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Leishmaniasis (medical)?

I am allergic to sand flies and recently i heard about Leishmaniasis, but I cannot find any good information on it. Does anyone know websites? or are there any Doctors who could explain a little more?
I became allergic to sand flies 2007 after being biten when in Grenada (west indies), last year i was biten in Florida and i had the same allergic reaction. I have noticed an ulcer that i have had for a couple of months

It is a nasty disorder passed on by sandflies. Mostly it is a disease of the developing world, india, pakistan and south america. It can leave some skin scarring as well as causing massively swollen spleen and fever.

Using a good insect repellant will protect you  (+ info)


I am doing some research on this disease, particularly Canine Leishmaniasis. I know that it is a zoonotic that can be transmitted by sand-flies, but I have heard that it can also be transmitted to humans by direct contact with an infected animal. I would like to know if this is true. I've only read this from one source so far, but I'm reluctant to believe everything that I read (especially on the internet). Thanks.

  (+ info)

Why do visceral reactions happen?

This actually has to do with the insular cortex (insula), a tiny structure in the interior of the brain. The long and short of it (minus the complicated chemistry of it all) is this: the insula is involved in many processes related to food (gustatory, olfactory, etc.), but it is also part of the limbic system, which is involved in emotional memory.

One of the things the insula does in its food-related role happens when a you eat something harmful: the insula is the part of the brain that is responsible for the adverse reaction you feel (i.e., nausea or vomiting). However, as a limbic-related structure, it is also responsible for the parts of emotional memory that make you averse to this food in the future. (This is why, when you eat something and then throw it up thirty minutes later, you don't want to eat it in the future: that's your insula reminding you that it's dangerous.)

In this same vein, your insula treats actions a little bit like food: if you do something that is harmful, your insula, in its capacity as an emotional memory/limbic center, wants to cause you some physical discomfort as a reminder that it's no good for you. So cheating on your girlfriend produces the same reaction as eating rotting meat: your insula realizes that it is a terrible, terrible idea and makes you nauseous to prove a point and keep you from making the same mistake in the future.

So that gut-wrenching feeling you feel when something bad happens is really just that: your guts being wrenched by your insular cortex.  (+ info)

I would like to hear from anyone who has successfully lost belly fat, without losing muscle?

I am watching what I eat and exercising. I lost 7 lbs, all of it from where I was already skinny (legs) and my belly has't gone down an inch. I look worse than before. Please, don't try to sell me anything. I want to hear from people who have been successful in eliminating visceral fat.

Alright where to start,

I was 280lbs and partly muscle and a big tubby belly. I now weigh about 220 and have kept it off

The way I lost weight and have kept it off for almost two years now is I ran and I still run. You have to run long distance over some time to get your metabolism to use fat as the primary energy source. If you run sprints you are just gonna blow through carbohydrates. Your body only uses fat with low intensity and long duration cardiovascular exercise. I still lift weights all the time to continue to keep my muscle mass on cause that's extremely important to me. When you start running gradually increase your time/distance whichever is easier for you. When I did it I started week 1 with just a mile. This was almost impossible for me, then in week two I pushed it up to 1.5 miles and then week three I was running 2 miles no problem. Any good workout program you wont see results until week 2. This is the Healthy way to lose weight without any gimics. If running is a problem for you look into an elliptical or bike.

Nutritionally if you are trying to lose weight you need to SUBSTITUTE more fruits and vegetables for dairy, meats, and carbohydrates. Do not eliminate anything from your diet because each of the food groups has a benefit for your body in one shape form or fashion. You can cut soda, sweets, and fast food to see a tremendous boost in your weight loss.  (+ info)

Why does your waist grow in size over the years?

Is it accumulation of visceral or subcutaneous fat? Or does your body naturally expand over the years.

It's a combination of both.

As you age, your metabolic rate declines but often times you still eat like you did before. This also means that it's harder for you to lose the weight that you gain.  (+ info)

How long it takes until food is fully digested ?

Can we prevent visceral fat from accumulating in our stomach if we start exercise right after meal is digested?

The stomach hold a little under 2 quarts (1.9 liters) of semi-digested food. That food remains in the stomach for about 3 hours  (+ info)

Eating too much during the day but nothing at night?

OR vey little at night (fruit veg etc.)
And exercising everyday (intense exercise, 1:30 hour)
Will that burn visceral fat for good?
I know even if you run 5 times the whole planet visceral fat stays if you over-eat before sleep.

First off, you're binging at the right time. While it's best to spread out the calories, consuming your calories during waking hours, when you are actually using them, is excellent.   (+ info)

To knock someone unconscious, what part of the head is best to strike?

Im writing a novel, so I want my scene to be accurate. It shall be very visceral with vivid imagery.

To knock somebody out you need to have the skull have a violent and rapid collision with the brain which then bruises the brain and causes the KO.
As a rule KO punches are rotational in that a rapidly rotating skull collides with the brain that is relatively stationary causing the KO
If you look at boxers getting knocked out you will inevitably see a hard punch to the side of the jaw which cause the head to rotate rapidly , the mouthpiece goes flying and the boxer falls .
You may also want to ask the guys on in the Boxing section of YA who have done this more times than I have  (+ info)

What is visceral pain?

Visceral pain is the pain we feel when our internal organs are damaged or injured and it is, by far, the most common form of pain.

All of us have experienced, at one time or another, pain from our internal organs, from the mild discomfort of indigestion to the agony of a renal colic. Many forms of visceral pain are particularly prevalent in women and are associated with their reproductive life (period pains, labour pain or postmenopausal pelvic pain) and for both men and women, pain of internal origin is the number one reason to consult a doctor.

Only a minority of people will suffer from neuropathic or even post-traumatic pain but all of us will endure throughout our lives a great deal of visceral pain.

Until recently visceral pain was not considered to be a major problem by the very specialists that dealt with it. Obstetricians, gynaecologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists and urologists were mainly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying disease, and their approach was to assume that if the disease went away so would the pain. Only recently, and mainly because of popular pressure, has pain become a subject that can be treated directly and independently of the accompanying disease as doctors realize that this 'symptom' is often the very centre of the problem.  (+ info)

Is Leishmaniasis curable?

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease spread by the bite of the sandfly. The disease is called Kala-azar and can indeed be fatal! It presents with d+vs and then fatigue it may also present with destructive skin lesions.

Antimony-containing compounds are the principal medications used to treat leishmaniasis. These include:Meglumine antimonate,Sodium stibogluconate.Pentamidine and Amphotericin B are also used.  (+ info)

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