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Is our reaction to stress genetically determined, or do we learn how to respond to stress by observing others?

Is our reaction to stress genetically determined, or do we learn how to respond to stress by observing others in our culture by watching television and movies?

Our reaction to stress may be genetically predetermined. Such as one child in the family may respond to TV with manifestations of fear (afraid of the dark etc) other children may seem fine. One child may handle the stress of divorce totally different than another child. However, each can learn how to handle stress better. They may have to learn to avoid certain stimuli such as scary movies, arguing etc. As adults we face the same thing...if we didn't learn as children we have to learn as adults how to manage stress. Check out these articles: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/954751/freedom_from_unhealthy_emotions.html?cat=72http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/980566/giving_hope_for_the_future_to_your.html?cat=25
Blessings, Lora  (+ info)

Anyone ever had an allergic reaction to strawberry Twizzlers?

My friend is allergic to strawberries, and Twizzlers packaging says "Artificially Flavored," with no indication in the ingredients list that there is any actual strawberry in strawberry Twizzlers. He had a mild reaction after eating quite a few Twizzlers. Has anyone else had this kind of reaction? Is there actually strawberry in Twizzlers?

Nope i havent but there is something that is strawberry like in twizzlers of course.

Oh and thanks for the answer on my question. If you can, Can you please tell me about being a wiccan and why you chose it. I would really appreciate it since im learning about it at a young age. Thank you!  (+ info)

How long should an allergic reaction symptom to an antibiotic last?

I was put on Ciprofolxacin for an infection and had an allergic reaction. I started taking it on dec 19th and stopped 3 days later when I realized that the spots on my arms weren't a flare-up of psoriasis, but an allergic reaction. The rash has gotten steadily worse since then instead of better. It's been about 11 days since I stopped taking it, Shouldn't the symptoms be lessening by now?

I'd like to ask some additional questions, but you don't allow email.

I'm going to assume that this is a self-medication and that you are aware of what cipro is good at treating and what it is not. After all, the spots on your skin could actually be a low-level infection caused by an opportunistic fungus, a frequent cause of psoriasis. The sudden death of millions of staph epidermidis, etc on your skin is great food for fungus. It could also be a product of your original infection. So, I'm questioning your understanding of what you think the problem is.

Cipro also increases sensitivity to sunlight, so your "rash" could be a type of sunburn.... I could go through many issues without detail, but I won't.

If you are under the care of a physician, have a real evaluation. If you are in a third world country self-medicating with cipro, you're part of the problem of drug resistance and the reason why cipro can no longer be held as a drug of last resort. Shame.

You need to see a physician and have them evaluate the visual and textural quality of the rash. Otherwise, what you would do to help an allergy will make anything else much worse. Since cipro half-life is 4 hours, 8 days is plenty of time for it to be gone from your system and the rash to start getting better.  (+ info)

Can an allergic reaction to ink damage a tattoo?

I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow, but I'm worried about an allergic reaction. The primary color of the tattoo is going to be red, which I've heard is the most likely to cause a reaction. I can handle a reaction if it occurs, but what I'm worried about is damaging the tattoo. If a reaction does occur, will it ruin the tattoo?

If you go in early, you can ask the artist (or someone at the shop) to do an allergy test with the red ink they'll be using. They can just put a drop of ink, topically, on your skin, or they may give you a single prick with it. Either way, though, in about 20-30 minutes, you can tell if you've got an allergy to it. *At least, this is what I've heard from artists. Definitely talk to your artist about it, prior to sitting in the chair, if you have severe allergies, or are just very concerned.  (+ info)

How can i increase my reaction time and flexibility for goal keeping?

How can i increase my reaction time and flexibility for goal keeping?
I play as a soccer goal keeper and i need to increase my flexibility and reaction time for high school. Is there any exercises or things i can do to improve this? I could use being able to jump higher and father as well. Thank you.

Tie weights to your arms and legs and go about your daily business and when you take them off your reaction times will be crazy!
Eat fish to keep your concentration sharp.
Not sure about flexibility...... yoga?  (+ info)

What can cause a reaction to Skyy Vodka and Sam Adams Winterfest beer?

My boyfriend has had what seems like an allergic reaction after consuming a few sips of Skyy Vodka. The skin all around his eyes became red and puffy almost immediately. After applying some Benedryl cream the reaction went away. A few days later he consumed Same Adams Winterfest beer and the reaction came back! In between both instances he had a few different beers with no reaction. He has been using Elidel eye cream for the past month with no issues. Could this be related somehow?
No other alcohol has produced this affect on him.

There may be something in the alcohol that causes this extreme flushing. Does it happen with any other alcoholic drink?  (+ info)

What were the factors that affected the rate of reaction in testing the rate of reaction for sugar cubes?

What were the factors that affected the rate of reaction in testing the rate of reaction for dissolving sugar cubes and tea bags?

This is a lab question.

If it is a lab question than why ask it in diabetes? Go to the chemistry section and ask there!  (+ info)

What are the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction to baby formula?

6 week old has swollen feet

puffy left eyelid (this has been on and off for a few days

breathing is kind of wheezing at times

My gut instinct is that my child may be allergic to the formula we are supplementing the breastfeeding. Just looking for any real life experience you may have in regards to allergic reaction to formula. Specifically - Swollen feet, puffy eyelids, etc...

Obviously, removal of the formula is the best way to prevent the reaction. However, I'm curious how doctors treat babies that do have reactions (zrytec, Benydryl, etc).

Thanks in advance.

My daughter was allergic to her formula and had bloody poop. She didn't have an outwardly visible reaction otherwise.

The doctor just changed our formula, which I assume is the regular course of action if the allergy isn't life threatening. It's usually one ingredient in the formula that they're allergic to, so the doc will start with the most common ingredient that patients have reactions to, assume that's the problem and switch to something that does not have that ingredient. If that doesn't work, they try again.

Cow's milk was our allergy. She's on soy-free hypoallergenic formula now. You might want to make a cold switch to Allimentum. It can't hurt...  (+ info)

When does an allergic reaction to a tattoo start?

I recently spontaneously got a tattoo unaware of the fact that there is nickel in tattoo ink. I am VERY allergic to nickel, if I were going to have a reaction would I have had one by now? It's been 24 hours since I got it and it doesn't itch in the least bit. Thanks.
Also, the colors that are in it are black and a bright blue.

Many people with severe nickel allergies successfully get tattoos. When things like that are described in tattoo ink, we are talking about PPM...parts per million. Also, these are general reports found on various sites report such things as mercury in reds, etc., which has not been used for many many years. Read them with caution as they are not correct. You should be fine.  (+ info)

what can I do about an allergic reaction to halloween makeup?

My wife woke up yesterday morning with severely puffy eyes and face. Instead of washing off the halloween makeup when she got home, she went to sleep with it on and it seems that she had an allergic reaction. She took benadryl and claritin yesterday and nothing has helped. Are there any home remedies out there that anyone can suggest to help subside an allergic reaction to something? Any help would be appreciated! Thx.
Please only send useful answers. "Don't put makeup on in the first place" is not exactly relevant at this point in time.

I think It would be a good idea to call her doctor and tell him/her, it would be nice to get their opion on the matter. Do you still have the box for the holloween makeup, you might want to check whats in the makeup. Holloween makeup is usually really cheap and bad. Good luck :)  (+ info)

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