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If I'm trying to lose visceral fat, are there any foods in particular I should be avoiding?

I've pretty much cut out most wheat and have hugely cut down on all those delicious pastries, cookies, take outs etc. and I get exercise. but I'm building muscle underneath my fat which is pointless. I'm 70kilos....most of that seems to be located on my stomach though :)

I know I can't spot reduce, but what foods should I watch out for that really add to the visceral fat?


Chef Boyardee and high-fat dairy.Cut down on refined carbs and saturated fat to keep your metabolism and appetite in check.  (+ info)

is there any good effective way to reduce Visceral-fat?

Diet and regular exercise are the keys to reduce visceral fat. Of late liposuction is being used quite frequently for those who do not benefit from diet restrictions and exercises or those who wont want to follow it. Bariatric surgery is a long shot thereafter.  (+ info)

Any suggestions for burning visceral fat around the belly area, especially adrenal body type?

Cardio, cardio, cardio, cardio. As simple as that.  (+ info)

If you have low cholesterol and low blood pressure does that indicate low levels of visceral fat?

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Is the visceral fat the last of the fat to leave from the body?

When it comes to visceral fat (fat in the abdomen), it is the fat that is the easiest to lose. The best and only sure way to get rid of this fat is through exercise. Although no one can be sure, visceral fat may be the easiest to lose because it is the worst fat you can have on your body due to its location around your vital organs.  (+ info)


pleurisy  (+ info)

What is % of subcutaneous and visceral fat in body if overweight? Lose at equal rate or ?


Men: 20%-25% body fat (depending on age)
Women: 30%-35% body fat (depending on age)

HTH : )  (+ info)

How to eliminate visceral fat.?

I have been struggling with stubborn fat around my belly. What is the best way to get rid of it without using chemicals?

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Why leishmaniasis is transmitted by sand flies bite? Why not by other mosquitoes?

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i recently went to houndourous and got 63 san fly bites what are the chances i will contract leishmaniasis?

the chances are still not very high, the majority of flies do not carry the leishmaniasis pathogenic infectious diseases causing bacterium, and getting bitten from only 63 does not raise your chances very much, if you are having no symptoms yet, there is most likely a 2.39% chance that you have contracted this disease.  (+ info)

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