for lead poisoning is those who live near lead smelters who have contaminated the air and soil (again children playing in the dirt then not washing their hands). This isn't common anymore but there are a couple in North America who have issue presently.

Hope that helps.  (+ info)

how can we get lead poisoning other than in our plumbing system or paint,what are the symptoms?

old newspaper(s) ink. When I was young I used to be a paperboy. After a few years the paperbag (sack) got so messy with news ink that it was rubbing against my hip and leg. Soon I delveoped rashes. turned out it was the lead in the older newspaper ink.

There maybe still a lot of printed materials out there with lead based ink in them.  (+ info)

Can weight training overstimulate the sympathetic nervous system leading to erectile dysfunction?

The imbalance between sympathetic nervous system stimulation and parasympathetic nervous system stimulation can cause problems with erections? i.e. do bodybuilders often have problems keeping erections?

I've been weightlifting 3 times a week since I was 15 and I can keep mine up easy.. and im 18
but bodybuilders maybe in very long term i have no idea  (+ info)

lead poisoning?

If you just found out your child had lead poisoning..what would you do? My son has a level of 15. I want to contact an attorney but I am a bit apprehensive about it..any suggestions?
The source of lead was found in his bedroom window sill. The count was 68,978 when it is not supposed to be higher than 450.

I was never told about it when I moved in pregnant.

My child did not consume lead paint chips (contrary to popular beliefs of how lead poisoning occurs) The lead is provable as lead dust, which is inhaled.

He has noted learning disabilities and speech problems.

If you need more info please let me know. Thanks.

Well, first you have to demonstrate the source of the lead.

And then you have to show that someone knowingly allowed your child to be exposed, or was negligent somehow.  (+ info)

Lead Poisoning?

Do you actually know anyone that has gotton lead poisoning? Or do you think people are too cautious? Thanks

Yes, I do and you can never be too cautious about this issue. Especially when it involves children or pets.
If anything, people are not aware enough and the damage is done by the time they find out that they or their child and pets are affected.
http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/WELCOME/lead/leadriskfactors.html  (+ info)

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