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Leg injuries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I have gotten shin splints, and they hurt a lot, the question is, now that i have to stop taking my daily runs should i invest this new found time in strengthening my calf muscles? Or should i wait the 3-4 weeks of the healing time. Also, Is there any way to speed up the healing process? Rapping the leg, icing it? Anything?

I've gotten plenty of shin splints before. I usually ran with them though. I heated my legs then wrapped them. then after my runs i ice or dip legs into a whirlpool or an ice bath. I do this all year long just so i can prevent myself from getting hurt.  (+ info)

leg injuries?

i need info, im writing a story one character has a limp, she was in a car crash so heres the question

blowing out the knee, what exactly does that mean, and is it permant?

can you break your leg in a way (when your a teen) that makes it not grow right, or recooperate properly so that it would give you a limp? if so what kind of break, could you give an example?

thank you very much

A limp could be caused from an incorrect healing process either in the lower leg (tib-fib) , the upper leg (femur) or the hip and or pelvis. If the injury was caused by a MVA (motor vehicle accident) and was not "set" correctly, the resulting process could include the shortening of the limb and a limp. The same is true about a "blowout" of the knee. The injury is a severe tear of the muscles, and ligaments in the knee and may include, but not limited to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL, and both the medial and lateral meniscus. You can look up "limp" on several search engines to get more information.
Good luck on your research  (+ info)

Why is it taboo you talk about your Male injuries but not Cancer or broken leg?

Why is it such taboo.. Some of us get aweful injuries to the privates and people think your talking about sexual stuff if you mention it. But why not the same if people get cancer or break a bone.

They are all bodyparts.

umm it's no taboo? who told u it was taboo?  (+ info)

What is some good intense cardio someone can do if they have ankle, feet, or leg injuries?

Cardio or interval training if someone has broke their foot or leg what cardio can they do besides riding the power bike or standing boxing? Notice i said cardio. something to get the heart rate up?

a really good cardio workout is swimming. i don't know if that is an option, especially if there is a cast on, but it is low impact but works pretty much all of your muscles. if you do have a cast on, it might be good to swim after you get the cast off.  (+ info)

my leg is hurting after an accident is it injuries or growing pains ?

well like 4 weeks ago my friend accidently kicked me on my leg and i had lots of brusing and leg pains but recently i went to the doctors and they said i was fine... but MY LEG IS STILL HURTING!

a also typed in my symptons on google and my symptons sound like growing pains, i get like head aches, leg pains what do you guys think ?

I recommend you see an orthopedic medical specialist for your condition and have them perform a diagnostic test. That way, you can find out the nature & extent of the problem and a treatment plan can be formed.

Good luck.  (+ info)

Are most injuries located on your leg?

Including your foot, ankle, and knee, are most injuries located on your leg?

I would think so. When I injure myself (I injure my self a lot I am such a clumsy person) it is usually in the leg. I have strained a muscle in my knee. Twisted my ankles like a million times. And I have stepped class about 3 times with my foot. And I have also some how twisted the top of me leg before where it connects to the waist 2 times!

Wow I hurt myself alot including today I dislocated my pinky and either injured a tendon in my arm or sprained a muscle in my arm =(  (+ info)

What common knee injuries can result from doing squats or leg presses with too heavy of a weight?

I mean like sudden sprain or tear type of injury, not a long term gradual overuse injury.

38%, you can develop tendinitis, sprains of the ligaments, strains of the tendons and muscles, and there is also the possibility of tearing your meniscus.  (+ info)

Leg injuries bad enough to have to be amputated?

What are some injuries that could happen to a leg that would be bad enough to be recommended to be amputated? If that makes sense...like would you have to get your leg amputated if you broke it in a certain amount of places? or in a certain place?


yes there are injuries that could result in amputation. I'm friends with a girl who tripped on the side walk and the way she landed resulted in her tibia and femur shattering. The breaks were so bad that they had to amputate her above the knee. The leg wouldn't have healed properly and if she didn't have it taken off she would have never been able to walk properly.

If you break your bones bad enough in multiple places it can result in amputation. also serious injury to the circulation, muscles, or nerve system can sometimes mean amputation.

some times people in car, boating, or train accidents don't have the leg cut off but may have many fractures, the limp partially torn off, or crushed that they need it amputated.

Serious burns or even electrocution can result in amputation.

injuries can become infected resulting in amputation. I know a person who had a blister from their shoe and a few weeks later had their leg taken off to the hip because of bacteria infection. obviously that is an extreme case.

Amputation usually results if an injury makes the person unable to walk, unable to heal from the injury, or keeping the limb would mean a life in pain.  (+ info)

i want to lose weight what exercise can i do with back injuries knee arm and leg pain?

I have soft tissue damage to upper back and arms also pain to both legs hips and knees I also have high blood pressure I desperately need to lose weight what exercises can I do.Please help me.I am 60 years young.

Eat a lot of green to dark green vegetables, and do light tai chi and yoga... light meaning, stay seated and hold your stomach in as tightly as you can then work those muscles without holding your breath. lift your legs slowly while sitting as many times as you can without straining them it may be once or twice but movement will eventually make you feel a little better...see your doctor also  (+ info)

My son has crashed 3 times causing leg and facial injuries since?

stopping smoking 2 months ago, could there be a connection?

May be...but for christ sakes he sounds like he should not be driving. He is obviously doing something really stupid  (+ info)

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