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Lead poisoning?

I have to write about one environmental and one nutritional disease for an assignment in Bio.

For a Chem assignment i gathered a lot of info on lead poisoning, so if possible i'd like to use the info i already have.

BUT... I'm not sure if lead poisoning is environmental or nutritional, because you can ingest it, from food and stuff, or you can inhale it (does inhalation count as nutritional?), but you can also absorb from makeup and stuff, can't you?

And the lead has to be in the environment in the first place, like in the soil or paint and stuff.

And lead in food isn't that common.

So is lead poisoning nutritional of environmental?

In most cases, anyway.

The poisoning would be environmental. Lead isn't found in food products. Lead poisoning occurs through two means, ingestion or inahalation. It cannot be absorbed through the skin (I work with lead everyday so I'm just talking). Historically lead poisoning was caused by children eating lead paint. The other major source for lead poisoning is those who live near lead smelters who have contaminated the air and soil (again children playing in the dirt then not washing their hands). This isn't common anymore but there are a couple in North America who have issue presently.

Hope that helps.  (+ info)

lead poisoning?

If you just found out your child had lead poisoning..what would you do? My son has a level of 15. I want to contact an attorney but I am a bit apprehensive about it..any suggestions?
The source of lead was found in his bedroom window sill. The count was 68,978 when it is not supposed to be higher than 450.

I was never told about it when I moved in pregnant.

My child did not consume lead paint chips (contrary to popular beliefs of how lead poisoning occurs) The lead is provable as lead dust, which is inhaled.

He has noted learning disabilities and speech problems.

If you need more info please let me know. Thanks.

Well, first you have to demonstrate the source of the lead.

And then you have to show that someone knowingly allowed your child to be exposed, or was negligent somehow.  (+ info)

Lead Poisoning?

Do you actually know anyone that has gotton lead poisoning? Or do you think people are too cautious? Thanks

Yes, I do and you can never be too cautious about this issue. Especially when it involves children or pets.
If anything, people are not aware enough and the damage is done by the time they find out that they or their child and pets are affected.
http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/WELCOME/lead/leadriskfactors.html  (+ info)

What are the steps to diagnosing lead poisoning?

Let's say a patient presents with fatigue, headaches, gout, aggression, memory loss, sleep disturbance, tremor, slow nerve conduction, and ED. After running a CBC and finding microcytic anemia and leukocytosis, how probable is it that a doctor would say "definetly lead poisoning" BEFORE looking at the urine and finsing sediment, or doing a renal biopsy? People actually in the medical field please help me out? I'm reseaching for my short story and I like to be accurate.

So, the first thing I would do if I saw symptoms consistent with lead exposure is take a very good history - for example: how old is the patient's house (does he have lead based paint on the walls)? What is his water source - i.e. does he have lead contamination in the water/soil? What kind of work does he do - is there occupational exposure? If those questions indicated a possible exposure, then I would order some lab tests - CBC to look for microcytic, hypochromic anemia. A peripheral smear of the blood may show basophilic stippling, (helpful but not limited just to lead poisoning). Based on your symptoms, it sounds like the patient would have had long term exposure to lead, so you could get a blood lead level. Also, in September the FDA approved a new test called the LeadCare II Blood Lead Test System - its done on a sample of venous blood, and results are back in a few minutes.

I don't think a renal biopsy or urine examination is necessary for the diagnosis, BUT I am not an expert on the kidney.

Sounds like an interesting story - good luck!  (+ info)

How can i sue if i live in a lead poisoning apartment?

I share a three bedroom apartment with a friend. The lease is under my friend's name. The city came to check the apartment and have confirmed lead poisoning in my room and even the inspector told me that indeed their is serious lead poisoning. The problem is the lease under my friend's name and she is aware of lead poisoning but doing nothing about it. In the meantime I need to know my options. Dont get me wrong I am in good terms with my friend and always pay the rent on time. Your comments appreciated.

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Why does lead poisoning continue to pose a problem for young childrent?

( 1)Why does lead poisoning continue to pose a problem for young childrent?
(2) What are some current sources of lead exposure for children?

lead poisoning still poses a problem in children due to the amount of lead paint still in circulation. although most paint companies don't produce lead paint anymore, several people still have the old lead-based paints on their homes. breathing in the fumes over an extended period of time can cause damage.  (+ info)

What are the long term effects of lead poisoning?

I have a child that we've been testing for a disability. We recently found out from the mom that the girl got lead poisoning as a baby. We know what the short term effects are (they describe her perfectly, too). Is there any research that show what the long term effects of lead poisoning are? Do the effects go away or lessen at all with time?

I thnk this website will help you.

http://www.lead.org.au/fs/fst7.html  (+ info)

Can lead poisoning levels rise without reason?

I want to know if lead poisoning levels can rise without an eating or breathing in lead. Sort of like how fever's rise and fall a couple of degrees, I want to know if it's the same for lead poisoning levels.

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How long does it take for lead poisoning to set in after a victim is shot by a lead bullet?

I am working on a story, and I would like for this particular detail to be true to actual life.

How long after shot by a lead bullet would it take for lead poisoning and fever to set in on the victim, provided the bullet remains inside his body and is not removed?

Lead poisoning usually isn't a problem for a gunshot wound, infection might be, but for enough lead to actually leave the bullet and get into the bloodstream to cause clinical toxicity, I'm not sure that would ever happen honestly....  (+ info)

Can toe infections really lead to blood poisoning?

One of my answerers said that. I have a toe which is infected with puss and smells like a corpse. I've been to the doctors many times before and I can't handle anymore needle shots and the pain.

Can toe infections really lead to blood poisoning? What can you do to make to get rid of toe infections, without going to the doctors or cutting it off? How long will it take for the infection to go away.

peroxide that toe.....all day, but go to your doc, are you resistant to antibiotics? take care and yes it could kill you, watch for a purple line running up your leg,, not good  (+ info)

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