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What is the cure for leishmaniasis?

Is it cureable, how do you find a compentent physician

From wiki:
There are two common therapies containing antimony (known as pentavalent antimonials), meglumine antimoniate (Glucantim®) and sodium stibogluconate (Pentostam®). It is not completely understood how these drugs act against the parasite; they may disrupt its energy production or trypanothione metabolism. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, the parasite has become resistant to antimony and for visceral or mucocutaneous leishmaniasis,[2] but the level of resistance varies according to species.[3] Amphotericin is now the treatment of choice[4]; failure of AmBisome® to treat visceral leishmaniasis (Leishmania donovani) has been reported in Sudan,[5] but this failure may be related to host factors such as co-infection with HIV or tuberculosis rather than parasite resistance.

Miltefosine (Impavido®), is a new drug for visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis. The cure rate of miltefosine in phase III clinical trials is 95%; Studies in Ethiopia show that is also effective in Africa. In HIV immunosuppressed people who are coinfected with leishmaniasis it has shown that even in resistant cases 2/3 of the people responded to this new treatment. Clinical trials in Colombia showed a high efficacy for cutaneous leishmaniasis. In mucocutaneous cases caused by L.brasiliensis it has shown to be more effective than other drugs. Miltefosine received approval by the Indian regulatory authorities in 2002 and in Germany in 2004. In 2005 it received the first approval for cutaneous leishmaniasis in Colombia. Miltefosine is also currently being investigated as treatment for mucocutaneous leishmaniasis caused by L. braziliensis in Colombia,[2] and preliminary results are very promising. It is now registered in many countries and is the first orally administered breakthrough therapy for visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis.[6](More, et al, 2003). In October 2006 it received orphan drug status from the US Food and Drug administration. The drug is generally better tolerated than other drugs. Main side effects are gastrointetinal disturbance in the 1-2 days of treatment which does not affect the efficacy. Because it is available as an oral formulation, the expense and inconvenience of hospitalisation is avoided, which makes it an attractive alternative.

More info here:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leishmaniasis#Treatment  (+ info)

Cutaneous leishmaniasis symptoms?

Any good links on how you can tell if you have the cutaneous version of this? Thank you.

After getting bitten by a sandfly, disease may manifest itself from a week to many months later.

It starts out as a papule that enlarges to an ulcer. The ulcer can give the appearance of a volcano crater. Lesions may appear singly or multiple; many heal spontaneously within weeks to months to years.
See more here: http://www.examiner.com/x-7707-Infectious-Disease-Examiner~y2009m7d11-Travel-health-leishmaniasis  (+ info)

Whats the fastest way to lose visceral fat.?

bulldog_woodson you did not answer the question but thanks anyway.
Thanks TypellB

There is no way to lose fat quickly, and safely. Any form of fat loss that exceeds more than 2 pounds per week, will result in a lose of lean body mass (muscle). Fat loss in the form of exercise leads to mostly subcutaneous fat loss, and a change in diet leads to the loss of visceral fat.  (+ info)

What is leishmaniasis? and how do i get checked? Can i die from it?

go to this website : http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dpd/parasites/leishmania/factsht_leishmania.htm

It has alot of info, and from what I've read you won't die from it. Just get it treated. Hope I helped a little!  (+ info)

The serous membrane that lines the peritoneal cavity is called visceral peritoneum.?

True or False

False...It's the parietal peritonium.  (+ info)

concerned with pain? why is pain in a visceral region of the body...?

..why is pain in a visceral region of the body felt in specific region of the body?

need the answer now please.
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Simply because there are pain receptors(nerve fibers) in every visceral region of the body which would carry the impulse(pain) to the brain for processing.  (+ info)

what does it excatly mean that liver is a visceral organ?

Visceral is a term that's applied not only to the liver but to the lungs, heart, pancreas, intestines, etc. Visceral refers to internal organs in the chest & abdomen.  (+ info)

jxh487, would you please inform me where and how exactly I may find visceral fat removal in uk?

Anywhere, search on google.  (+ info)

Working out + Visceral Fat + Muscle Milk?

I have an excess amount of visceral fat(pot belly) and I do work out. After each workout, I consume a serving of muscle milk for the intense lifting. I am trying to lose my pot belly and was wondering if I should stop using the muscle milk.

ya, stop the muscle milk, my bro says it is disgusting anyway. Also stop drinking because you probably have a beer belly.  (+ info)

What exactly is visceral fat?

Visceral fat, also known as organ fat, is located inside the peritoneal cavity, packed in between internal organs, as opposed to subcutaneous fat which is found underneath the skin and intramuscular fat which is found interspersed in skeletal muscle. An excess of viceral vat leads to the "pot belly" or "beer belly" effect, in which the abdomen protrudes excessively. This body type is also known as "apple" shaped, as opposed to "pear" shape, in which fat is deposited on the hips and buttocks.  (+ info)

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