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kitten diagnosed with feline leukemia ideas to help with immune system?

I have a kitten that was just dropped off and I took her to the vet she was diagnosed with feline leukemia. Anyone have any ideas how I can help build up her imune system so she can stay with me and the children a little longer.
She is 6 monthes old and very sweet.

I would not consider it a death sentence at all, with good food and attention she should be alright.This link might help. Perhaps try some of the "Greens" supplements that humans use also ( available from some health food stores ) The vet will not encourage these treatments, he/she will not make any money off of them. Please also note the link is a suggestion, you can obtain omega fish oil capsules at less exorbitant rates at a drugstore.

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My cat has feline leukemia and the vet gave me antibiotics and Nutra-Cal, will he ever gain weight back?

I was just wondering if anybody has ever had a cat with the feline leukemia virus and if there cat ever gained weight back and lived a somewhat normal life.

  (+ info)

Is there a cure for feline leukemia?

if there is not a cure, is there treatment for feline leukemia?

There is not a 'cure' for feline leukemia (viral form) but some cats do convert back to negative status. Also, some cats do respond to treatment, and some live quite a while with no symptoms.

Treatment vaires according to how sick your cat is or isn't. I've known several FELV+ cats who live into their teens with no symptoms, as well as cats who die in the first year.  (+ info)

This question is for the Veterinarians who do research into feline leukemia?

I believe I have discovered a potential cure for feline leukemia that saved my cats life, even though our own vet said there was no cure and wanted to put the cat to sleep, he soon learned that the treatment/cure I had discovered did work and advised me to find research vets that might be interested in using this basic knowledge in their research into this fatal disease. Is anyone out there interested in what I have to offer?

Most times cats with FeLV will become sick and will need to be put to sleep. But in some few cases there are cats that can overcome the infection and live a normal healthy life. Your vet probably isn't interested in your diet because there is no garauntee as to what exactly helped your cat overcome it. Most cases of cats that overcome the infection will be cariers to other cats but have no symptoms of it themselves. So even though your cat doesn't test positive on the ELISA snap test he can still carry the infection to another cat. I offered more info in my email. Hope I helped. Good luck  (+ info)

Can you get feline leukemia from eating an egg roll?

Just want to make sure it is safe the next time I eat oriental food.

What? Eating dog have to do with getting feline leukemia  (+ info)

Is it possible for me to catch feline leukemia from my cat?

A couple of different scenarios to consider:

1. Just normal cat to human activities; petting the cat, feeding the cat, et cetera
2. Eating the cat; would I be able to catch the cat's diseases that way? And would this depend on whether I ate the cat raw or cooked him?

Feline Leukemia Virus is not infectious to humans but is highly infectious to cats. It is also an RNA retrovirus.

Another retrovirus that is infectious and does cause leukemia in humans is the HTLV Human T Lymphotrophic Virus. It can cause T cell Leukemia/Lymphoma and is transmitted through blood and body fluid contact. There are infectious leukemia's out there.  (+ info)

Can a human contract feline leukemia?

Can a human contract feline leukemia that can cause death to the human, if so, how?
If it is impossible for a human to contract feline leukemia, can anyone please explain how homeboy died from feline leukemia in the movie "TRAINSPOTTING"?

no you cant  (+ info)

should i put kittens tosleep if their mother tests positive twice for feline leukemia?

I have been advised that i should because the kittens are probably positive also for feline leukemia

Ask your vet. kjl  (+ info)

feline leukemia boosters protect from the virus?

I have a cat that has feline leukemia and a kitten that does not. I have kept the kitten seperated from my adult cat.I know the vaccanation is a series of two shots does the first booster shot protect my kitten from the virus till she gets the second shot or do i have to wait till she has had both shots

wait  (+ info)

What is the (or are the) differences between Feline immunodeficiency virus and Feline leukemia virus?

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is the cat equivalent of HIV. It is probably a retrovirus like HIV. It destroys CD4 T cells, which is a type of white blood cell.

Feline leukemia virus is also a retrovirus, but it causes leukemia in cats. Leukemia is a cancer of the white blood cells. It basically means that some white blood cells are replicating very fast, thereby growing to a huge quantity  (+ info)

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